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Friday, June 28, 2013

Romance, Relationship and being Right

What led to this post: (a) Relationship rollercoaster ride that I have been monitoring in a friend's life from a distance. (b) Series of interesting romantic movies I have seen in the last few weeks. (c) Today being a special day.

What to expect from this post: (a) Some story-telling - will try to keep it interesting  (b) Movie talks - will try to avoid spoilers (c) Gyan - will try to keep it short!


Ours is not an Arranged Marriage and some (I do not know why!) rule it out as being a Love Marriage. Though we did not have to run away to get married, though we did not have to face disagreement from any of our parents, though we did not date each other before telling our families that we wanted to get married (though nobody believes it), yet it's a 'Love Marriage' for us!

7 years back, a girl met a boy on an early monsoon evening in Mumbai. The stage looked all set for them to fall in love, with a cousin who was more than willing to be Cupid in their lives, perfect romantic weather, lot of leisure time and opportunities, yet they did not fall in love. Or may be they did but the realization struck only after a few years.

I met Sanket on this very day, 7 years back. Little did I know back then that the 2 days of casual conversations, of pulling each other's leg, of trying to show off our knowledge and talent, of roaming about on the streets and getting soaked in the rain would lead to a lifetime of companionship!!

SEVEN years back!!

Today, songs like 'Dil cheer ke dekh tera hi naam hoga' and 'Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face' and all the ones between them, make sense to me! Yes, I am in love.... to the degree of which even I am unaware of.


Aashiqui 2. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Crazy Stupid Love. Raanjhanaa.

My most preferred genre of movies is Romance. I can watch Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam n-number of times. You can put Hum Aapke Hain Kaun on mute and I can still sit through the entire movie because I have memorized the dialogs. Every time Maine Pyar Kiya telecasts on TV, it's watched. You get the idea, right?

Last few weeks have been heavy on movies. Courtesy the man we talked about earlier in this post. From Hotel Rwanda to Planet of the Apes, the range has been wide. And when the list includes nice romantic flicks, nothing like it.

Aashiqui 2


Loss of self control to an extent that you commit suicide is not what I can think of. But loving someone unconditionally makes sense and that is why I liked the move. I mostly walk out of the theatre humming the songs from the movie recently watched and this one was just that. Music that you cannot ignore. Story pretty decent, with an unexpected ending, which did it for me. I like to be surprised. 

Aditya Roy Kapoor looked cute and so did Shraddha Kapoor but they do need some polishing to survive in the industry that is known for it's cut-throat competition.

Source: Like Shraddha's look in this pastel green saree and
the earrings are beautiful.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani


I was not very keen on watching this one but the excitement among my friends after watching YJHD, led me to it. And I am so glad that I watched it. Full on Bollywood masala. Script that has been passed on from generations and is never gonna die. An awesome dress designer. Terrific acting by Ketki, Ranveer, Deepika, in that order. Presence of legends like Farookh Sheikh and Tanvi Azmi. No faaltu characters like dost-ki-maa, dost-k-pati-ki-maa, dost-ki-behan blahh blaahhh!!

My Facebook status after the movie read- " We all knew what the end was gonna be but it's how you reach that end, is what made the movie interesting!" and that pretty much summarizes it.

Not very fond of it's music, though it created waves all around but I definitely, seriously want one of those lehengas that Madhuri Dixit wore in the song "Oh re chhore"


And I really want to know how long did it take the crew to make that pyramid of glasses and if the shot was done in single take!!


Crazy. Stupid. Love.


Why do people in Hollywood not make more of such movies or it's just me who thinks they are only about aliens and weird-looking creatures and wars and blood-sheds and space ships and gadgets.

I did lose interest for some part of the movie but like the cliche, all's well that ends well. All the links and connections and relations and bonds revealed towards the end of the movie got me into it again.

And that girl, Emma Stone! She's doing well! Watched three of her movies in quick succession. I don't find her to be pretty but the ease with which she acts, covers it up.



The trailers were pretty descriptive.  I could guess most parts of the story but the movie still managed to get a big "haawww" from me in the silent theater. Interesting screenplay with awesome acting by Dhanush and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub & Swara, who played the former's best buddies in the movie. Sonam sure was noticed. There's something about the girl that I like. Still trying to figure out the reason, for I know her widely appreciated dressing sense is not what has impressed me to the extent of liking her. May be her feminine elegance... not sure!

The dialogs are superb and will not let you down throughout the stretch of the movie. I cannot stand abuses, neither in person nor on screen but situations and spontaneity of Raanjhanaa made me accept all the foul language. Things did not get better for Abhay Deol and like in Ayesha, his co-stars over-shadowed him in Raanjhanaa as well. 

I know I can face some serious criticism here but I seriously did not like Dhanush's look as a teenager. The clean shaved Dhanush was so not for me. Thank God the phase ended within a few minutes. 


Part Three - Gyan!!

The fact is... there is no being 'Right' in a relationship. 
All that counts is- 'Being Yourself. Being honest.
Wooing gets easy, when pretending comes naturally but unfortunately pretense is always short lived. When the chains of pretense that tie you up break, the cocoon of love busts. 
Cupid's arrow starts hurting you all of  a sudden!!

Was that post too long? No, right? **wink** 
I did not sign any 'get paid for each word' contract. The length just happened :)
Let me know if you could read through  the end! 

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

HP Print Art IndiBlogger Meet - My First

Hardly a fortnight as an Indiblogger and here it was! Invite to a blogger meet. The email reminded me of all the blogger meet posts I had been reading in the past years. Location on the invite-Gurgaon. Great! I knew I could think of attending. Day-Saturday! All the more better, since this was one of those rare days when I had nothing planned. So, I was going!! Sealed.

The invite said- 'Bring along your Family'! I had no idea how these meets were otherwise, but 'family invited' meant I was taking Sanket along. So, both of us, eager and hopeful to win a printer at the event *wink*, reached the venue, Fortune Select Global on MG Road.

Though late by a few minutes, we were lucky not to miss out on anything. The event started with giving out gifts to the guest of honours- the little kids, who were accompanying their parents/sisters/aunts. Then it was a chance for everyone on the floor to try their luck with the game- 'What's behind the number?' I was chosen as the first one to pick a number between 1 through 11. I picked up 7!! What did I win??

This stone!! Yayyy!! No, stones were not the only thing given away. Lucky kids won themselves speakers and headphones and 500 bucks and lot of applause.

This was followed by 'Back to school' regime. We were made to sing 'Old Mc Donald's had a farm...' in groups. Our very own Mr. McDonald had Zebras, Lions, Puppies and Chicks. Surprisingly, the squeaks and squeals of puppies grew into growling and barking that beat the roars of lions, and won them the 'Loudest Animals On Farm' award. However, it was more about having fun than winning. Nice choice of rhyme, I must say. Though not an easy one, none other could have been so interesting.

Next, it was time for Blogger Introduction. Something all of us had been waiting for. While I heard what all the other bloggers had to say, in my head I was preparing my speech, which kept growing larger with each passing minute. But alas! My name did not appear on the screen :( Maybe next time!! And yeah! We had a whole bunch of crazy bloggers, who competed against each other to get the title of 'The Most Crazy Blogger'! From people who visit places only to be able to blog about them to those who have had so many blogs that they have been unable to keep a track of the address to those who wore two different shoes (left-and-right) to the event to those who were JUST crazy!!

It was then the turn of the sponsors. The team from HP introduced us to their hit product, HP InkAdvantage Printers. The cost effectiveness and the ease of having a printer on your study table is sure to impress you. Well, we were! With less than a rupee being spent on a page of print, who wouldn't opt for it rather than running to the market. Cherry on top, 'call-to-get-cartridge' service by HP. Do I need to say anything more? You dial the number, tell the guy on the other side of the phone that you need a cartridge, he gets it delivered right at your footstep in a few hours. You are spoiling us, HP!

The presentation was followed by a small session by crafter and blogger, Karuna. She got some craft supplies and papers that she had printed using her printer at home, and was there to demostrate how interesting crafting can get with all the colorful printouts. She wanted volunteers for the demo and I could not hold myself back. I ran from the last row where I was seated, right upto the table and this is what I made in less than 2 minutes. 


Meanwhile, Murtaza won himself a printer for unfolding the childhood mischief. He tweeted about how he was caught as a schoolkid while exchanging tatoos that he got for free with gums, in his school washroom. He sure was the naughtiest among us all. Atleast that's what the printer in his hands said.

The best was definately reserved for the last. The total gathering was divided into 5 groups. Each group was given a theme and party supplies and was asked to set up the Birthday Table. My eyes popped out at the sight of all the craft supplies. Our theme was 'Mermaid' and right from the word go, all 17 of us got to work. Balloons, streamer, bottle tags, glass tags, gift bags with tags, paper plates, napkin, cup cakes, banner, colors, glitters, paper, we had it all and more.

It's not easy for 17 people, most of them meeting each other for the first time, to accomplish a task like that within 30 minutes. The setup changed every millisecond. I kept bottles in one corner of the table, turned my back and came back to see the bottles somewhere else **smile** but it was fun.

We had a nice story to go with our setup. There was an underwater temple, mermaid posters, sea shells, special gift bag for Ariel's buddy Sebastian and more that I fail to recall now. Have a look at the pictures and spot things out for yourself.

People at Work

Table Almost Ready

Mermaid Being Setup

Crafty Hands, Creative Minds

Yeah.. We were ready to be Judged

Aerial View

This setup, ladies and gentlemen, won the first prize in the competition. Yes, 'Mermaid' was adjudged the best among Little Man, Rainbow, Planets and Pirates. The competition was really tough with splendid show of creativity on all the tables but the best stands out, right?? Aaahh, do I have to be modest all the time?? As the prize, each one of us got a wireless mouse.


Wait a minute, did I say that this competition was the last on the list? No! It was not. Splendid food, from chicken quiche and mutton cutlets to idli-vada-sambhar to ice cream and pudding to tea and coffee was laid on the table for all the bloggers.

And not to forget the t-shirt distribution. Sanket and I were the last ones to collect our t-shirts. Only sizes left were XS and XL. Looking at the size, both of us picked up XS and the t-shirt fits Sanket really well. Wondering how HUGE XL would have been. And pity all the fit gentlemen out there who grabbed Size M.

BTW, to all those who were there, how did your t-shirt fit you?

This was a round-up of the event. I have barely been able to capture all the fun we had, here in this post. Not to forget the giggles and loud laughs that I could not include here. You have to be there to feel it. We did not carry our camera and were too awestuck by all the crazy fun things happening around us to take some from our iPhones but I now know all the do's and dont's for the next meet.

Hope to see you next time, if you are an IndiBlogger. Hope to be able to introduce myself and my blog. Hope to win more prizes. Hope to have fun. Hope to make new friends in the next meet.


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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Rishan's Birthday Banner

Remember we talked about it here.

The challenge I set for myself was to make the banner as different as possible from the one made for Aarush. That meant minimal or no use of Green-Yellow-Red, a new font and no circles. I knew I was using blue as the base and that shape was not very difficult to zero-in on. However, I did get stuck with the problem- it's-lacking-some-bling-and-lustre unless I thought of using the shiny, red wrapping paper for alphabets. And the ribbon just added to the fun. 

Tip if you want to cut those flimsy wrapping papers into shapes/letter - Cut the desired shape on a relatively thicker paper, may be you can  pull a sheet from your note book or the standard ones used in printers. Stick the cut out well on the wrapping paper. Let it dry. You may now cut the wrapping paper. What the other sheet does is to stop your scissors from running wildly on the flimsy wrapping sheet. You know what I mean, right?

Judgement Time : How different do you think are the two banners from each other?

On the cards to blog about is the Indiblogger meet I attended today. It was my first ever blogger meet and the experience was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Will write more about it, along with pictures and details very shortly.

Hope you guys are having a fun weekend.
Mine has been spectacular so far!! Sunday to go...

Sunday, June 02, 2013

May Masala

You hav'ta pat my back for posting this while traveling. I am sure to see myself as a sincere blogger after this post. Last day of May and here are the pictures!

Last day of May is not JUST the last day of May for our family. We celebrate this adorable, little cutie pie's First Birthday today! Happy Birthday, Rishan!! Sending all my love and wishes to you.

By now, I am assuming, that ya'll know that my nephews, Aarush and Rishan, along with their parents, visited us last month. With two active kids in house, the five adults always had to be on their toes. Only break, when the duo fell off to sleep, both at the same time :)

Easy and elegant! It took me hardly a minute to make this tag. Yet, I like how it looks. Ribbon and a piece of paper is all that is needed. Quick, isn't it?

Drawing inspiration. Always. Everywhere.

Found this on the interest. Saved to make sure I cover them all. How many can you tick-off from the list?

Random click from meeting room, heavily edited to get this as the final result.

This post does not follow the standard monthly photo log formatting because it's being drafted through the Blogger app for iPhone. Please pardon typos and poor formatting. I promise to fix it all as soon as I get back to my keyboard. **Update- Done!**

Welcome June! Let's see what've you got for us!

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