Date: February 5, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM

Sanket is out for dinner and that means I have ALL the electronics in the house for myself! TV. Laptop. iPad. His Phone. My Phone. Oh, I see his headphones too! no use though!

With laptop perfectly seated in the spot it's meant to be - my laps, iPad on left, iPhone on right, TV before me running the shows I missed in the last week and a few hours on hand, what do I do? I do a face lift that's been due since long.


Date: February 6, 2013
Time: 3 AM

For the last few hours, the Kreative Korner site has been under the control of a Software Test Engineer, who knows nothing about coding except to find bugs in it. Yeah, you got it right! I turned into a developer for a few hours, playing with HTML tags and the template & layout you see here, is what I have come up with.

My boss at work thinks I am a pretty decent tester (atleast that's what the recent promotion implies). Now, it's time for you, my readers to rate me for the coding and debugging I have done here. 

Kreative Korner is truly 'My Space... My World', who else would have let me mess with an existing and functional website? 

Honestly, it was no rocket science! A little browsing on the internet gives all that you need. The world is full of geniuses! The two posts that need special mention here are -the-guy-who-knows-all-about-styling and the-header-designer.

I used this painting of mine for the header.

And after playing around on PicMonkey for sometime, I settled on this for the header.

I am not done here yet.  There are still some tweaks that are needed here but until that happens, I am OK with this. I actually like the fact that I now have more space to write in and post larger pictures. What else? Well, a banner that is truly a Kreative Korner Kreation :)

 And yeah, PicMonkey is actually worth all the praise that I (and may be you too) read.

Hope you liked this new avatar of Kreative Korner. Remember, we are open for suggestions!


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on My Dream Canvas. Love the header:)

  2. Nice yar...I love the new changes. Very good.

    1. Thanks Nayana :) And I like to see you active here!

  3. Hey Tanya!
    Lovely header.... you truly are good at your software thingy....And me too a fan of picmonkey...awesome site....And my blog's banner is also made on Picmonkey!!And I can surely relate with the feeling when you are left with all the gadgets with yourself...lol. But usually at those times I am occupied with some other work.
    And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. Keeping coming back!!


  4. Nice header Tanya..liked the new look.

    1. Thanks Vandana :)

      I just had a look at all the interesting stuff you have on your blog but could not comment there. Is there some way in which you can disable the 'Required to be logged in' feature for commenting. Would make it easier for readers like us and definitely fetch you more kind words.

  5. I can imagine how much of a fun that should have been... I remember spending almost the entire night redesigning my page and the umpteen number of HTML references that I had to make :)

    Really love the header. Very colorful :)

    1. Thanks Somu :)
      All the lovely comments make me believe that my time was spent well!

  6. Hey! thanks for the tip!! Im relatively new to blogging world and always wondered how to tweak pictures!!

    1. You are most welcome, Madhu :) I am sure you'll get glued to it once you start playing with pictures. Have fun!

  7. Oh my, been doing this for the last 2 days and I am actually beyond frustration! Can't make changes I want etc.... I too am experimenting and learning about editing my HTML...ugh............

    1. It is never easy for me.. that when I am a Computer Science Engineer by profession ;)
      A re-do for my blog page is long due now. Hope to get to it sometime soon.

      All the best to you.. let me know when you are done with it. I'll check it out :)


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