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Friday, August 15, 2014

TELLing My Tale About TELLing

I was never a master of the art of story-TELLing and my grades at school clearly TOLD that.
An 'A' was what I mostly got, when I had hoped for an 'A+' because I felt I had TOLD it well in my compositions.
And there I sat with an 'A', TELLing myself- 'Never mind. You are good! Remember the times when you were declared the best!'

Years later, blogging happened! A new platform to TELL my stories.
What's best, I was not being rated; neither being TOLD what grade I had got.
I just babbled and scribbled and used a lot of colorful pictures to help me TELL it all.

I was TOLD by many a friends that they were enjoying all that I was TELLING.
And among all these people was a fine young man, who very straight-forwardly TOLD me, 'there is more to see than to read on your blog!'
I did not TELL him that his comment had left me confused.
I could not TELL whether it was good or bad and so, I just smiled.

Then one day, I learned about 5-Minutes Friday- a flash mob, where bloggers TOLD their stories in just 5 minutes.
I grabbed the chance to TELL mine.
Cooked up a piece of fiction and TOLD it to all.
Don't TELL me that you haven't still read it.
Hop over here, read and TELL me how you like it.
To TELL y'all the truth, I think I did a decent job but shhh! I'm trying to be modest ;)

A month of 5-Minute Fridays challenge and I already feel that I am getting better at story-TELLing; TELLing them more through words than pictures.


This post has been written for Five Minute Friday- the writing flash mob!
Prompt for today - TELL!

Friday, August 08, 2014

FILL- The Story of Four 32-Year-Old Women


She walked to the bedroom window of her penthouse that faced the New York City skyline and smiled to herself, thinking of the business deal that she had just snatched from her competitors. Paused for a while and then, quickly reached her cell phone and called the chauffeur to tell him to keep her Mercedes ready. They then, drove to the jewelry store in the uptown market. She had decided to treat herself for her accomplishment. She had decided to FILL her drawer with a few more diamonds. She was 32!

She had lost her father to lung cancer. Her mother to poverty. Her brother had run away to a far off land, never to be seen again. Her world had shattered before her eyes at a very tender age but this guy, to whom she had been married for the last 10 years, had FILLED her life with love and laughter, more than what her sad eyes could have ever dreamed of. She was 32!

She had been waiting for this day since years, accumulating the money and the courage to be able to jump off the plane, flying at a height of 15000 feet. And here she was today, on the edge of aircraft door, ready to FILL  the sky with her shrills, as she sky dived. She was 32!

She had pacified her 2 year old to sleep. She knew that her son was hungry but she had somehow managed to put him to 'the bed of rags'! As she watched the apple of her eye lying there, with prominent tear marks on his cheeks, she thought of the incident that had left her crippled and she thought of the man, who had turned his back on her and their child. Tears of helplessness rolled down her cheeks. She quickly shook her head to come back to the present, wiped off the tears and started thinking of tomorrow, when her little one would be wide awake. She will have a stomach to FILL in the morning but no means. She was 32!


FILL - The story of four 32-year-old women, all from different walks of life, was written for Five Minute Friday- the writing flash mob!
This also happens to be my first attempt at writing fiction!

Friday, August 01, 2014

BEGINning The Sidney Sheldon Journey

It was years back that I picked up Sidney Sheldon's 'Tell Me Your Dreams'. I was in school then. 10 years back!! I do not even remember if I got it from the school library or I borrowed it from a friend. What I remember is, my dad not being very pleased with 'the pick'.

Honestly, I do not even remember much of the story. Parts of the book did contain sensual passages, like all Sidney Sheldon's novels but it was the narration and the flow of story that gripped me. I just could not hold myself from reading pages after pages, chapters after chapters. The plot of the story was amazingly thrilling... something that I had never read nor seen in movies.

'Tell Me Your Dreams', along with 'The Sixth Sense', are the books that I finished in only a few hours, that when I am a snail-paced reader. 

A few days back, that is almost a decade after 'Tell Me Your Dreams' happened, I picked up 'The Stars Shine Down' and the magic of Sidney Sheldon was cast again. The same gripping narration, interesting story line and a protagonist you can see dancing right before your eyes, as you read! Captivating!!

Determined to BEGIN a new phase of the journey that started long ago- To read all Sheldon's books! 


Written for Lisa-Jo's 5 Minute FridaysFive minutes to write about one word.
The word for today- BEGIN.