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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Papa :)

How can you be a father, a mentor, a brother, a teacher and a friend, all at the same time?
Dad, you leave me wondering how a person can play so many different roles so perfectly.

How can you be patient enough to listen to all that we have to say and suggest solutions in time of need?
Things do go the other way round at times and you take our advice as if we know it all.

How can the strongest person behave like a kid when he starts missing his children?
Phone calls and Video chats cannot satisfy you!

How can you manage to convey all that you want to say in just a few words?
Be it your one-liners or your emails, it is never difficult to understand your point of view.

How can you treat the pieces of paper on which we scribbled years back as treasure?
Ah, the twinkle in your eyes while you read it over and over again.

How could you be patient enough to teach me Maths, when I was just not ready to listen to what you had to say.
However, today I know what you meant when you tried to teach me the difference between 'implies' and 'equals to' in Algebra.

Love you a lot, Daddy :)
There are innumerable ways in which I wish I was like you! Not everybody can be a Super Star but I am glad that I have you to hold my hand and guide me through thick and thin. Your patience is what makes you a class-apart! Your understanding of little things has made our lives beautiful. Could not have asked for more... you are not only the Best Dad but also the best person in my life!! Love you more than I can ever express!!

We owe this wonderful life to you and Mom. Love you both for every little thing :)


The one person I sincerely wish was around is- my Father-in-Law. I am sure he's showering all his blessings from heaven and I hope he's happy to see how things are today. 

Happy Father's Day, Papa :) Wish you were here!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Link to the Tutorial

This is gonna be a really short post. Not that I don't have topics to discuss. It's just that I am short on time, right now. A few friends wanted to know about the tutorial, which helped me paint 'Bright Light'. So here it is.

The original painting is made by  V. Bridges Hoyt. Check out the video to learn more. Hope it proves to be helpful just the way it did for me.

Happy Painting :)