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Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Love!

To The-Guy-Who-Rocks-My-World,

This is not the first time that I am writing to you and what you'll read here is definitely not new. You know it all and you know it well. You know what you mean to me and you know how happy I am to be with you.

We started our journey together as strangers, who tried to befriend each other in their own silly ways. This continues till date. No, we are not strangers any more but the inquisitive child within us, constantly tries to know the other one better and that's what makes us inseparable. 


I had heard this always that no two people are alike. Thank God for that. 
It would have been great to have paint brushes in both our hands and to smudge a canvas together but then, who would have selected the dinner-time movie! 
Music flows in our house- courtesy you. The walls are adorned because of me.
The tadka to dal is always perfect because you do it. Rotis are always hot because I ensure that.
We are never late, thanks to you. We are never early, thanks to me ;)
I get time to breath and you get time with your gadgets - courtesy US :)


Having talked about the differences, we cannot ignore the interests we share. Oh yes, we both love each other but there is more than just that! The little things that make life pleasurable. 
Like our love for food- anything, anytime. 
Like both of us sharing our interest for 'nautanki'. 
Like both of us staying up late at night. 
Like both of us valuing money but not over other important things. 
Like both of us discussing even the tiniest affair. 
Like both of us involving each other in every decision. 
Like both of us being honest with suggestions. 
Like both of us being sensible with decision-making.... and A LOT MORE.
You are not LIKE me.. you are a PART OF ME!


Years back, I just wanted to be with you. Back then, I did not know what that would mean. I did not know what sharing and caring was all about. I hardly knew what love was about. Each day that I spend with you, makes me realize how strong our bond is getting. How twined together, we are. Touchwood for that! 


Life has been a teacher and us- we have been it's obedient students. We have more often than once found ourselves at the crossroads of life, with a plethora of options to choose from. Together we have worked hard to pick up the best, not only for ourselves but for everyone associated with us. Cheers to all that we have achieved. Looking forward to all that's on our list to go.


As we celebrate our Fourth Wedding Anniversary, I just want to tell you that I love you till the end of times.
You are and will always be the man I have dreamed of spending my life with.
Though, we are thousands of miles apart on this special day, I need not say how much you are being missed.
Looking forward to be with you soon :)

Love always...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

October Oo-La-Las

What date is it? And which month are we in?

Ohh yeah... I celebrated my b'day last week. It IS November!
Wait.. What? My birthday is gone?? That means we are already into the second week of November, if not more :O :O

Remember how stubborn September was and it felt like October would never come to an end but Slow September finally made way for October. What is surprising is the rapid speed at which October flew by!! Much before I could realize that we had entered my favorite quarter of the year, we were already past one-fourth of it.

Here's a snippet of what kept me engaged through October... (not in that order!)

With October began the festive season. 
Karwachauth followed by Diwali preps kept the traditional spark ignited :) 
Too late to wish y'all a Happy Diwali nevertheless, 
my good thoughts and blessings are always there with all you loved ones.

Workplace all decked up for the biggest Indian festival

I had never felt the power of flowers being sent as gifts until this Karwachauth.
Sanket sent me these precious red roses since he was out of town.
With the bouquet in house, I somehow missed Sanket a little less :)
For the inquisitive, we had an e-Karwachauth. 
Thanks to Facetime :D :D

Karwachauth talks remain incomplete without mehendi (henna).
I showed you here and here, the mehendi designs I had done in 2010 & 2011, respectively.
This year, I decided to give myself a break and try the mehendi-walas.
To my surprise, there were almost 100 people applying mehendi, sitting in every possible place in the market.
What amazed me more than the head count was the sky-rocket prices that these guys were asking for and their tantrums. Anyhow, I had decide what I had decided and this is what I got. Sheer waste of money!!
Though, I loved the color. You know what that means, don't you :)

I now know from where did Santa Claus get inspiration.
From moms!!
My mom visited me this October and with her came a bag full of home-made food items.
Below are my favorites - Gud (Jaggery) ke Ladoo!
P.S.- I had the last ladoo a few hours back :( 
Mom, are you reading this!! 

Don't make faces people. This is our very own instant noodles- Maggi!!
Wondering why it's white? Because I skipped adding the spices ;)
Yes, Masala Maggi without Masala (only salt) 
Have you every tried it?

This selfie was shot while waiting for my SIL to get ready for her engagement. 
The great time we had discussing all the details & shopping overshadowed the wait time. 
The best was to see her just the way we had imagined.
You looked b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Pallavi :)

OMG.. this one!
A sudden burst of rain and the city got flooded.

Slow September had me get a print of the calender.
I wanted to try, if the 'strike out' method shown in movies could soothe the soul.
It worked wonders.
O! I love countdowns :D

Thursday fasting means fruits in the first half and a lot of fatty food in the evening.
Sabudana wada was on the menu on one of those Thursdays.

The pictures brushed off the dust from my memory. I now know that October did not go by in a jiffy but I was actually a part of a lot of things :) There was a lot more that was not captured and is not shared here. 

Anyway... it's November! The month has brought with it a lot of festivities and happiness. I have and will be meeting a lot of people this month. Got a few biggies lined up too **Excited**.
More on this  next month :D 

Have a fantabulous November, my friends!!