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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sad Demise of our Bloggy Friend

As a daily ritual, my day at work started with checking the emails. I quickly scanned through them all before rushing for a meeting. Came back to go through the ones that I had left unopened in round one, usually the ones from Training, HR, Admin and likes.

While rolling eyes over the subject lines, I found one that read 'Benevolent Fund for the family of....' (My thoughts- 'Ah, another sad demise'!) Late Emreen Xavier (My thoughts- 'I know that name'.) Of course I knew that name from blogland. Even before I could think any further, I had opened that email and there was a picture of the departed soul.

My worst fear came to life. It WAS Emreen of Liven Things Up!!

It was so hard for me to accept the news. Just a couple of days back, I had seen her comment on one of the blogs and had quickly hopped over to her's to let her know that I was glad to be visiting Liven Things Up again after long.

All this while I did not know that we worked for the same company (different cities though). I do not know her beyond what she shared on her blog, which is not much. I do not know what the cause of death was. All I know is that it is very unfortunate to lose somebody like her. A lot of us will miss her visits to our blogs and her lovely comments. I have some myself. Her creative ideas have gone with her leaving behind only memories.

May she rest in peace!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never Thought I'd Get There

Get 'there'! 
To the world of Digital Art.

I have stated time and again that I am an orthodox artist. I'd rather mess around with paints and in the process, get my hands and surroundings dirty than go the digital way. I settle in for photo editing results that the basic softwares provide than to spend time on Photoshop. Conventional has been my style all throughout.


One fine morning, as a part of my daily waking up regime, I was checking Facebook updates and I saw a very beautiful artwork done by one of my friends. The description said it was DIGITAL!! I knew that I was not going in that direction but could not help asking about the app used. 'Inspire for iPad' was the answer. The app was downloaded in no time and there I was, exploring it. Within a few minutes, I knew I was not made to use it. 

Did not think of using it AGAIN until today. 
Started off with a very basic Rothko pattern.

Applied some layers to it.

And then decided to finally test myself. 
After a lot of smudging and coloring, this is what makes me believe that may be digital can be my cup-of-'coffee' (I don't drink tea!)

Happy to be exploring this new area. Hope I have more to share down the line.


About the app, I won't say it gives you exactly what you want but doesn't hand made art has the same story! Art is all about evolving and for that, the app is perfect. The ease of use can be developed ONLY after reading the details about the tools. Thankfully, these instructions are short and don't bore you to sleep. 

I used the free version of the app and am really wondering what all features does the pro have. Free was just fine for me. Except! Except that I would have liked more number of possible 'undos', option to add text, so that I do not have to switch to a different app and the basic geometrical shapes. 

What is your style? Conventional or Digital? 
Any more suggestions for apps or softwares, anyone?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Handmade Cards This Year

There are never really enough posts here on Kreative Korner. When I started off at the beginning of the month with 3 posts in 8 days, I was taken by surprise myself and thought - 'We might just have a storm  of posts this month' but that was not to be. I did go on a break. Break only from blogging, otherwise I was very busy.

Two more-adorable-than-naughty nephews kept everyone in the house on their toes and that too very willingly. Traveled to a city new to me. Dressed up with all my heart to be a part of a party, where I knew not even 10% of the people :) Came to terms with the loss of a very dear family member. Went out for an all girls shopping evening. Watched IPL matches on and off. Stayed off work for 4 consecutive days (that does include two days of weekend). Stayed awake for hours worrying about out-of-sight parents' ill health. Found an exciting work-out regime (but could not follow it more than thrice *wink* ) Tried to gear up myself to face the rising temperature but the more I try, the more difficult it gets!

Amidst all this, I did get a chance to grab some paper, glue and scissors to make Rishan's b'day banner but I'll hold myself from sharing the pictures until after the party. Meanwhile, I can show ya'll the cards that I made for my sister-in-law & brother-in-law's wedding anniversary and the latter's birthday.

When I was picking up the paint chips from the hardware store, 
mom-dad & Sanket wanted to know where was I going to use them. 
I had no answer back then but now I HAVE!! :)
Paint chips punched for this card.

With this one, I did not know where to start from but the pattern just evolved.
Paper rolled-out to form 3D candles. 
Like that font? I do.
Green sheet is from a brochure :)
Re-use rocks!!

So far, so good!
I have been able to send out handmade cards to family members on their special days.
Happy being able to stick to the resolution :)

By the way, I just watched my favorite team win the eliminator to qualify for the 'Qualifiers' :D 
Go Rajasthan goooo... 
Anybody of you following the IPL? Which team are you backing?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tanya Appreciation Day, is it?

So, you read the title of the post and are here to know what is so special about today? Nothing much for those of you, who are showered with appreciations and pats on back every now and then. But for someone like me, for whom even a teeny-tiny "good job" is worth a lot of riches, today was indeed special.

image via

First on, I received an email from a fellow blogger, Mamta from Desi By Nature and in the 200-250 word email, she had only good to say. Woohoo... I am overwhelmed!! Mamta, if you are reading this (and I'll make sure that you do ;) ), thank you so much for the message. It was heartwarming. I am not sure, if the people around me are lucky to have me in their lives or not but I know for sure that I am truly blessed! And the cherry on top are the appreciative and supportive gang of girls (and a couple of boys) I have found here in blogland. So, thank you!! **Smiles**

Quoting Mamta:
Reading posts on your mom dad friends husband.. make the readers relate to the blog and creates an emotional bond. Your blog has everything a person needs on such a portal, fun, ideas, relations, advises !

Second for the day was a text message from a friend... and boom boom, this one was again a token of appreciation. Though, I am yet to find out why that message was sent to me TODAY, I'd still like to thank the sender, one who walks around with a golden heart. A gem of a person!

And then there were the ones that came in different forms- the cobbler trusting me with his hard earned money, the tailor honoring my request, the demanding boutique owner put to shame for asking unjustifiable amount, the electrician made to realize his mistake, client recognizing the efforts and a bicker with hubs ;)

You know, with me 'Appreciation is Always Appreciated' and we talked about it here.
Aaahhh.... I am loving it :)


On a very different note... I was a part of a funeral today! 
A colleague's father met with an accident yesterday and expired late in night. 

I had never met this gentleman. Did not know his name until the funeral but I had tears in my eyes. More for those who are left behind. His son and my colleague, who is hardly affected by the bigs-and-smalls at work, was seen shattered. I know the only memory his grand kids, who are not even out of there toddler years, would have of him would be through photographs. And I dare not say that I understand what his wife must be going through!

They say- women's strength is beyond comparison. I say, what Hindu men are made to do at funerals is the most courageous thing to do. I know my dad did 'it'. I know my husband did 'it'. Both at very young age. I can hardly imagine the rush of emotions. 

Some rituals are beyond my understanding!!

image via

Today cannot be summed up in a single word because today was quite an experience!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Birthday Preps are Fun

My nephew, Rishan, who'd be celebrating his first birthday in a few weeks, has requested me to make him his name banner for the birthday party.

Ever since I have received the request, I have been browsing through online sites to buy paper and jumping from one board to another on Pinterest for inspiration. The background on which the banner is to be put adds to the challenge. But don't you worry Rishan, Mami's working on it :) :)

And while Rishan's Mami (Aunty) is trying to figure out things and come up with a cute and decent banner displaying the letters R-I-S-H-A-N, you all can enjoy the pictures from his elder brother, Aarush's first birthday.

For Aarush's First Birthday Party, the theme selected was 'Jungle'. 
Sticking to the colors green and yellow, this is the banner that I came up with.

To adorn the walls... 

The center pieces for the guest tables involved a lot of brainstorming. 
We had all the supplies that we could possibly ask for but did not know how to make these paper cut-out animals stand. Ultimately, disposable glasses came to our rescue. 
The end product looked cute. A small and adorable jungle we had there. Worth all the time spent.

 Working on the entry banner - Jungle King Aarush welcomes all the Party Animals.

The final set-up!

Our little birthday boy!
All those who have seen him recently are sure to utter the words- "He's so big now!" 
He'd soon be THREE! 

This lazy aunt, who is a big time procrastinator and you know that because she took almost 2 years to share these pictures, better head over to her next assignment - Project Rishan's Birthday Party, before it's too late!!

Will be back with a new banner!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

5/5 : A Special Day for Two Special Friends

People say that unlike family, friends are the special ones that we choose to share our lives with! But then there are those who are thrown at us and we befriend them without much calculations.

I met Neha when I was not more than 5 months old. Back then, I, for sure, had no idea what friendship was all about. Our parents were dear friends and that is how I met Neha.

We grew up together. Though in different schools, our report cards were compared every year. Each time we met, we would stand shoulder to shoulder and see who was talker. She was an early riser and I hated her for that because during her stays at my home, she always set standards by getting up early, which I could never match. All my 'My Best Friend' essays were written keeping Neha in mind and the fun part was that I did not know how to spell her last name 'Bajpai' and always had a new spelling for it ;)

Our friendship was like a fairy-tale of two friends glued together for life. The bubble burst when her dad decided to move to a different city.

After almost 18 years, we are back together geographically, for we never were apart at heart :)

This super awesome, fun loving, amazingly humorous and dear friend of mine will be getting married to her Prince Charming in a few hours. Though, I could not be a part of the ceremonies, my best wishes go out to the lovely couple.

I am sure you're gonna look stunning today :) Keep your smile intact! 
Waiting for you to come back in the new avatar! Love and wishes to you and Lokesh!!


The other friend, Neeti, I met about 22-23 years back and since then I have held her as close to my heart as I possibly can, without choking her ;) We lived on the same street for years and shared every teeny tiny thing.  We have seen each other grow from kids, who ran around on the streets, fell and hurt their knees to teenagers who failed to understand the world. We have shared our dreams and seen our aspirations change with the change in the direction of the wind. We have stood by each other, even when we knew that the other one was wrong and then silently whispered into the ears- "Better get that thing straight, you fool!" From random crushes to serious love stories, we have traveled a long journey together.

We have exchanged comics, Secret Sevens & Famous Fives, Nancy Drews, Seventeens, Reader's Digests and Sidney Sheldons. We read and re-read the articles in Times of India's Sunday supplement to understand the 'Biggies' world better. We have cried on matters, which others were oblivious of, we have laughed out aloud on the silliest of things. We got our dolls married ;). We filled our under-graduation forms together. We drooled over the gorgeous lip colors and nail paints. Our wardrobes were always open for each other. 

And as I write this, my mind is flooded with memories of the most beautiful time I have spent with Neeti.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Bestie!! No matter how infrequently we talk, no matter which parts of the world we are in... you are and will always be a friend to die for! 
A friend I long to talk to and can do that for hours! I don't care that you did not make it to my wedding, I'll be there for yours! 
Hope the day that we have been dreaming of since years comes soon... You stay on the ground floor and I on the top. You cook meals for our kids and I take care of their homework :)

Love you a lot! Stay fit, Stay happy!


The 5th of May is marked important on my calendar for my two adorable friends - Neha & Neeti!!
Do you have a similar story? A friend close to your heart? One who is simply special?

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Awesomeness

While most of us enjoyed a day off today and could sleep for a couple of extra hours in the morning (yeah, that stands out for me *wink* ), others like me attended to the regular calls. Somehow, the work we do was not good enough to grab a holiday on the International Labor Day. While in office everybody seemed to be discussing how their spouses, room-mates, friends or siblings were enjoying their day off, a thought crossed my head- How many of us gave our domestic helps a holiday today? 

I am guilty of not being one of them! How about you?



Let me now share with y'all - 'April Awesomeness'

This is what I play with in the 8 hours that I spend in office.
I love my job!! Who wouldn't?

Nehru Place in Delhi is known as the Electronics Market. 
Clicked this on the recent visit to the market run by technology geeks.

When husband is cooking, I can atleast take pictures ;)

Summer companion from childhood - Rasna Orange! 
Nothing can beat it's taste and the fond memories it brings.

 That guy with the bat there is Rahul Dravid in action at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.
That shot fetched him 4 runs!!

Pretty Indian Roses from the garden

Fennel almost ready.

From the Clay workshop... Can you identify which one is mine?
Click here for hint.

Welcoming early morning guests

Fun time with nephew.

Don't judge by the fountain on the head... that's nephew junior.

Looking ahead to an even more exciting May!!


Sanket and I are just back after watching Aashiqui 2. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. Since we went in with very low expectations, we came back feeling good about the time and money spent. Though, I could hardly bear the slow pace in the first half, the second caught me. More for the underlying story.


I like movies that I can relate to and believe in and Aashiqui 2 had just that. I believe in love, love beyond conditions, love beyond limits. I have felt the power of love. At the same time, have been weakened and shattered by it. I know what it is to lose interest in everything else when in love.

Yes, I am in love and it's beautiful :)

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