Errr... Goo... Ergonomics and Exx... Exercise!

As soon as my day begins, I look out for my phone and the relation continues till the moment I go off to sleep again. And this is not it! 8-9 hours of continuously sitting on the office chair with eyes glued on the computer screen or mini-bots ( yeah! I work as a mobile apps tester) takes a toll on the body. 

Off late, my eyes have been strained and my neck and back have not been in the best of form. But it's actually the pain that stretches from my middle finger to the shoulder, covering the entire right hand, that shook me up. Reason realized! Time spent with these flashy gadgets and the posture.

Let us have a look at the ergonomics for operating a computer.


Eyes - checked
Back -checked
Hands - checked

So, what is wrong?

With life getting more and more 'technologised' with tablets and smartphones in hand almost all the time - in bed, while commuting, in meetings and even toilets, avoiding them is just not the option. We need to find a better solution.


I found these very easy exercises at Ergonomics Now to keep fatigue at bay. 






I know that these pictures are not a complete guide and I have purposely kept it that way. I would love for you all to visit Ergonomics Now and have a look at all the wonderful information they have on their website. The exercises seem to be working for me. I can feel my muscles relaxed, after only a couple of rounds. 

Please do spare some time for your body because I want to see you all blogging for a long time and not be affected by poor ergonomics or lack of physical activity!

Happy exercising for a happier blogging experience.

Disclaimer: All the pictures for exercises have been taken from Ergonomics Now. I appreciate the efforts taken by the contributors of Ergonomics Now to share the knowledge with their readers. This post is an attempt to make more and more people realize the importance of ergonomics and exercise.


  1. worthwhile for todaz busybee life...

    1. I hope to remember it this time and not wait for pain to scream at me.

  2. Thank you for reminding me....I have bad back and neck due to accident...and at home...most of the time I m in bed or sofa with iPad....need to change that..

    1. Oh, bad to hear about your accident, Nayana. Hope it does not trouble you any more! Take care


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