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Friday, August 03, 2012

August is here!

Hardly a few hours into August and my Facebook status read-

'The much awaited end to the long, dry, sultry and high-on-budget month is here...
making way for my favorite part of the year -
chain of birthdays, 'anniversary', festivals, fun, family, monsoon, food and more!

Happy August y'all :)

Yes, August marks the beginning of my favorite part of the year, running through March! 8 out of 10 immediate family members have their birthdays in the next 6 months. Our wedding anniversary in November adds another occasion to the list. The Indian holiday calendar just makes it better with the highly biased ratio of 1:8 !!

Rakshabandhan celebrations on August 2nd gave a beautiful start to the festivities.

Summing it all up in my Collage Style

And this is how we bid good-bye to July'2012... with tears - tears of joy!

Because I cannot do without collages!

Hope the days to come are as good for all of us, as they appear to be from where we are today!
Wishing you all a terrific time ahead!