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Friday, July 26, 2013

A-Z of What I've Been Upto

In the last few days, all I have been doing in terms of blogging is- began writing a post, left it midway, started another, left that too and then sat idle for some days and REPEAT. So, none of the posts reached you all.

Today, I thought I'll bring myself face to face with a Double Challenge.
Challenge #1, sum up the last few days in the A-Z format.
Challenge #2, while taking up challenge #1, I'll also mark the events, on which I intend to do a detailed post. This would be my promise to you and to blogging. Though, I have been a bad keeper for the latter, I'll do my best not to disappoint my friends.

So here we go!! A-Z of the last few days...

A - Ambipur**

Glad I could put this right at the top of the list. The IndiBlogger meet sponsored by Ambipur was awesome fun and crazy to the core. On the same lines as the last meet, read about it here, yet so different.

B - Bags

It's been raining bags and I am loving it. After my sister-in-law got me a nice and spacious, black Guess bag (just the way I like it), it was my younger sister, who got a colorful, trendy one from Mumbai. And between the two sister-gifted handbags, my parents gave a traveling bag, just the perfect size for those small trips.

C - Candy Crush Saga

Blame it on the creators of this game if you think I am glued to my phone or missing from action. I have always liked blow-the-blocks games, Tetris being my favorite in the video-game age. Being badly smitten by the Candy Crush Saga bug, I sleep late, I take breaks from work, I play if I get up early, I flood social media sites with CCS posts and **confession** while talking to people, I think of swapping their nose to the center of their eyes to get three-in-a-row (eye-nose-eye) and boom!!

D - Dad

My dad underwent a surgery earlier this month. He was diagnosed with tumors in intestine. Thanks to the doctors of Gastro dept. of SGPGI, Lucknow for making the operation a success. Pray that nothing like this crosses my dad's way ever again.

E - Elections

My maid told me that her husband had gone to their hometown to VOTE! A guy earning barely 5000 bucks a month, decided to spend 500 out of that to exercise his right to vote. Do I need to say anything further?

F - Facebook

I get Facebook-attacks often and when that happens, I get on a roll with the status updates. A recent update read:

Apparently, Madame Rain missed the Monsoon Bus to Gurgaon. Though her buddies handsome Mr. Cloud and torturous Mrs. Humidity are here, she seems to have fled to a far off land with her boyfriend, the very charming, Mr. Pleasant Weather!! —   feeling hot.

G - Gourd

Hold on to your arm rest or the person next to you or just anything you can find around yourself... I am about to make a shocking announcement. My favorite vegetable is Gourd- Bottle Gourd! and I love it when it's cooked with cumin seeds and a pinch of salt and asafoetida in a table spoon of butter/oil. Yes, exactly what your mother tried to feed you when you had Typhoid ;) Why I talk about it here is because I just had is yesterday!!


H - Hot Chocolate

While drinking a cup of Hot Chocolate the other day, I realized that it tastes no different than Bournvita. Yet the latter claims of 'Tan ki Shakti, Mann ki Shakti' and the Hot Chocolate box is looked down upon because it's not healthy.

I - Ice Cream

My freezer had been stocked with ice-cream for the last few weeks and then I caught cold to put an end to ice-creams :(

J - July

Early part of July had really tortured us with heat. But with the rains now, July has become joyous :D

K - Karizma

We are looking to sell the Karizma Sanket has owned for a few years now. Though this is not an ad but... I'll still sneak in the question- "Any Buyers"??


L - Laptop

Reason for not blogging, other than being lazy and lacking enthusiasm is- I do not have my laptop with me! Have to use office machine. As if this transition was not big enough, it's a technology shift as well, from Windows to MacBook and I am yet to get comfortable.

M - Mummy-Papa

My parents visited us... for A DAY!! In the last almost 4 years of marriage, my parents have not even stayed for 4 weeks with us. Even before I realize that they are with us, they leave for their next destination!! Blah!

N - Neighbors

My neighbors moved out of their house earlier today. Though we did not sit down to chat or have meals together, they'll be missed.

O - Oats

I somehow, have affinity for food which is generally despised by others. We talked about Bottle Gourd above and Oats is the latest addition to the list.

P - Printer

I won myself a printer... an HP printer!! For what? For writing this. Thank you HP and IndiBlogger :)

Q - Quarter

Second quarter of the year is already gone! And I realized this, when I got the invite to the Quarterly Company Update Meeting. Sigh!!

R - Ritz k Laddoo

Lucknow is where most of my dad's side of the family lives. Needless to say, the city is special to me. The mere mention of the name, brings back childhood memories. I recently visited Lucknow for my dad's operation and when I was coming back, my grand-father handed a huge box of Ritz k Motichoor k Laddoo...yuuummm!! I can bet they are the best anyone can make. And my grandfather is the most caring huma on the face of earth.

S - Sale

While the world around me is talking about sales and discounts, I choose to stay away. Why? Because stores are too crowded and there is nothing really that I wish to buy.

T - Time

Strangely, I've been on time to work for some consecutive days. A friend even asked if everything was all right! All I can say is "touchwood"!

U - Umbrella

It's finally raining in my city too. A recent walk in rain, made me realize that I enjoy the sound of water against my umbrella more than I hate the muddy water ruining my footwear.

V - Violet Flowers

The mysterious plant finally bears some flowers - violet flowers. The seeds were sown long, long back and I had completely forgotten about it. I was waiting for the leaves to shoot and when that happened I thought it was just a wild plant. Decision to not pull it out, gave me a garden with some violet flowers.

They are not blue, they are violet. It's just the light that makes them look like that.

W - Workout**

OK... so I told you here that gym-sessions are what take 1/24th of my day now and I am glad to announce that the workout has not stopped except for a couple of days off in a week.

X - X Rays

Sanket and I were recently trying to send across my MIL's medical reports over the Internet. The reports included X-Rays as well. Scan did not work. Any idea how X-Ray reports can be shared through emails or likes?

Y - Yahoo

Another techy question. How can I retrieve my old Yahoo chats, considering the scenario where I do not have the machine on which chatting was done? Please don't say only Yahoo can help! I really need some suggestions here.

Oh BTW, I recently happened to log in to my yahoo mail and saw a completely new interface there. Like how hard Yahoo as a company is trying to get back it's lost glory.

Z - Zipper

I was trying to close the zip of my bag and in the process, I pulled out the zipper. But who cares when I have been gifted so many bags of late. Go back to 'B-Bags'.

Asterisk-ed are the topics I'll throw more light upon in the coming days. Till then, thank your stars that you do not have to sit through such lengthy posts **wink** Much love. Have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lootera- A Break To Awesomeness

From the post here, you know that I have had a wonderful experience with movies in the last few days. Every movie watched, exceeded expectations. It left me thinking about all the good work being done in the industry. The graph of awesomeness was on the rise... and then Lootera happened!

Weeks back when I saw the trailer of Lootera, I exclaimed with joy- 'I want to watch this movie!' It was evident from the very start that Lootera would take the viewers back in time and would not be a regular Bollywood masala. After spending a little more than 2 hours on the movie, I'd say it was a little too off-beat for me.

Do not get me wrong. I have nothing against pure drama or slow pace of movies. I am one among those very few who liked Sanjay Leela Bansali's 'Saawaariyaa'. 

I think I'll put it all on personal liking disliking. 

Sonakshi is just not 'my' kinda heroine!! She acted pretty well in the second half and did justice to what the role demanded but the character of a chirpy girl in the first half was so not her. The giggles did not suit her. The fleshy arms appeared to be shouting out for some air through those utterly tight silk blouses. And she did not look young anyhow.


I am no big fan of Ranveer's looks. So, no take aways there. From fashion perspective, there was nothing to look out for. The sarees adorned by Sonakshi were OK. The gold jewelry was too periodic to attract my attention. The sets did not look 'pretty'. I am sure the houses of rich Indian zamindaar's had better interiors than what was seen in the movie.


Goods, on my finger tips: One, liked the car that Sonakshi drove. Two, make-up, which was very apt. Three, the shade of pink used for Sonakshi's engagement saree. Four, aalpana, for which I strained my eyes to make sure I did not miss any. Five, the scene where Ranveer pulls out the bullet from his body- makes you feel the pain. Six, Vikrant Massey, who played Ranveer's friend in the movie. Seven, the last half an hour just before intermission.

Points to reconsider: One, the only people seen in Dalhousie were the cops and the main actors. No localite. No extras. Not even a single head to count. Two, can somebody actually trust a leave for the number of days they'd live! An indigestible concept!

Lootera was a nice break from all the superb movies I have watched in the last few days and I don't mind it. Just the way you need break from boredom, a break from awesomeness is also helpful **wink**.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quick Recipe for 'Home Alone' Dinners

I share the 'Home Alone' posts only after the 'Home Alone' phase is over and there is only one reason behind it. Security. Kreative Korner is a public blog. Though, I can see how many people visited the blog or from which part of the globe they are and which browser was used, I have no idea who they are. I am aware that all of you are sweethearts, genuinely nice people, who pay me a visit here but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

This post was drafted on Wednesday (today is Sunday), after coming over the dilemma of 'what to eat'! The question usually is 'What to cook?' when your mouth is not the only one to feed but it gets worse when your stomach is the only stomach that you have to fill. For three reasons: One, there is nobody to suggest what to cook. Two, it's difficult to beat laziness and cook only for yourself. Three, you know you'd get no help in the kitchen.

Sanket had been away for almost the entire week. He left on Monday even before I was home from work. I skipped dinner on Monday. Then on Tuesday. Wednesday I knew I had to eat something, more because I fast on Thursdays than because I was hungry. Being back from work a little after 9 plus the humidity, I knew I did not want to spend much time in the kitchen.

Rescue Recipe : Curd Rice

I quickly asked I-Know-It-All, Mr. Google and this recipe from Indian Food was shortlisted.

Here's my version of it. No big changes but I am sure it did change the taste to some extent.

Serves 1 : Remember we are talking about 'Home Alone' recipe


~ 1/2 cup Rice
~ 1 cup Water
~ 3 tbsp of Yogurt (Curd)
~ 2 tbps of your regular Cooking Oil (refined soyabean, vegetable, coconut)
~ 1/2 tsp of Mustard Seeds
~ 1 sprig of Curry Leaves
~ 1 tbsp of Chana Daal ( Bengal Gram)
~ 1 tbsp of Urad Daal ( Split Black Gram Skinless)
~ Red Chilli Powder to taste
~ Salt to taste


~ Wash and soak chana daal and urad daal in water. Keep aside.
~ Cook Rice: In a microwave safe bowl, add rice and water and cook in microwave for 5 minutes. Rice can alternatively be prepared in a cooker.
~ Once the rice is cooked, add yogurt and salt to it and keep aside.
~ In a pan, heat oil.
~ Once the oil is hot, add mustard seeds to it, followed by chana daal, urad daal and curry leaves.
~ Cook till the daals look cooked ( change to light golden brown color). I kept almost 1 tsp of this mixture aside for garnishing.
~ Add red chilli powder.
~ After a couple of seconds, add the rice mixture.
~ Cook on low flame, till the curd gets cooked. You can make out that the curd is cooked when you can no longer see it and oil separates. A lot of people might want to stop the cooking process much earlier but this is how I prefer.
~ Garnish with the daal mixture kept aside earlier.

Total time: 15 mins
And if you already have rice ready, like I did, it takes less time than your instant noodles! 

Curd Rice is the latest addition to my 'can-cook-anytime' recipe list. Have you got more such recipes to share with me? Let me hear about them.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Washroom Chat

There is something about girls and the conversations they have with their female friends in the ladies washroom. This pretty much explains why girls always look for companions while heading towards the restroom. Schoolgirls, business women, moms and elderly ladies, it's a trait common to all.


The other day I met this girl in the washroom. Look at her from a distance and you would say she must be in her early 20's. Go closer, you'd add another 3 years to her age.

Our conversation started in a very girly style (we girls usually do only 'girl talks' in washrooms). She said, even before we could exchange smiles, "Itne daane kyun ho rahe hain!"(Translation- "What's with all these pimples!"), looking at her face in the mirror.  I tried hard to find the pimples on her face but could not spot any. Girls usually hue and cry about the tiniest spot on their face but this, I knew was more than the general lament. Before my lips could decode my mind's message to ask her if she was getting married, pop came the next sentence. "Jaise jaise shaadi paas aa rahi hai aur kharaab ho rahi hai skin". (Translation- "As the wedding day is approaching, my skin is going from bad to worse.")

So, yes! She was getting married.

And she was pretty excited about that. And I could sense she wanted to tell me more!

In the next 5-7 minutes conversation I had with her, I knew all about her fiancee - his profession, his salary, his family, hometown, his brother and his family, his plans for her, how caring and understanding he was. And if that was not it, I was also informed of how they were planning to manage their finances in future, being a part of a joint family. Girls like knowing about other's lives and I admit (if you promise to forget it the moment you close this window) I do too. So there I was, enjoying the conversation.

We discussed how life changes after marriage and what qualities make a guy a nice husband. I being the experienced one, got the chance to give my two cents on these topics. It was interesting to see how every topic always turned towards THE groom :) 

But more than the personal details, I enjoyed her excitement, her expressions and her confidence in her man. The shy smiles, the wave of hand, the battling eyes and the careful nod of head, it was all so pleasing.

Marriage is a precious man-made bond. It changes the person you are. It gets the wildest and weirdest emotions out of you. And unless you are being forced to get married, you are at the zenith of excitement during your courtship period, love or arranged. You want to talk about your partner and let the world know that your search is finally over. And this is true for guys and gals alike.

Did not intend to talk about marriage in this post and so will not. Just wanted to share the enthusiasm of a young bride-to-be... and it's not just limited to shopping and elegant dresses and jewelry and food and looking pretty. I extends to her new family, her new life, responsibilities and HER PARTNER - every girl's dream!!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Joys of June

After the last post, I feel as if I have said it all. The thoughts that had been cramming up my mind were all put to words in  Romance, Relationship and Being Right! But since a girl is never done with talking, this post will not be just a photolog. You'll have to read between the pictures, literally.

This pic was taken in early June on our trip to Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, about a fortnight before the state was devastated by heavy rains leading to flood. 
I scanned the map and found that Dhanaulti is a little out of the way of floods but the way it rained when we were there, I am just hoping that all those kind and sweet people we met there during our stay, are safe.

Another one from the hills of Uttarakhand.
Do you think they would have been able to brave the heavy showers?

Say YES! if you wore them to school.

As if my list of  'I-wish-I-had-time-for' was not long enough, I added another! 
Workout at office gym, which means 1 out of 24 hours is already used up.
But I am liking it :) 
Only if my Mom could see the difference in me! Sigh!

The stone won at the blogger meet ;)
Can read more here.

The meet turned out to be more fun than imagined.
Oh, by the way, they are having another meet in Delhi soon.
Check out Indiblogger's website if you'd like to be a part of it.

This one was taken from my terrace. 
No, we do not live on the seashore.
Thanks to the encroachment on either side of the road, there is hardly any outlet for the rainwater.

It's raining across the country.
It's raining at a few kilometers' distance.
But it is not raining in Gurgaon.
Probably the rain Gods are waiting for THIS to be complete.
Enroute work!

It's that time of the year when the king of fruits attends to the calls of it's people.
It's MANGO time in India :)
Some mangolicious love.

Food riot in my kitchen started with this- Paav Bhaaji.
Continued with Chicken Curry, Italian and South Indian.

I hardly get to see these pretty pinkies blooming in my garden.
They are at their best when I am at work and hence the name 'Office Time' or '9 o'clock'. 

Lovely lilies but unfortunately they don't last more than a couple of days.
Any idea, if their life can be extended? 

Oh, and just to let you all know.... while you are reading this, I am away eating mangoes and ice cream! The happy part about Indian summer! Enjoy!!

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