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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All About Red

It's one of my favorite days of the year... Valentine's Day! Why I love Valentine's Day is because I love - LOVE.

Not that you need days and dates to express your love but with so many things running in parallel, life does get complicated at times and you don't always get to hear a 'I Love You'. If dear St. Valentine let's you leave the worries of the world aside for a day, then why not! Bounce and pounce on your loved ones and say what they have been wanting to hear. Words matter!

Here's my Valentine's Gallery for you all...

For me :)

From me 

Dinner Time - No Candles, No Rose Petals
Only Good Food and Good Company

And the man without whom Valentine's Day would not have been 'Red and Rosy'

And since I got up early today by more than an hour, only to finish the card I had been wanting to give to Sanket and also because I spent time on taking these photos and editing them so that they look pretty enough to share, I'll load you all with some more pictures! Here you go.

A quilled heart - because I just cannot do without Reds and Hearts on Valentine's

'I love you' in 54 languages - Spot your mother tongue

Only something like this could make me wake up early

Like this! Phone's screen saver ?

Or may be this?

Love makes the world bright and beautiful. 
Love, love!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Errr... Goo... Ergonomics and Exx... Exercise!

As soon as my day begins, I look out for my phone and the relation continues till the moment I go off to sleep again. And this is not it! 8-9 hours of continuously sitting on the office chair with eyes glued on the computer screen or mini-bots ( yeah! I work as a mobile apps tester) takes a toll on the body. 

Off late, my eyes have been strained and my neck and back have not been in the best of form. But it's actually the pain that stretches from my middle finger to the shoulder, covering the entire right hand, that shook me up. Reason realized! Time spent with these flashy gadgets and the posture.

Let us have a look at the ergonomics for operating a computer.


Eyes - checked
Back -checked
Hands - checked

So, what is wrong?

With life getting more and more 'technologised' with tablets and smartphones in hand almost all the time - in bed, while commuting, in meetings and even toilets, avoiding them is just not the option. We need to find a better solution.


I found these very easy exercises at Ergonomics Now to keep fatigue at bay. 






I know that these pictures are not a complete guide and I have purposely kept it that way. I would love for you all to visit Ergonomics Now and have a look at all the wonderful information they have on their website. The exercises seem to be working for me. I can feel my muscles relaxed, after only a couple of rounds. 

Please do spare some time for your body because I want to see you all blogging for a long time and not be affected by poor ergonomics or lack of physical activity!

Happy exercising for a happier blogging experience.

Disclaimer: All the pictures for exercises have been taken from Ergonomics Now. I appreciate the efforts taken by the contributors of Ergonomics Now to share the knowledge with their readers. This post is an attempt to make more and more people realize the importance of ergonomics and exercise.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Date: February 5, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM

Sanket is out for dinner and that means I have ALL the electronics in the house for myself! TV. Laptop. iPad. His Phone. My Phone. Oh, I see his headphones too! no use though!

With laptop perfectly seated in the spot it's meant to be - my laps, iPad on left, iPhone on right, TV before me running the shows I missed in the last week and a few hours on hand, what do I do? I do a face lift that's been due since long.


Date: February 6, 2013
Time: 3 AM

For the last few hours, the Kreative Korner site has been under the control of a Software Test Engineer, who knows nothing about coding except to find bugs in it. Yeah, you got it right! I turned into a developer for a few hours, playing with HTML tags and the template & layout you see here, is what I have come up with.

My boss at work thinks I am a pretty decent tester (atleast that's what the recent promotion implies). Now, it's time for you, my readers to rate me for the coding and debugging I have done here. 

Kreative Korner is truly 'My Space... My World', who else would have let me mess with an existing and functional website? 

Honestly, it was no rocket science! A little browsing on the internet gives all that you need. The world is full of geniuses! The two posts that need special mention here are -the-guy-who-knows-all-about-styling and the-header-designer.

I used this painting of mine for the header.

And after playing around on PicMonkey for sometime, I settled on this for the header.

I am not done here yet.  There are still some tweaks that are needed here but until that happens, I am OK with this. I actually like the fact that I now have more space to write in and post larger pictures. What else? Well, a banner that is truly a Kreative Korner Kreation :)

 And yeah, PicMonkey is actually worth all the praise that I (and may be you too) read.

Hope you liked this new avatar of Kreative Korner. Remember, we are open for suggestions!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

January 2013 Photo Review

Hello Hello...I am about to accomplish 1/12th of what I had promised to y'all in the last post here. Yes, I am talking about sharing my month, my ideas and my inspirations through photos. For this first month, all the pictures come straight from my iPhone, except one. Guessing which that one photo is should not be difficult going by the picture quality.So here we start...
We identified a new restaurant to please our taste buds. The place does justice to every penny spent. The Thai fish, Chicken Tikka, Veg Kebabs, Salsa Potatoes and Churasco Pineapple hardly leaves any room in tummy for main course. But to ignore that yummy kadhi, mutton rara, kadhai paneer and chatpata aloo is just not possible. To top it all, their brownie is so yummmm.... that a second helping is simply unavoidable for people with sweet-tooth. I have already been to that place THRICE in the last one month!! Their tag line says- 'Order till your tummy surrenders'... mine was about to blast, on all three occasions!
Sister dear having some fun with the Pirates of Grill check holder!
Another picture with the ting of yellow... this time from the garden! Isn't is a perfect looking flower? Look at those deep red strokes on the petals. God's a perfectionist!
See that pretty girl next to me? That's the first ever friend I have had - Neha. When in grade 2, I was asked to write a few lines on 'My Best Friend', I knew I had to write about Neha but back then, I did not know how to spell her last name 'Bajpai'. Today, I know the spelling but the name would soon change. My friend would soon be married to the love of her life and this picture was taken on her engagement (January 20, 2013). Wishing her all the love & happiness :)
Almost a week later, we celebrated husband's b'day :) It sure was a happy day and this super delicious Italian Cassata cake just added to the sweetness!
And this is the card that I made for him. Poor guy! He keeps getting such handmade stuff. Remember what I did last year? Refresh your memory by visiting the post here.
Ceramic! Been on my mind for quite sometime now. Hope to see myself messing with it soon.
I have no idea what category this plant belongs to- flowers or vegetables! But it sure looks good in the office passage and hence, it has made it's way here to Kreative Korner :)
I came home yesterday to these look-like-shoes-feel-like-socks hand knitted beauties by Mom-in-Law. She is truly a pro at it! And since she is here with us these days, I grabbed the chance to learn crochet and here is the picture of the sample.
Decent enough for first attempt? Say yes... say yes... say yes!! Puuhhlease...

So that pretty much sums up my first month of 2013. Yes, we are done with 31 days of the year already. Hope the remaining days be more joyous than the previous ones. And if you are with me in capturing your month in pictures, do drop the link to you post in the comment section and I'll pay you a visit, not only to see the snaps but also to connect with you!! After all, that's what it's all about.
Rules are simple. Pull out the pictures from you camera galleries (phones, tablets, digital cameras, anything) and post your favorite ones in a post. Leave a link to your post as a comment here and let's see which one is favorited by your readers.

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