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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hate This. Liked That.


Still a few hours to go before Sanket will be home.
He left for office on Monday morning, had a train to catch after that and will be back only tomorrow morning.

Technically, it's not even 2 days but I have already felt the heat. This is not the first time, we have spent months at a stretch in different countries but it's only during times like these that you realize how your life is rolled up with that of your significant other.

** You are at your own to handle the morning chores, from waking up to the alarm-call to locking the doors.
** Your entire day goes by without listening to music.
** Nobody to drive you to work.
** You come home, have a full, big glass of mango shake and pop in a few chocolates after that and yet, nobody gives you that mocking smile.
** When you do not change clothes after coming from office for more than an hour and nobody reminds you of it.
** You are busy with work and all of a sudden you feel hunger pangs but you give up the idea of cooking for 'yourself'.
** Gayle's is going berserk at the IPL but no one's around to celebrate it with.
** No one offers you that glass of Rasna or 'Sprite-on-the-rocks'.
** You just rearranged the knick-knacks in the house but do not have anybody to take a look at it and give honest feedback.
** You have to do the mosquito treatment yourself.
** You ought to get up and switch the lights off and there is absolutely 'no other option'.
** You have the blanket and the entire bed all for yourself but it's no fun.
** You know you should be asleep at this hour (3:30 AM!) but you prefer writing it all out!!

Call me crazy, call me insane... but inspite of knowing each other for almost 7 years, out of which 3.5 would be of marriage, I still look forward to my man's calls and the office hours to get over so that I can see him. 

And right now, I am waiting for the night to get over, so that he's home!



Remember how we ended the post here? I mentioned about a new crafty addiction! 

I had been meaning to get my hands dirty with some clay but did not know where to start from. And then folks at office organized this one-hour workshop on clay and pottery. Good enough to get the idea. 

Here's the first attempt result...

It should not stop here. Working with clay is wonderful. There is so much you can do with it... molding in all possible shapes and sizes. Watchhing too much or too little of water spoil the fun. 

Know of any online store from where I can get the clay? Waiting to explore a whole new world. 

Hope you liked the first attempt pieces inspite of the cracks and imperfections.

P.S.: Please don't ask me what that weird looking birdie is!! 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Confessions of a 100-er

Ohhh..K so!! Kreative Korner is 100 posts old!!
How about a round of confessions on the occasion?

1. When Kreative Korner was born in August 2010, I had no idea where it was heading to. I just wanted it to be a medium to share my thoughts, experiments, excitement, passion and experience, while living in a land of strangers.

2. This blog was never intended to be an exclusive arts and crafts blog and it neither is. Why you see more arty posts here is because that is me- my love for colors and craft floods this space on cloud a little more than often.

3. There have been times when I commented on people's blog only because I had landed on their page. But while doing that I maintained my honestly with words.

4. I am never satisfied with my blog's look and theme for more than 2 days but the act of changing it is such a  tedious task that I prefer not getting my hands dirty with the codes.

5. Inspite of my love for blogging, I have been away from blogland for long stretches for the simple reason that I just did not feel like writing. Forcing myself was not an option.

6. Every single comment from y'all excites me :) and I make sure that I reply to all. People not replying to their blog-buddies because they are busy taking fancy pictures to increase traffic for their sites is a concept that does not work with me.

7. Talking about traffic, I love to see how many views I have had and I do that every time I log in.

8. Entering the blogland for money was never the intend but who minds when money flows in  ;)

9. There is much more to write and tell than you see here. I have more than 50 posts as drafts. Yes, that is almost half, if not more, than what have been published.

10. There is a very thin line between what can be made public and what is to remain private. Every word I write here is carefully scrutinized. Every image I upload has the risk of being misused but the pleasure it gives me in sharing it with all you genuine people is much more than that.


We are getting ready for hot summers with the most refreshing drink, Aam ka Panna. Aahhh... So Mangolicious!!

I am no expert at cooking but I believe, a recipe can give y'all a heads up to this simple and easy to prepare drink.

Ingredients: Raw Mango, Mint Leaves, Sugar, Salt, Black Salt, Cumin Powder, Water, Lemon, Green Chili

1. Boil the raw mangoes. (I had 5 small mangoes)
2. Do not drain off the remaining water.
3. Once the mangoes cool down, extract the pulp by removing the peel and seed. Keep aside.
4. Grind the mint leaves (a handful) and green chili (1 in number - deseeded). Use water from boiling, if needed.
5. Churn the mango pulp, mixture from 4 and water from 2 in a grinder, so that the consistency of liquid is consistent.
6. Add sugar, salt, black salt and cumin powder to taste.
7. Add in 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice.
8. Mix well.
9. Serve chilled.

Let me know how you liked it. Also, if you have an alternate recipe, please do share with us.


After watching Rajasthan Royals beat one of the strongest contenders of IPL6, Mumbai Indians, I am one happy cricket fan tonight :) 

Bye for now!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

100th & Talking about Rahul Dravid, are we?

Had it not been for a broken laptop screen, my early to bed routine of late and a not-busy-but-occupied head, this post would have been published a few days back. Nonetheless... it's HUNDREDth! A landmark touched and landmarks are special. Aren't they? I wanted the 100th to be about Holi, then Holi and Dravid and now it's so late for both that I do not know what we will be talking about today.


Well, let me start with last weekend.

IPL (Indian Premier League) fever is running high in India. Most of our evenings these days are spent watching live-wire performances by the super talented cricketers. #IPL tweets have already reached a count of 3 million! Of all the national, international, veterans and newbies, one man who stands tall, not only for me but all the cricket lovers is Rahul Dravid.

For those of you, who have absolutely no idea about Cricket and Cricketers, here's a short intro. Rahul Dravid is one of the finest Indian cricketers, with exceptional figures to support the fact. Popularly known as 'The Wall' for his formidable cricketing career. Read more here. And I'd urge everyone to read because I am sure you'll unearth some greatness here. I did!!

The story goes that I have been a fan of this fine gentleman ever since I first saw him on TV. Not so much so for his cricketing skills but for his good looks and the composed personality. With each match watched and the questions fired to Dad, I understood the game better and also Dravid. 

My first company had an office in Bangalore. Dravid's home city. And I always wanted to be posted there just to have a glimpse of this great man. But that never happened.

Image source clock-wise from top-left 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Last weekend, we had our tickets booked for the match between Delhi and Rajasthan. Rajasthan being led by Dravid. I was standing outside the stadium waiting for Sanket and Mummy to join me. Having nothing better to do, I picked up a chat with the kids selling banners on the road-side. We were busy learning each other's names, when a bus drove past us. I turned to have a look and Dravid was right there!! Trust me, he is absolutely as handsome as he looks in the pictures. Who cares what his age is! And we can keep aside the fact that both of us are married ;)

I literally skipped a heartbeat, with my eyes glued on that first row of the bus where Dravid was seated. I jumped with joy. Again, literally! The security guard got a break from his boring routine and enjoyed my excitement too ;) I wanted to shout out loud but held it back for the stadium.

It was then the time for the game. While the Delhites cheered for their home team, I shouted out "D-R-A-aaaaa-V-I-iiiiii-D" to my heart's content. My throat had started to hurt and the knees were shaking but I could not let that chance slip off. And the shouts did not go in vain. He replied back! No, he did not shout out my name... he replied with awesome shots.

To sit in the home city and support the rivals, is not easy. I did get some stern looks from disappointed Delhi fans, when Delhi was on the verge of losing and was challenged by two barely into their teens boys that Delhi would win but ultimately... it was a victory for Rajasthan and Man of the Match for SIR Rahul Dravid.

Glory!! The evening could not have been better :)


And before you guys leave thinking how crazy one can be, can I quickly slip in a Holi collage? Please! OK... Thank You :)

Time for me to hit the bed. Looking forward to an exciting weekend. Hope things go as they are planned. Will be back soon to share the latest addition to the crafty addiction! Stay tuned!

Have a fruitful weekend and that includes doing absolutely nothing at all ;)

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Surajkund Craft Fair, India

Hello my super creative and talented friends!

I know most of you here are art-lovers and would appreciate the efforts that go into making hand-crafted good. Through this post, I'd like to introduce to you the spectacular talent that we have in India. They don't call India a land rich in culture for no reason! There are 26 states in India and each has it's own form of art, dance, food and language.

The pictures I am going to share here are from Surajkund Crafts Fair. The fair brought together people from all over India under the same sun on the same ground. Craftsmen and performers coming in from all parts of the country, were the perfect affirmation for the immense talent India mothers.

I'll end the talking here and let the pictures take you to Surajkund (in Faridabad, India) were this confluence awed people and also inspired many like us.

These colorful wall hangings from Gujarat are pieces of cloth stitched together and embroidered with threads and mirrors.

Up close

Paper Mache Lamp shade

Carved and painted on a piece of wood.

Those huge pots caught my attention.
 Would have bought those only if I had sufficient space to keep them. Some day!!

Peace captured in Plaster-of-Paris

Madhubani - A very famous art form in India

Love the contemporary design

Beyond Pottery

Wood carving


From Bengal

Cloth Patch-work

That stood almost 15 feet above ground level, right in the middle of the stalls.
All set for the dance performance.

Hope you enjoyed this short visit to India. It was long due!

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

March Music - PhotoLog

Third successful month of PhotoLogging! Wow! I am led to believe that I can keep up with it :)March went by in a jiffy. Holi, it's preparations and excitement kept me busy for quite a few days. The graph of work at office varied exceptionally and between all this, I did manage to add a new painting to the collection. Check it out here.

Over to the PhotoLog now.

Holi center-piece for the coffee table. Red-Green-Blue-Yellow... all the primaries present.

My favorite cricketer! right before he left for the match.
Yes honey, you just beat Rahul Dravid to top the list :)

Blood donation! The least I can do.
Doctors' appreciation for the deed and maintaining a good haemoglobin, eased the pain.
Sorry if the picture freaks you out but I had to share the happiness and pride experienced after those 10 minutes.

Fennel (saunf) plant from the garden.

The bud that has now bloomed into a beautiful flower.
Aren't rose buds the prettiest of them all?

Holi without gujiyas... Not possible!!
2 rounds of preparations and a total of 150 gujiyas lasted for only a week.

After bothering mom for the Fresh Coconut Barfi recipe twice thrice 10 times or may be more, this Holi finally saw me preparing it. Turned out to be yum :D

Holi at work and a meeting to attend after that ;)

Colorful Midnight Ghosts!

This is how the streets look. All thanks to pretty bougainvilleas.

How was March for you? Is it spring in your part of the country yet? Was busy in Holi and/or Easter preparations? Or the end of financial year tied you to work? Do share the link to your round-up posts in the comment section below.

Expect a few quick posts coming your way. They are just a hit on 'Publish button' away from you.

See ya soon... very soon!

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