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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Let It Be

I woke up late this morning. Late by good 40 mins and while on other days I would have rushed and panicked to make up for the extra sleep, I decided to keep it cool today. Lunch was packed at the same dull speed and even though, the gas burners gave me a rough time, I held my nerves. After all this, I sat down to browse through the posts on CNN before I resumed the routine tasks.

This obviously meant that I was going to be late for work, which would mean being greeted by school buses with flashing red lights, more traffic on roads and missing out on my preferred parking spot but I was ready to let it be that way. No torments. No tension. 


Let It Be- it's not always what I do. I like to be in control of  my life  just to be able to get more from it. There is so much that goes on in my head and is on my to-do list all the time that I am on my toes- doing something or the other. That doesn't mean that the list gets any shorter. New items get added in no time. I need to be here and I need to be there. I have to do this and I have to do that. And it never ends. And I do not want it to end because that is my driving force! The more I want to achieve, the more efforts I put in, which in turn means, greater gifts from life. 

But letting it go once in a while is the way to enjoy the little things in life. Pause, breathe, relax!

Let the house be messy, eat whatever you can lay your hands on and do not let chipped nail paint bother you. Just sit on the couch doing nothing but dreaming. The peace found in ignoring and relaxing, is unmatched. Shutting out the thoughts that push you to get back to the daily marathon, is an achievement in itself. 

I had my 'Let It Be' moment this morning, making it much more peaceful than it would have been otherwise. And now, as I prepare for the day ahead, sipping coffee and going through the emails, I suggest, you take a moment and add atleast 10 minutes of Let It Be time to your schedule. For sanity's sake! 

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


5 years back on this very day, a project with acrylic colors left me so elated that I decided to share it on an open platform. That is when this baby, Kreative Korner was born. Such is the joy of little things in life. It brightens new paths and encourages you to dive to discover the unexplored world.

In these 5 years, this space has seen several colorful, arty posts and was told numerous tales, some were fun while others were labeled 'boring'. What's interesting to see is that you, the readers stood by it all. The visitor stats never reached the dying-line, even during the months that I was inactive. That is the love I have received and that is what always drives me to come back here and write more.

When I started blogging, the only readers I was expecting to have were those on whom I could force my blog- needless to say, family and friends, whom I could shamelessly ask to read and provide feedback. But it went beyond that. It reached places and people, I was incognizant of and came back in the form of love and more love.

The 5 year journey has been about my passionate experiments with colors, featuring super talented friends from blogland and being interviewed (!!) , sharing recipes that 10 years back nobody would have thought I'd get to and writing short stories that fetched unbelievable response but more than all that, it has been the outlet for the numerous thoughts that run in my head day-long. 

I am not the best with words, definitely not a fancy writer but the affection and appreciation bestowed on me, have been the wind beneath my wings, always boosting my confidence to keep this blog running. I might be gone for weeks or may be months (like this time) but I will always come back because of all the 'long time, no update on blog' messages in my inbox. The words that rekindle the spark to infuse some life on Kreative Korner.

Thank you for being my co-traveler in this journey!