Spring has Sprung!!

I met a group of friends for dinner on Friday night and the question popped up- "When is the next blog coming up?" I checked my blog posts just to find that the last piece of article was about Cricket World Cup victory. In a  world where today's headlines are not even discussed the next day, my blog had been almost dead all these days.

NO, I was not busy!!

I was just enjoying the colorful photographs of my friends... smiling faces midst tulips, Cherry Blossoms, all shades of green and some beach-side fun! I could do nothing much except to comment on the pictures and wait for my turn.

The wait IS getting over, slowly and steadily!! The tiny yellow flowers on the carpet of grass, trees loaded with flowers by the road-side, the uncovered pool, the noise of lawn mower and the naughty sun that peeps in through the window, they all indicate that 'Spring has Sprung'!!

The First Click of the Season

When I looked out of the window today, I was reminded of the First Snow. Remember how excited I was to see the trees getting buried under the snow. The joy is back but the reason has changed. The reason is 'green' and not 'white', this time. Not always do humans cherish changes but spring brings with it the most desired change.

White is now Green... the eyes are relieved!!

The clicking has just begun. I assure you all that there would be many more pictures and happy stories to share.


  1. nice start,....tanya....:)

  2. same pinch 4 d blog at d same time....:I had just left d hope of seeing spring..but ur blog has made me optimistic to luk forwrd to spring as one of d reason wud be to read more blogs frm u ..
    Happy spring ..

  3. love the pic,,,what a difference!


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