January 2013 Photo Review

Hello Hello...I am about to accomplish 1/12th of what I had promised to y'all in the last post here. Yes, I am talking about sharing my month, my ideas and my inspirations through photos. For this first month, all the pictures come straight from my iPhone, except one. Guessing which that one photo is should not be difficult going by the picture quality.So here we start...
We identified a new restaurant to please our taste buds. The place does justice to every penny spent. The Thai fish, Chicken Tikka, Veg Kebabs, Salsa Potatoes and Churasco Pineapple hardly leaves any room in tummy for main course. But to ignore that yummy kadhi, mutton rara, kadhai paneer and chatpata aloo is just not possible. To top it all, their brownie is so yummmm.... that a second helping is simply unavoidable for people with sweet-tooth. I have already been to that place THRICE in the last one month!! Their tag line says- 'Order till your tummy surrenders'... mine was about to blast, on all three occasions!
Sister dear having some fun with the Pirates of Grill check holder!
Another picture with the ting of yellow... this time from the garden! Isn't is a perfect looking flower? Look at those deep red strokes on the petals. God's a perfectionist!
See that pretty girl next to me? That's the first ever friend I have had - Neha. When in grade 2, I was asked to write a few lines on 'My Best Friend', I knew I had to write about Neha but back then, I did not know how to spell her last name 'Bajpai'. Today, I know the spelling but the name would soon change. My friend would soon be married to the love of her life and this picture was taken on her engagement (January 20, 2013). Wishing her all the love & happiness :)
Almost a week later, we celebrated husband's b'day :) It sure was a happy day and this super delicious Italian Cassata cake just added to the sweetness!
And this is the card that I made for him. Poor guy! He keeps getting such handmade stuff. Remember what I did last year? Refresh your memory by visiting the post here.
Ceramic! Been on my mind for quite sometime now. Hope to see myself messing with it soon.
I have no idea what category this plant belongs to- flowers or vegetables! But it sure looks good in the office passage and hence, it has made it's way here to Kreative Korner :)
I came home yesterday to these look-like-shoes-feel-like-socks hand knitted beauties by Mom-in-Law. She is truly a pro at it! And since she is here with us these days, I grabbed the chance to learn crochet and here is the picture of the sample.
Decent enough for first attempt? Say yes... say yes... say yes!! Puuhhlease...

So that pretty much sums up my first month of 2013. Yes, we are done with 31 days of the year already. Hope the remaining days be more joyous than the previous ones. And if you are with me in capturing your month in pictures, do drop the link to you post in the comment section and I'll pay you a visit, not only to see the snaps but also to connect with you!! After all, that's what it's all about.
Rules are simple. Pull out the pictures from you camera galleries (phones, tablets, digital cameras, anything) and post your favorite ones in a post. Leave a link to your post as a comment here and let's see which one is favorited by your readers.

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  1. Hey !
    The pictures shows that you had a super awesome january with some delish food. And that handmade card is lovely!!
    Loving my visit here! come have a sneak at my blog!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Aakanksha :)
      Just back from a visit to Decor Gharaana. You have a great nook there.

      Happy Blogging!

  2. The birthday card is super cute! Thanks for sharing... I am always looking for easy, fun card ideas!


    1. Thank you, Lindsey :)

      The card took me only a few minutes to make and was adjudged as the best so far ;)
      You might want to have a look at my Pinterest Board for more ideas for card http://pinterest.com/tanya_anurag/cards/

      Thanks for joining me here

  3. A terrific January..just the way to begin the year. Loved the handmade card and the ceramic..looking to see more on the ceramic work.

    1. It sure was :) Hope that the streak continues throughout the year and more :D

      Thanks for you sweet comments. The ceramic picture is actually something that I downloaded from internet. Should have linked it back to the original post but I do not have the link, unfortunately. Will look up and do that. The credit should go to the one who deserves it, right? :) Thanks for making me realize that.

      Hope to see you here often!

  4. U have shown u'r enjoyment int the Jan Month thru the pictures. Good idea. I like the yellow flower the most. Crocheted square is beautiful. Try more and I am sure u will be addicted to it. Will be following u hereafter.
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Visit my blog in your free time.


    1. I agree with you Shami on the addiction part. I started it on an impulse and did not feel like leaving it. And a visit to your blog makes me want to do embroidery as well :D Too much to do!

      Glad you left a link to your blog. A click on your name did not direct me there.

      Thanks for following along. Happy Blogging!

  5. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog.. All the best, Have fun Tanya..

    1. Thanks girl... and you sure are a 'Creative Mind' :)
      Thanks for following along. See ya!

  6. I love that birthday card! Your husband is lucky that you make him stuff by hand! Way better. :-)

    1. So nice of you, Katherine! Thanks :)
      I hope the people I give hand-made stuff to like it just as much as I enjoy making it for them. That's where true delight lies.

  7. You've had a super busy.. and super awesome january.. by the looks of things... How lovely to attend a friends wedding.. and do all this other stuff.. wow!!

    I see you've changed the header.. Looks lovely..

    1. Good to see you here after long!

      You noticed the header without reading the post... now this is something! Worth all the time spent. Thanks a ton! I just posted the February update. This monthly thing is actually interesting :) A good, quick recap!


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