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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Those few minutes of Memory-loss


I am angry and I am upset!!
It was for the first time that I had scheduled a post in advance and 
it was not published until today, after I finally pushed it!!

Bad boy, Blogger!!

Anyway... over to a Very Dramatic Post... enjoy!


Water never scares me... Nothing does... except jumping into water, which happens to be a recent discovery. It is difficult for me to even jump into a pool, which is hardly 6 feet deep. I once spent almost 20 minutes standing on the pool-side to decide whether I should jump or not. And THAT 'once' was last summer.. Pretty late for someone who has crossed the 25 year mark.. Eh?

Last weekend, I went to Rishikesh for rafting with collegues. I was brave enough to face the rapids and float on water which was almost 60 feet deep. It was all super fun. Then came the scary part of the 2-day trip- jumping off a 30-feet high cliff directly into the water. I had decided not to go for it but the brave side of me pushed me to join the queue and I dragged along a few others. I did some planning and strategics so as to stay between known people in the queue.

I was cool and composed, as I stood in the queue for I saw so many people standing before me. Suddenly, it was my turn!! I knew I was scared. I told the instructor that I was scared. He was unmoved. He just continued to repeat the instructions in a monotonous tone. I heard it but I am not sure how much of it did I really listen to. 30 feet... 30 feet it was! I knew that I won't die but that could not combat the fright. The instructor told me to look straight and like an obedient school kid, I followed his instructions. The next thing I know is that he pushed me!!

It was just a matter of a second or two before I landed in water and I am sure, I don't remember though, I must have cursed the instructor in those couple of seconds. I don't even remember if I shrieked out or not, it was all so quick!

I landed flat in the water, on my chest. Possibly the most incorrect way! The water hurt me hard... Harder than a stone falling on the head or for that matter, worse than romantic break-ups. I tried to shout out but could not. Wanted to call out for help but to no avail. I could see the shore and decided to swim across. There were hundreds of people but I was alone!

'Tanya-Tanya... Do you want Maggi'... Next thing that I remember!! I felt as if I had just woke up from deep sleep. I saw a colleague standing before me and asking if I wanted to eat something. 'Forget eating... Where is my husband and where am I?'- the thought ran in my head. Very timidly, I said no for Maggi and asked her what was the last thing I did? She pointed to the cliff and told me that I jumped off it. I was blank- Why would I jump off it. I turned back to her. I knew her. She was Hema but the cliff story, I still could not relate to it. I looked around. I could see some familiar faces. Cliff story- not yet acceptable! 

Hema asked some questions. (Hanging around with software testers helps.) I answered them all correctly. Both of us were relaxed. Cliff story- still a big 'no'. I waited for the others to finish their Maggi and stood their trying to fit in the pieces of jigsaw.

I ultimately managed to get the entire picture of how I jumped off the cliff before me, except that 2 minutes and the memories of how I came out of water. I asked everyone but no clue. Looks like those 2 minutes will always be a missing chapter of my life!!

Yes, I experienced memory-loss and... it-was-no-fun!!