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Friday, February 24, 2012

His Thirtieth

26th January, when my country celebrates Republic Day, I celebrate a very special person’s birthday- my dear husband’s. It was Sanket’s milestone birthday this year. My man is 30 now!!

I thought and thought hard and came up with the idea of collecting birthday messages from his friends and family and give them all to him collectively. The idea behind this was to make everyone’s presence felt even when they were miles away and to let Sanket know, how special he is for each of us.

Thankfully, my mind worked well in advance this time. I started sending out the emails almost 2 months in advance (but I still got the messages till the very last minute). A new account was used and emails were sent in all possible directions. I had to dig into Sanket’s gmail account to search for his old friends, whom I’d never met. My sister took up the charge of reminding my side of the family and my Mother-in-Law managed the other side. Follow-ups, constant reminders and requests, finally fetched nearly 70 messages!!

The 70 messages were placed in 30 cards (30 for 30th b’day). Here are the pictures of the end products. Fasten your seat belts, you are about to face a hurricane of photographs.

I purposely stuck to Blues and Greens, no Pinks-Reds-Oranges because I wanted to keep it ‘boyish’. For the same reason Black-n-White photographs were used. This helped me to avoid a lot of colors on the face of cards. Print out of messages kept the cards neat and moreover, I did not want other’s messages to be written by me. However, I did personalize my card with a handwritten note on top of it (Just so me!!). I choose to use limited colors and supplies, which put me in a situation to crack my nerves to come up with different fronts for all the Thirty Cards.

Suggestion: If you plan to do the same, please plan ahead. It includes a lot of dependency on others and people’s busy schedules need consideration.

Though Sanket is not much of a reader, he had a great time going through the messages. And why not, most of the people stuck to the rule – ‘Only-Praises-on-Birthdays’! Nostalgia and leg-pulling added to the fun. A happy Birthday Boy Sanket was and that was worth all the efforts.

A very special ‘Thank You’ to all those who spared time for us and sent their messages. It was a pleasure to have you with us on the special day!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catching Up

Yes, I spend 9 hours at work.
No, this is not the reason that I have been away from blogging.

It's actually the way I’ve started thinking and talking that is creating a gap between writing and me. Now that I am all into the formal emails and conversations, it’s getting difficult for me to be casual while writing. I have a post in my drafts that I wrote on Valentine's Day and just when I was about to click the ‘publish’ button I realized that there was something missing. It was a plain emotionless post and since it was so dry, I decided to let it lie in the draft section.

So, how were your Valentine's Day celebrations? Did you paint your world red?

Sanket and I went on a lunch date. Lunch together – nothing new about it. Lunch together during work hours – NEW and exciting :) . Glad he asked me out!

V-Day Lunch :) 
Don't worry... nothing's wrong with our eyes ;)

Trust me on the extensive editing… the picture was horrible in it’s raw form. Yes, worse than this ;) You can either enjoy the ambiance or quality of pictures, is it? 

A weekend well spent comes to an end. I successfully struck off the items on my to-do list and though, my creative itch is not completely satisfied, I am happy to be able to finally post. Expect a few more posts coming your way, friends! Two more entries for the month of February is what I am targeting at... I can do it... I can do it... I can do it!!

Have fun... and Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


For those of you who know me just as the head behind Kreative Korner, I have some facts to share. 

I am a Software Engineer by profession, started my career as a Software Tester with the financial vertical of Oracle Inc., resigned, got married and moved to USA. The 1.5 year stay in USA was my period of unemployment as an engineer. This is also the time when Kreative Korner was born and nurtured. The unemployment days were both refreshing and frustrating**. 

Once you start working, sitting at home all day is not easy and this was exactly what I was doing. Only two months into marriage and being dependent on my partner for every little thing did not come along easily. Some of my married friends said that I'd soon get used to it but the suggestion did not help much. No Driving Licence made situation worse. It was a state of partial house arrest. Then came the day when Hubs and I stopped at Michaels. It was a paradise for an art-and-craft-lover like me. We came home with some art supplies and *tadaaa* a new journey started. Paints-laptop-Kreative Korner-and-me... It was like a dream but the professional life was being missed for sure. 

When I moved to India, the first thing to do on my list was to get a job! It was one of those lucky times when you actually get what you want. Even before I could unpack my bags, even before we could zero-in on the house to live in, even before I could get all my belongings under one roof... I had the offer letter in hand!

After 4 rounds of interviews and days of anxious wait, I finally joined Aricent Group last month!

Off to work - Day 1

My work might not give me a lot of time to spare but maintaining a balance is what I am aiming at. To be present here, I need to overcome the work-pull, for which I need your help! Please keep pouring in your love in the form of your messages, comments and emails. I assure you, I'll stay around.


**The good and the bad was interleaved. 
I was happy to be at home, doing the stuff that I loved but missed going to office.
I was happy that I had no office to attend and I could relax but the all-fun schedule was losing it's charm.
Yes, it IS complicated.