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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More of Indoor Blooms

P.S.- More to come :)
These are the last words from the previous blog. I am pretty good at keeping promises and here's an example! I said I would share more of my flowery attempts and here they come.

Bright Light is a 'watch and learn' painting. Why I call it so is because this is the first (and last till date) painting, where I followed a video tutorial to understand the basics of painting flowers. I was happy to see that the end result looked just like the one in the tutorial. Now that I have got the 'how-tos', I intend to paint a few more! Will keep you posted, for sure :)
Bright Light

Two of Us was painted before the visit to the Tulip Festival. I thought that I had managed to capture the realistic factor in this painting but the feeling vanished after a close examination of the original flowers. I have recently seen a different way of painting tulips (which I'll introduce in the next post) and I intend to try it soon!
Two of Us

White Lilies is my favorite among all!! I was so happy to see the finished product that I went crazy. I could just not stop admiring and appreciating it :D :D
C-R-A-Z-Y.... I know :)
White Lilies

Thanks for all the kind words about Linear Stages (on Facebook and here). I really appreciate!!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Painting Spring

We welcomed Spring, talked about flowers and all the goody-goody Spring-related stuff one can think of but like they say- 'All good things come to an end', so will this weather. (As a matter of fact, with the Tornado, overcast and rain, the weather is just going from bad to worse).

Looking at it from a different angle, the wait for good things gets so long at times that people go crazy. This is exactly what happened to me!!

While the wait for flowers to bloom seemed endless, I started off 'creating my own'. I painted Spring!! While it was still cold outside, I had some sunshine indoors ;) Here's what I've got to share.

The seeds (of this painting) were sown longggg, long ago and I am glad that it is finally in full bloom and adorns the bedroom wall. The idea sprung from a brochure I picked up at Art Van Furniture.

From Art Van Furniture

I obviously did not want a black-grey-white version for my house. I decided to use reds-blues-yellows-greens and the palette knife for texture. After several days of painting and drying, repainting and drying again, I finally finished it off. Problem- how to put it up on the wall? Various combinations were tried. Mom-Dad and Sanket were dragged in for suggestions.

Some of the zillion combinations

Though, I had started off with the intention of putting it up as a square, I finally settled on the linear arrangement. Looks decent and fits the bedroom wall well !!

Decided... and done!!

Linear Stages

Mission accomplished!!

P.S.- More to come :)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie-less to Movie-tized

Cricket World Cup'2011 was fun for sure but it badly hit the movie market and people like Sanket & me, who can barely have their dinner if the TV is not on! The void just got bigger and bigger after Splitsvilla 4 went off air (leaving us blank even on weekends) and reality shows like Maa Exchange, Life Bina Wife & several Dance shows failed to hook us for long. The only saviors have been weekly episodes of Roadies 8 and the Hollywood flicks!!

Thankfully, the floodgates are open now!! The 'to-watch' list is longer than the 'watched' list and we are enjoying options.

F.A.L.T.U. - First of the season and that is probably the reason why it did a pretty good job in terms of revenue collection. Had it been any other time of the year, this movie would have failed to attract attention. Like thousands of other people, even we watched it due to the dearth around.
Review- Bearable... I could sit right through the end! Low expectation was the key.

Teen The Bhai: After all the publicity and Daler Mehndi-Mike's 'zara-hatke' style of singing the title song, I was really eager to watch this one. In spite of the good performances by all the Bhais, the comedy somehow irritated me. The dialogs were good, the delivery was good but it did not tickle my funny bone.
Status- Incomplete!!

Thank You: I had absolutely no expectation from this movie and it proved me right. The only part I enjoyed was the END :D
Message- Dear Scriptwriters, we are long done with those idiotic Dons and their dumb bodyguards with fancy guns. They are neither scary nor funny. No more of them, please!!

Game: If you are watching a suspense movie, you expect it to be full of twists and turns, something that keeps you on the edge of the seat and requires all your attention (remember Race?). If you have been watching a lot of Indian movies, you'll most definitely know the 'big secret' well within the first hour. The makers tried to throw in a lot of surprise elements but none could extract "Oohhhh... is it!!" The movies from 80's and 90's have already infused such story-lines into us.
Preferable Undoes: Kangana was a mis-fit. Abhishek's character was a disaster. That one scene where Abhishek runs and runs and runs. Ah, why not make it again!! The only thing that can be reused is the title- 'Game-It's not over till it's over'

Chalo Dilli: The movie started off well but I would say it belongs to the 'chewing gum' category. Needless to say, Vinay Pathak was amazing and Lara Dutta did a good job to match him.
My take: A 2.5-hour Chalo Dilli would have definitely been better than this 3-hour Chalo Dilli.

Dum Maro Dum: The day I watched the movie, my FB status read - 'Dum Maro Dum: The quest for a nice Bollywood flick ends!' For me, this is the best movie of the season so far!! A movie with no missing links and it does not let you lose interest at any point of time. Well written and well executed!! Abhishek Bacchan was outstanding, Bipasha Basu was perfect, the pool of stars could not over-shadow Rana Daggubati and Prateik Babbar was right on target.
Suggestion- Must-watch!

'To-Watch' List-
  • Utt Patang
  • Memories in March
  • Shor in the City
  • I Am
  • Ragini MMS
  • Stanley ka Dabba
Waiting for-
  • Ready           ( Salman!! )
  • Delhi Belly     ( Promos say it all )
  • Bheja Fry 2   ( I can feel the excitement all around me )
Any reviews for the movies in 'To-Watch' list. Help me to use my time wisely by pouring in your suggestions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bloom-busters in Dutch-istan!!

After all the greenery, we decided to treat our eyes with some colors. The best option was Tulip Time Festival at Holland, MI. The city of Holland was founded by Dutch Americans and is best known for it's Dutch heritage. Throughout the city, the streets were decked up with tulips on both the sides. Every house added to the festivity with it's bright and beautiful gardens.

Our first stop was Nelis' Dutch Village, where we were Welkomed in style.

Everything was so 'Dutchy' about the place - the people and their costumes, dance, ambiance, windmills,  wooden shoe carving and candle making.

If the above picture made you inquisitive about the HOWs of carving candles, this video is a must watch!! See how a simple candle is dipped in hot wax of various colors to make layers and is then carved to create such beautiful candles.

Hey.. didn't I say it was Tulip Festival!! So, where are the Tulips? See the pics below unless you get completely 'Tulip-ed' (term coined by Abhishek Shriwatri)


In the pictures: Sanket, Tanya, Abhishek, Payal and infinite Tulips.

Rush to Holland... only 4 days left!!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

My Mothers

One has been with me right from day One and continues to be my life-support system, the other welcomed me to her family with all the love and affection...
One has been my biggest critic to ensure that I am always at my best, the other has stood by my side when I dreaded things to be the other way round...
One silently (yet proudly) smiled when others appreciated me, the other appreciated me to see me smiling...
One willingly gave me to somebody else because she saw my happiness in it, the other happily gave her everything to me!!

Happy Mother's Day :)

I remember, I was once asked to speak on the topic 'When I would be a Mother...' and I started off by saying that I would be just like my Mom. Little did I realize then that I can never be like her for she is THE best. I am sure, with time I'll know it even better that I was a fool to even think that I could be any where close to what she is.

From tying my hair to getting mad at me when I got my hair cut, from dressing me up to being there with me when I bought my bridal dress, from handling two young girls who would fight like bulls to dealing with our teenage issues, helping me with my studies to listening to my crap every time I got nervous before the exam, cooking for me to giving cooking lesson over a call, preparing me to face the world to providing solutions to ANY problem... she has been an epitome of strength, wisdom, patience, compassion and love, always.

Mom, I admire how you get things right, every time! I will need you and your guidance forever, no matter how old I get. I can trust you with shopping, my views about a person reflect your views, I can talk to you anytime of the day for infinite hours, you are the best cook (and I am right behind you ;) ), I really dunno what to do or what to say when you get into your Leaky Bucket mode, you make me really proud every time you do things on the computer ( I thought you'll never ever touch the machine), I know I have done something exceptionally good if I get to hear 'Waaaahhhh Tannnnuuuu' :) and I also know that you love me more than Ritu (@Motz: try an prove me wrong :P :P)

God must have been really pleased with me for He choose you and Dad as my parents. I am good because both of you taught me to be so, I am bad because there are times when I don't listen to what you guys say ;)

Love you, Momma... Happy Mother's Day :)


When you are about to get married, the first thing that crosses your mind is- How is your future Mother-in-Law gonna be? Blame it on the society, MILs are not expected to be angels. Well, I can stand up and say- 'If my MIL can be, why not others!'

Years ago, when I did not even know whom I would get married to, I made a 'profound statement' that I will be the lucky one to have a loving MIL and here I am!! Blessed with an MIL anybody would be jealous of :) I have landed in situations when a stereotype mother-in-law could have grabbed the opportunity to nag her daughter-in-law. Luckily, my MIL is not one among them. She is my Mother!!

Mummy, I don't really know what you expected of your daughter-in-law but I know one thing for sure- you deserve the best. I am definitely not the best but trust me I'll do all that I can to be better. I love it when you appreciate my thrifty acts even if everybody else thinks that I am being cheap, you are the strongest person I have ever come cross, I love to see you happy and smiling, your appreciation and support mean a lot to me. I am indebted to you for you are the most amazing Mother-in-Law one can ever be. I was told that you'll be a very good mother-in-law but you proved them wrong... you are perfect!!

Love you, Mummmmmyyyy... Happy Mother's Day :)

Unarguably, I have the best Mom and the best Mom-in-Law and I would not let anybody contradict it... not even my husband :)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!

I met a group of friends for dinner on Friday night and the question popped up- "When is the next blog coming up?" I checked my blog posts just to find that the last piece of article was about Cricket World Cup victory. In a  world where today's headlines are not even discussed the next day, my blog had been almost dead all these days.

NO, I was not busy!!

I was just enjoying the colorful photographs of my friends... smiling faces midst tulips, Cherry Blossoms, all shades of green and some beach-side fun! I could do nothing much except to comment on the pictures and wait for my turn.

The wait IS getting over, slowly and steadily!! The tiny yellow flowers on the carpet of grass, trees loaded with flowers by the road-side, the uncovered pool, the noise of lawn mower and the naughty sun that peeps in through the window, they all indicate that 'Spring has Sprung'!!

The First Click of the Season

When I looked out of the window today, I was reminded of the First Snow. Remember how excited I was to see the trees getting buried under the snow. The joy is back but the reason has changed. The reason is 'green' and not 'white', this time. Not always do humans cherish changes but spring brings with it the most desired change.

White is now Green... the eyes are relieved!!

The clicking has just begun. I assure you all that there would be many more pictures and happy stories to share.