5/5 : A Special Day for Two Special Friends

People say that unlike family, friends are the special ones that we choose to share our lives with! But then there are those who are thrown at us and we befriend them without much calculations.

I met Neha when I was not more than 5 months old. Back then, I, for sure, had no idea what friendship was all about. Our parents were dear friends and that is how I met Neha.

We grew up together. Though in different schools, our report cards were compared every year. Each time we met, we would stand shoulder to shoulder and see who was talker. She was an early riser and I hated her for that because during her stays at my home, she always set standards by getting up early, which I could never match. All my 'My Best Friend' essays were written keeping Neha in mind and the fun part was that I did not know how to spell her last name 'Bajpai' and always had a new spelling for it ;)

Our friendship was like a fairy-tale of two friends glued together for life. The bubble burst when her dad decided to move to a different city.

After almost 18 years, we are back together geographically, for we never were apart at heart :)

This super awesome, fun loving, amazingly humorous and dear friend of mine will be getting married to her Prince Charming in a few hours. Though, I could not be a part of the ceremonies, my best wishes go out to the lovely couple.

I am sure you're gonna look stunning today :) Keep your smile intact! 
Waiting for you to come back in the new avatar! Love and wishes to you and Lokesh!!


The other friend, Neeti, I met about 22-23 years back and since then I have held her as close to my heart as I possibly can, without choking her ;) We lived on the same street for years and shared every teeny tiny thing.  We have seen each other grow from kids, who ran around on the streets, fell and hurt their knees to teenagers who failed to understand the world. We have shared our dreams and seen our aspirations change with the change in the direction of the wind. We have stood by each other, even when we knew that the other one was wrong and then silently whispered into the ears- "Better get that thing straight, you fool!" From random crushes to serious love stories, we have traveled a long journey together.

We have exchanged comics, Secret Sevens & Famous Fives, Nancy Drews, Seventeens, Reader's Digests and Sidney Sheldons. We read and re-read the articles in Times of India's Sunday supplement to understand the 'Biggies' world better. We have cried on matters, which others were oblivious of, we have laughed out aloud on the silliest of things. We got our dolls married ;). We filled our under-graduation forms together. We drooled over the gorgeous lip colors and nail paints. Our wardrobes were always open for each other. 

And as I write this, my mind is flooded with memories of the most beautiful time I have spent with Neeti.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Bestie!! No matter how infrequently we talk, no matter which parts of the world we are in... you are and will always be a friend to die for! 
A friend I long to talk to and can do that for hours! I don't care that you did not make it to my wedding, I'll be there for yours! 
Hope the day that we have been dreaming of since years comes soon... You stay on the ground floor and I on the top. You cook meals for our kids and I take care of their homework :)

Love you a lot! Stay fit, Stay happy!


The 5th of May is marked important on my calendar for my two adorable friends - Neha & Neeti!!
Do you have a similar story? A friend close to your heart? One who is simply special?


  1. This is the most thoughtful, special and heart-warming gift tanuuuu....i love you a thousand times over for penning our journey together...ur crazyy!! I miss you n cried like hell after reading this... :'( but i know this precious note cud come only from my best...est frend...love ur choice of pic ;) hehe...and wana hug u right now..muuuaaahhh...thankoo thankooo thankoo...n dont worry, mere bachchon ka homework toh tum hi karaney wali ho.. :D aur main sabke liye roz take-away mangwa liya karungi roz..heeheehaahaahoohooo... :D :D

    1. Hehehe... I have a better plan... we can have a cook to take care of the meals and a tutor for homework... and then, we can spend hours on chatting and fun ;) What say!!

      You know, if I get down to writing all that we have done and all that we had planned to do together, I can make a record for writing the longest post. :)

      All I need to do is to thank god for blessing me with a friend like you and to thank you for being a part of my life. Love you sooo much, BFF!! Love and hugs and kisses!

    2. And yeah... I can imagine you sobbing while reading that ;) Love you!

  2. Ummmmm.....Deep breath ! Okay! a bit watered eyes! Thats okay too!What a Memoir !
    Tanya, now this was emotional. as I was reading on i could relate and recall the similar memoirs shared with my bestie, Y is time so unfair and it y does it change... i sometimes feel y doesnt we have a mute button in life, I have no clue what am I writing , I have memories flashing all around me.

    Good peice of work ! Your friends will be so proud of you , Toouchwood.

    1. I know what you mean, Mamta! When I look around and see those unknown faces, I just feel why can't they be replaced by the people we are comfortable with. Why do our friends and family have to be miles away from us!! If only we need a society of people to live with, why not OUR people!

      But that's the way life is and we have no control over it.

  3. Tanya...so imotional post..of course one can relate and nostalgia starts kicking in. Recently I saw sisterhood of traveling pants and I missed my beasties so much :)

    Lucky us to have a wonderful friends in life.

    1. It indeed is awesome! The beautiful memories can bring smile even on a gloomy day... that's the power of friendship!


  4. Tanu first of all Sorry for missing such a heartouching blog by you for me :(

    What can I say for our friendship we have celebrated 27 years of it staring from playing toys, cutting our first B'day cake..... I would want to keep this bond we share for ever,thanks for being there for me :):) So very anxious to share more and more happiness with you ..........

    WE ROCK !!!!!

    P.S. thanks for rekindling this happiness..... love you loads <3<3<3

    1. Love you too!! And I must say this, I love all our conversations that are happening now (as in after your marriage) including the ones on Whatsapp. Discussing our dinner menus to ghar grahasthi k kaam... sab kuch :)

      WE ROCK!! :D :D
      Cheers to our friendship!


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