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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Day After Yesterday!!

If you have been wondering why I was not active on Facebook, why my phone was unreacheable, why I did not reply to your mails... let me tell you that for the last three days, I was in a land of 'No Electricity - Zero Connectivity'. No, I was not out camping in this cold weather. What I am going to tell you, can be either shocking or amusing or you might just end up sympathizing with me.

Like any other Sunday night, we went to bed complaining about how weekends fly away and the next morning would mark the beginning of another dull week. We had no idea that the days that lay before us were going to be far from being dull and normal. I was anything but sleepy that night. My novel, laptop and iPhone were my companions and all of a sudden they all vanished. A Power-cut!! Soon the iPhone battery also died out. I laid my sleepless head on the pillow and heard the icy wind howling like wild dogs just outside the window.

The winds calmed down but the damage had been done! Any and everything that was exposed to the winds was ice glazed and we were stuck in  dark and cold houses. Needless to say, no electricity meant no light in the house. The gas burners won't ignite, the heating did not work, no internet connectivity and no phones. The outside temperature which was below zero throughout, made the temperature within the house worse. The frozen food items had to kept out in the open to prevent thawing. Candles, match sticks, lighters and flash lights were bought. Several layers of clothing were worn to keep ourselves warm. We had to hop from one restaurant to another, till we could finally find food and seating space for a group of almost 20 people.

Thankfully, some of our friends were not so badly hit by the storm. They had electricity. For these three days, there houses were our 'Warm Zones' and 'Charging Stations'. Days and even nights were spent at their place to beat the cold and darkness. Thanks to Poonam-Animesh, Poonam-Narendra, Seema-Murugesan and Anukriti-Varun for making our lives easier (and fun-filled)  in the hour of need. Had it not been for you guys, we would have literally experienced the Ice-Age!!

This Power Outage was bad indeed but it did help me realize that-
a) Friends are life saviors
b) we are badly dependent on electricity and Internet
c) the phones should be charged at all times.
d) a flash light, a few candles and a box of match sticks should be handy even if your head and heart say that you won't need it.
e) we are better equipped to face power failures in India.
f) I spend a lot of time with my laptop (read 'Internet')
g) Nature is beautiful even in times of adversity. See it to believe it.

I wish, I could have been able to capture the ice covered trees and how they shone in sunlight. It appeared as if the trees were decked up with Christmas lights. Unfortunately, my camera and I failed to capture what our eyes saw.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Red Corner

Going with the Valentine's Day momentum, this post is about the same. Valentine's Day Celebration' 2011 !!

Being a working day, most for the couples had to spend half of the day away from each other's sight. We were no different!! Sanket was at office for most of the day and I had nothing better to do than to wait for him to be back. While I was killing time, I read a college friend's blog about Virtual Valentine's Day! It brought smile to my face because it reminded me of the concept I along with a few friends had come up with, way back in 2008, our Final Year of college. My blogger friend went on to call us 'Crazy Ladies'... yes, crazy it was... most definitely!!

We, the Singles-Of-College had nothing to do on Valentine's Day but to watch couples hang around or hide in some 'corners' of the college campus. This would have only led us to say - "Valentine's Day is just another day!!" Something which I would not approve of. So, we decided to exchange small (even silly) gifts, cards, bookmarks, flowers 'stolen' from the college garden, chocolates, just anything we could lay our hands on. Guess what... we really had a nice day :) :)

From Singles-Of-College to Long-Distance-Valentines and finally I-Am-With-My-Valentine, the same day has been celebrated differently and with a new zeal over the years. Yesterday was one such beautiful day :)

A small corner of the house was painted Red with flowers, chocolates, cake, balloons and US. Every time I look at it... I tell myself- "Girl, you are blessed. You have so many lovely people around and a husband who loves you like anything!!"  :) :) Reason good enough to celebrate, isn't it?

I would not have written about our date last night at Zooroona, had it not been for the amazing experience. Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine, the absolutely wonderful ambiance and not to forget the prompt service in spite of the big crowd. I owe them some publicity and a couple of good reviews for adding to the romantic evening.

A friend on Facebook posted a link to Google's Valentine's Day logo from the past. For those of you, who do not wish to give trouble to your machine by opening a new page, just scroll down. Do let me know which is your favorite logo. My vote goes to the Year 2008!!

Year 2000

Year 2001

Year 2003

Year 2004

Year 2005

Year 2006

Year 2007 
Year 2008

Year 2009

Year 2010

Year 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Icy Story

This is too good to be true... two blogs in two days!! I definitely need to pat my back!!

A friend, who is also a devoted reader of my blogs is surely gonna be pleased to see this. She told me to write more frequently or give it up all together because she hates to wait between blogs. I believe you are happy today, Anukriti ;) And yes, a big reason for this blog popping up today (pending since long) is last night's party, which kept the husbands away from home on a Friday Evening. NO, I am not complaining...just explaining :)

Not much to write just a few pictures to share.

It's February and (most of) the eyes are tired of the dullness all around. Photographs of snow don't fetch comments any more. In the stores, coats and sweaters have gone on sale. Temperature is doing it's best to reach the 'zero-mark' and above. Winter will soon be gone and White will make way for Green... no snow!! But before that actually happens, I would like to share the result of varying temperature over the last couple of months.... the icicles... MY icicles.

Yes, I refer to them as 'My Icicles' because they have been a part of my life throughout the cold weather. They were born on December 1, 2010 (remember the blog Lazy Days? They were in their infant stage then)  and since then, I have gone to the patio several times in a day to check their status. I have seen them grow and rejoiced. My heart withered each time I saw water dripping down. I waited all these days for them to touch the floor of the patio and one fine day, I woke up to see THE 'touchdown'. They are almost 8 feet now!! I feel like a proud mom :)

Oops.. I said- I wont write much!! Ahh... you know, how proud moms blabber!! Ignore, ignore!! See the pictures.


The Toddler Stage

 Growing Teens

Full-Grown Adults

Glory of Night 

A Bright Sunny Day
The Sword of Tipu Sultan


Behind the Bars
The Icy Wall
Braving the Sun
Glittery Gold 
Last Link 

So now you know why I am so obsessed with them!!

Weather reports say that February is gonna be the month of Thawing. The onset of which starts this coming week. These Icicles will soon be gone :(

UPDATE:  Little did I know that while I would be spreading the word about my Icicles and my friends would be reading this blog, the Wall of Ice would come crashing down. Just a few minutes back, the Icicles melted!! Here is a picture of the debris :(

The end of the Icy Story for this season

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is on my Blog

If 'Love is in the Air'.. then it has to be on my blog; and this explains the new, all-red theme, here!! For me, February brings with it buckets full of color Red and bags stuffed with hearts and flowers. Though, this February will also mark the start of a 'War' but more on this later. Right now I am feeling 'Red'... Red for Affection and not Aggression.

So friends, what is the plan for the day?

For some 'Everyday is a Valentine's Day' and a reason good enough to escape from the expectations of their partners. Ardent Govinda fans, I must say!! Remember his dialog from the movie Hadd Kar Di Aapne-
Everyday is a Valentine's Day
Every Hour is a Valentine's Hour
Every Minute is a Valentine's Minute
Every Second is a Valentine's Second

For the others, who love to go a little out of the way to make the day special and memorable, all I would say is ' iAppreciate' and All the Best. Many of my female friends have been planning, taking ideas and suggestions from all possible sources and working hard. Hope that their partners are also cracking their nerves ;)

As for Sanket and I, we don't have any elaborate plans as of now but we do intend to do a little something!! Let's see.

Coming to the 'War' part of it... I was talking about the Cricket World Cup... what else!! Hope India puts up a good show right through the end, so that we go on to remember the year 2011 for the second Cricket World Cup victory!! Over-ambitious, am I??

Anyway, you guys have a great weekend and a happier Monday... Celebrating Love!!

P.S.- Singles, do celebrate with your family and friends... it's about affection and feeling good... nothing more, nothing less!!