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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Party Features

OK... so, I am back after celebrating my nephew's b'day. It was good fun, indeed. I am not sure what the one-year-old thought about us but we sang 'Happy Birthday' to him a zillion times and he just stared at us :D Also, we bid good-bye to Irene from a safe distance.

Now, as promised, I'll quickly move ahead and share the featured posts from last weeks party. I am already late by a few days!

Go over to Ivy and Elephants and check out their Balancing Acts
Patty and Paula have very beautifully used the scales for decoration as well as to hold their jewelry, fruits and other items. 
Laces, jewels, vintage frames together with the scales look classy and chic.


This Rustic Key Holder on Thrifty Decorating caught my attention at the very first sight. 
A complete tutorial for this $3.00 project is shared here.


Read a wonderful post written by a mother about her feelings as she sees her son leave for school, here.
 Dixie Delight makes me understand the mixed emotions experienced when you realize that your kids are growing fast. And not to forget, the cute Apple Cup Cakes she made for her son, when he back home after his first day at school :)


Designed by Chance shares her husband's craft on her blog. 
Her husband made a sliding shelf for under the sink garbage
Isn't it great if you can do such things at home?


 Check out these beautiful fishes make on shoe sole shared by Uber Savvy, here.


If you have been featured here, grab the 'Featured' button from the side bar and feel free to use it on your blog. The party for this week is about to end in a few hours. Link up here, if you haven't already.

Thrifty Shelf Decor

Colours Dekor comes up with such interesting topics every month that I just cannot keep away from participating. Last month, I entered Enchanting Entrances with Diwali Decor and this time it's 'Shelf Stories'. 

Sharing a few pictures of my house here in Michigan, USA. Most of the stuff that I use around in the house to decorate is either made by me or is 'recycled-trash'. The only respectable stuff you'll spot belongs to the 'gifted' category. With the uncertainty about the duration of stay in the foreign country and the BIG-BAD limitation on baggage by airlines, Sanket and I decided on buying bare-minimum stuff for home. Only souvenirs from the places we visit, have managed to make way into the house. 

Inspite of all the restrictions, I have managed to create a few corners in the house that make me happy and are appreciated by guests. Going with the Monthly Topic at Colours Dekor, this post is only gonna be about the 'shelves' in the house.

The Black Book Shelf 

This Black Book Shelf is my decor canvas. It has evolved in the last one year. There was a time when I had absolutely nothing to keep on the shelf. Every little thing I received as gift, I wanted to keep on this shelf. Every souvenir I bought, was placed on it. Today, I have items to choose from (though not many!) :)

Close Up!

I wanted to add color to my kitchen as well but there was not much option. So, I decided to use the top of microwave and fridge as shelves.

Colors in Kitchen

The top of a 3-drawer cart is used for Puja.

Puja Shelf

And then there is one corner in the house where I am NOT allowed to interfere much. It's completely under Sanket's supervision. 

But I have still managed to leave my mark ;)

There is so much that Sanket and I want to do in our house but with less than 2 months to pack our bags, we have put everything on hold. We are still not sure where we'll be next year **sigh** Till we settle down at one place, this is how the decor is gonna be - TRASHY!

Linked up at Wow Us Wednesday and Remodelaholics.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea Time Thursdays #4

Hey you beautiful people out there. Thanks for linking up to Tea Time Thursdays #3. I appreciate your participation.

I am leaving for Virginia in a few minutes to celebrate my nephew's First Birthday... yaayyy!!! Coz of the shortage of time, I won't be able to put up the features for this week today but I promise it would be the first thing to do when I come back. Sorry for that! but you can always check out the awesome posts linked up, here.

The party for this week is on... start  linking up. I hope to see a lot of posts on Monday :)

Happy Partying!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pain and Fear

I heard my sister's voice. The house was on fire and she was trapped in. 
She was trying to extinguish the fire but it was out of her control. 
I went in and she asked me for help. I was worried about her safety. 
I did not want her to get harmed. I wanted to tell her to go out. 
I wanted to say that I'll take care, you just leave. 
But the words just did not come out and there we were- in a room, where fire was only getting wilder. 

The very next second, I woke up to find my self on my bed and the moon peeping in through the gap between the curtains. It was just a nightmare! Thankfully. I lied there for long, thinking about the fear that had the power to wake me up from sleep. I was glad that we were all safe for it was just a scary dream. With a few deep breaths, fear was replaced by subtle happiness. I decided to go back to sleep but was reminded of the blogger friend, who's recent post had made me cry.

She is beautiful. She is in her 30's. She is a mom of three. She is fighting cancer.

I have never met her and it's been only a few days that I started following her blog but I could sense the fear and feel the pain in her words. She has dreams like all of us. Dream to live long. Dream to be a Grandmom. Dream to be healthy. Dreams to live for but with the 50/50 chance she has with life in the next 10 years, things don't look very easy. She has a big battle to fight and with it come several other problems. Unfortunately, her sufferings won't end like a nightmare. Courage, love and prayers can only beat this monster.


Pain and fear do not spare anyone. They just come in different packages. Everyone is fighting a battle. What differs is the strength of the opponent and the duration of the war. 


With all these thoughts, I went back to sleep. Dreams continued. I never have a dream-free sleep. Next morning, I get up leaving behind all the negative thoughts and ready to face life as it comes. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful Sunday Evening

I get a chance to dress-up and dance. Sit with friends till 2AM and sing and laugh.

Not much time spent in the kitchen. Eating joints, left-overs, parties and neighbors make life so much easier.

Laundry is done but the house is a mess. Like every other weekend.

I hop and shop but nothing for myself  :|

I watch my husband play cricket though he did not contribute much to the score today **wink**

I leave the ground to pick up a few items from store, only to find it was closed for the day. 

I think of doing some time-pass at Jo-Ann's but it was closed too.

I come back home, blend some of my favorite ingredients in the jar, sit back and enjoy my drink.

A weekend that started with MY favorite burrito at Panchero's is gonna end with Sanket's favorite - Subway!  
So, off we go...


For those of you, who read those two words in the picture above:

Add 1/4th spoon of coffee, 1 and a half spoon of sugar and 1 spoon of caramel to a cup of cold milk. Blend the ingredients well. Add 1-2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream. Blend for another 5 seconds. Add ice cubes and your home-made Frappuccino is ready! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Time Thursdays #3 and Features

We had a whole lot of awesome posts linked up last week. Out of the several linked up posts, I pulled out a few to share and feature. Don't forget to check out the others, here.

Food Craft amazes me. It's fun to see how creative people can get with the edibles in kitchen. Visit Hungry Happenings to enter the world of 'good-looking-food'.


Remember the beautiful bench made by Angela and Debbie of Tres Chere, featured here? I could not help but feature their latest post, where they talk about all their curb-side finds and their transformations. Here's just one of the pictures. You can find the rest here

Thrifty Crafty Girl made these awesome wall arts out of... Naahh! I am not spilling the beans. 
Click here and find it out yourself.

See  here, how the kids collected money to donate to Cat Heaven by selling lemonade and sweet treats.
The beautifully laid table and the hard work helped them to sell SEVENTY-ONE dollars worth of lemonade (and treats) to aid the felines at "cat heaven." 

Got loads of ribbons rolling around every where? Check out this awesome idea for Ribbon Storage by Life In the Motherhood.

Simran of Simz Corner shares with us the pictures of Flower Show at Laalbagh, Bangalore. You can see more pictures here. Below is the floral replica of the Lotus Temple in New Delhi.

I party here.

If you have been featured here, don't forget to grab the 'Featured' button from my sidebar and to use it on your blog. Also, the party for this week is on... start linking up!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Time Thursdays #2 and Features

Hi Friends! Thanks a lot for making the first link-up party successful. To state the truth, I was really apprehensive about how the party would turn out to be. I guess, 'first' and 'apprehension' walk hand in hand. The moment I hit the 'Publish Post' button, I said a little prayer. I though I would not have more than 5-6 links but we  had almost 100 link-ups. Pretty good for the first time, right? The best part is I now have new friends and a lot more ideas pinned on Pinterest ;)

It's time to feature some of the posts. Trust me, I had a very tough time choosing the following out of the 100 entries. The features are in no particular order.

Ashlyn's Play Kitchen by Hello Newman's:

Anne and her husband transformed the entertainment center they bought at a thrift store for $25 into a beautiful play kitchen for their daughter. Ashlyn's kitchen has 4 burners, oven, sink with faucet and a cute refrigerator. 

Camille and her Petite Pots on Ciao Newport Beach:

Fabiana took us to her friend Camille's garden, which is full of succulents and drought resistant plants in beautiful petite pots. Camille uses various sizes and styles of pots and plants.

Under the Sea by Color Dekor:

Patty of Color Dekor shared the decor for her Under the Sea Tea Party. The shades of blue and shells are bound to remind you of your beach vacations.

Cover Your Cornhole by Tres Chere:

This beautiful bench was made out of a cornhole platform and the entire space was transformed for less than
$50. Check out more pictures on their blog.

Oreo Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies by Joyful Baker:

Keep aside the weight woes for sometime and try out these yummy cookies by Joyful Baker. The recipe looks pretty easy and the cookies look delicious. What say... should we try baking some?

My Cookbook by Dream in Color:

This colorful cookbook would be a treasure to have. The cute apron on the cover tells me to grab mine and start working around in the kitchen.

Pani puri and Sev puri by Cherish Dream Live:

Through this post Nayana takes us to the Chaat stalls on the streets of India. Pani puri is one of the most liked  dishes in India. I was drooling after seeing this picture. Nayana is ready to share the recipe, if anybody wants. Just drop her a comment.


Time for this week's party. Ready to link up your latest posts? Details can be found here. Don't forget to  visit the other linked-up posts. Grab the button below to link back to this party.

Partying at


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Michigan's Adventure

This post should have come up on Monday morning but since I was determined to make all the pending phone-calls and completing the chores that had been waiting for me since long, blogging took the back seat. I hope my friends won't mind reading the weekend update on Wednesday morning!!

This weekend was killer-fun! We went to Michigan's Adventure with a bunch of friends. Being our crazy selves, we started with one of the most deadly rides- Shivering Timber. This wooden roller-coaster shook us up like anything!! The jerks and bumps could be felt even after getting off it. The rattling sound that the coaster makes while running wildly on the wooden tracks is simply unforgettable. The series of drops did not give us even a fraction of a second to maintain balance. Even before we realized that a drop was over, we were already heading towards the next. I am sure, the internal organs of my body must have exchanged places after that ride! Have a glimpse of the deadly track.

Shivering Timbers via source

A few more rides and then we headed straight to Wild Water Adventure - the water park. 

Boogie Beach, Snake Pit, Funnel of Fear, Mammoth River, Mine Shaft, Ridge Rider, Wild Slide, Slidewinders and loads of water! Funnel of Fear would have been more fun only if we did not have to carry the large and heavy tube up the tower. 

All pictures via Michigan Adventure

After soaking ourselves in the water park for almost 4 hours, we quickly ran to join the queue for Thunderhawk. This inverted roller coaster runs at a speed of 50 mph (80 kph). While you are seated, the legs are hanging in the air and then all of a sudden it starts running at a wild speed. It twists and turns and runs and drops! See the video (via lost164) to feel the thunder.

AND the best was reserved for the end... RIP CORD! They take the riders up to a height of 183 feet, one of them pulls the cord and the riders plunge in a pendulum motion. Sanket and I along with a friend, decided to go for it, even when it looked scary! We had to wait for long before we were harnessed and were taken to the point from where everything looked like a speck. We heard the words - 'One, Two, Three, PULL' and there we were... swaying like a pendulum :) 

Sanket was the one among us who had to pull the cord and he admits to be slightly nervous while doing it. My first thought on realizing that the cord had been released was- 'Why did he have to do it so instantly? He could have taken some more time!' I am still not sure whether I would have been able to pull the cord, if it was in my hands! I am so glad that I did not think of doing it in the first place. 

I have to say that Rip Cord was the best ride of my life. Perfect combination of fun and fear. Unfortunately, it was really dark by the time it was our turn and hence it would be difficult to see anything in our video. I am uploading Stratton99's video for all of you.

Hey... did I tell you that Sanket and I took the first seat in all the rides :) Do you belong to our league? Have you tried Rip Cord? Do you enjoy Amusement Parks?


I need to show you all something. Remember when I shared the picture of first marigold here, I said that I wanted shades of yellow on the bed of green leaves? Here it is...

And some Alyssum bunches...

I party here!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Celebrating 'ONE'... *Party Time*

Girls are known to remember and celebrate every little occasion... Manniversaries, Anniversaries, Birthdays... well, we just don't forget (some) dates!! August brings in a series of occasions for my family - starting , today! Wondering? It's my Blog's First Anniversary :D Yeah, I am crazy *wink wink*!

So, what do we do to celebrate? 'Party' is an obvious answer! For the last one month, I have been partying like crazy in blogland. Check it out here. It's probably just the right time for me to host one. Get your cup of tea and start linking your posts. Don't forget to come back next week to check out the 'Featured Posts'.

Welcome to Tea-Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner.

Here are the guidelines.
  • What to ShareWe blog to share our thoughts, creativity, skills and to make friends. This party is gonna be just about it. Share with us your posts which reflect the person you are... something that inspires you, an article that you feel can inspire others, work of art, poetry, DIY, fashion, food... anything! 
  • How to Share: Click on the 'Add Your Link' Button below. Enter the URL to the post you want the others to read. Remember to link to the specific post and not the entire blog.
  • Spreading the word: Grab the button and link back to the party, so that more people can join in. 

                Now, how do we do that? Copy the code and there are two ways to add it to your blog.
    • First, while composing your  post, click on 'Edit HTML' and paste it. The button appears in the post.
    • Second, Add the 'HTML/Javascript' gadget and paste the code. The button will appear in your side bar.
    • Or just add a text link back to this page.
  • Be generous: Check out what other's have shared. You might make new friends :) Make sure you visit the link just above yours and drop a comment. Don't we all love comments?
  • What More: Start 'Following' so that you don't miss out the 'Featured Posts' and all the upcoming parties.

This is the first party that I am organizing. Hope I have managed to put the pieces together well. Do let me know if you face any problem. See ya at the party :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Practically Free Birthday Card Box!

A Camera is perhaps the most important device invented by man. 
I cannot imagine a laptop or a cell phone without camera? 
I cannot imagine a vacation without camera. 
I cannot imagine not being able to click pictures of daily ramblings. 
I cannot imagine losing a camera with a lot of un-transferred  photographs. 

On my visit to Virginia last year, I lost my camera... Shhhh... no spreading of news!! Needless to say, we bought a new camera within a few days but the photographs that were in the memory card were gone forever :( There were pictures of Rakshabandhan, the b'day cards I made for my SIL, some random shots and a lot more that I don't remember now. 

Thankfully, there is always more than one camera in a family. I managed to get this photo of the Card Box I made for my SIL on her b'day. 

I had a used Flat Rate Box from USPS which became the Card Holder. Since, these boxes are very sturdy, it worked well. All I had to do was to cut off one of the flaps. The other one was spared because I liked it that way. Glued some colored papers and card stock to the box to cover it.

I could not be mean to the flap that was cut off from the box and throw it away. Instead, I wrote 'Happy 31st Birthday' on it and stuck it on the box. The picture does not do justice to the 3-D effect I tried to give here. The alphabets T-A-N-V-I, the pennies and the 'Happy 31st Birthday' stripe where actually kinda popping out. 

Sadly, I do not have the pictures of the cards in there :( Secret: Some of the cards were made out of 'trashy' stuff. My SIL knows it and she did not mind :D 

The total cost of this Birthday Card Box --- 6 cents... you see those pennies there!!

P.S.- I am searching for more pictures of the things I have made in the past. Will share as and when I get them.

P.P.S- If by any chance, anybody knows about the lost camera I am talking about, please drop an email. Though, I'd be on top of the world if I get the camera back, it's actually the pictures that I need :( ! Photographs are priceless... unless of course you are buying or selling them ;)

Linked at :

Photobucket and Visit thecsiproject.com

Monday, August 01, 2011

Inspiring DIYs

You won't usually find me online on weekends but this weekend was different. Thanks to Pinterest AND it's iPhone App which I downloaded on Friday, I went on to spend a lot of time pinning and re-pinning. I was even dreaming about it ;) To see all the new ideas click the red-'Pinterest' button on right or go here. 

Now, there is this great list of DIYs prepared by Apartment Therapy, which I stumbled upon. Looking at all the wonderful ideas, I knew I HAD TO share it with all my DIY friends here. 

This Tree-Stump Coffee Table made by Alicia, might leave you wandering in the forests in search of stumps. Luckily for Alicia, she found it on her way back home from work. She took the stumps home, sanded, primed and painted them. She also applied a coat of Polycrylic before placing these modern and beautiful coffee table in her living room. See in the picture below how the stumps of unequal height makes it look all the more stylish. Alicia says that the most important factor to consider while selecting the stumps should be to look for dry stumps else you risk the danger of having creepy creatures all around in the house.

via Thrifty and Chic

The moment I saw this cushion, I immediately fell in love with it. We all have heard about Solar Energy and it's various uses but to make such pretty cushions came as a surprise for me. Here Martha Stewart explains how to make these cushions using Light-Sensitive Fabric, some Botanical Cuttings and lots of sunshine. 
via Martha Stewart

Isn't it fun to see how things lying around can be put to use. Thea used Wooden Crates to organize her family's shoes. She painted the crates and hung it on the wall. Some horizontal. Some vertical. This not only looks good but is also an inexpensive and innovative way of organizing.

Thea's Mania

Have a look at these tiny paper lamps by Frolics! While I was reading the instructions, it struck to me that I had made these paper balloons as a kid. The idea of adding lights to these balloons is all the more fun. You can read the How-To-Make-Origami-Balloons-Lantern instructions here. Just in case you missed this point on Frolics, I'd like to remind you that since these lamps are made up of paper, only low watt bulbs should be used and should never be left unattended while plugged in. Now, grab some paper, make these lanterns and invite your friends to flaunt it :) 

via Frolic!

The DIYers around the world have set a fine trend of making anything and everything at home. Why not? When you can create masterpieces within tight budgets, customize it according to your needs and be thoroughly pleased with the outcome, DIY is a good choice. See how Anna made these Mercury Glass vases here.

via Take The Side Street

All of us have seen pots and vases, plants and flowers as centerpieces ON tables. Jennifer tells us about planting flowers IN the table. There is more to it than just this picture. Read here.

via This Old House

Table cloth to rug!! Yes. Laura saw a beautiful table cloth at a very affordable price and she ended up buying it, even when she does not use table cloths much! She used a few coats of Satin Finish Polyurethane on the Cotton Fabric and a rug pad underneath. That's it!! She had a new rug. You can find the step-by-step instructions at her blog here.

via Design Share

Tanya of Dans le Townhouse made these beautiful Billy Buttons using Wool Roving. She says that this wool roving can be easily found in yarn/craft stores or online. Some dipping in hot and cold water, alternatively and carefully forming a ball is all it takes to make these awesome flowers. Check out how Tanya actually made these Faux Billy Buttons, here.

via Dans le Townhouse

This does not need much talking. All I can say is- I am inspired by it!! You can find the details here.

via Apartment Therapy

This Can Planter is so my kind. I hate to throw cans and containers. This comes in just at the right time. More details can be found here.

via Apartment Therapy

Blogland is full of creative people and inspiring ideas. This is why I love to be here. Like I said at the start of the blog, I spent the entire weekend checking out fun projects. It's time for me to get into action and come back with something good to share. 

Do check out my Pinterest Boards by clicking  here, if you are in the 'Drawing-Inspiration' mode :) And don't forget to let us know, which of the above ideas you are planning to implement.

Linked at: 



This one is for all the beautiful Ladies out there (and their darling Husbands *wink*)

Heard of Bohem's? If yes, then you'd probably know why I am so excited. If you haven't then you better check out their website. They have awesome handmade jewelry. I came to know about them and their giveaway through Tatertots and Jello. To enter the giveaway click here.

The first one in the picture below is my favorite.