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It's one of my favorite days of the year... Valentine's Day! Why I love Valentine's Day is because I love - LOVE.

Not that you need days and dates to express your love but with so many things running in parallel, life does get complicated at times and you don't always get to hear a 'I Love You'. If dear St. Valentine let's you leave the worries of the world aside for a day, then why not! Bounce and pounce on your loved ones and say what they have been wanting to hear. Words matter!

Here's my Valentine's Gallery for you all...

For me :)

From me 

Dinner Time - No Candles, No Rose Petals
Only Good Food and Good Company

And the man without whom Valentine's Day would not have been 'Red and Rosy'

And since I got up early today by more than an hour, only to finish the card I had been wanting to give to Sanket and also because I spent time on taking these photos and editing them so that they look pretty enough to share, I'll load you all with some more pictures! Here you go.

A quilled heart - because I just cannot do without Reds and Hearts on Valentine's

'I love you' in 54 languages - Spot your mother tongue

Only something like this could make me wake up early

Like this! Phone's screen saver ?

Or may be this?

Love makes the world bright and beautiful. 
Love, love!


  1. Very well said Tanya...your card is really wonderful..,lucky Sanket. I really like the phone screen saver one..heart pops....and tried but I can't spot my mother tongue in your card...and I m Gujarati..:)

    1. Oh Nayana, Gujarati is not there. But next time if I ever do a multi-lingual thing, I'll make sure to include Gujarati and I might need your help as well :)

      Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

  2. Nice quilling...I like the way some of the rounds are loose to fill in the "space inside the heart"...
    Great that you guys had a good one!

    1. I did not plan on making it that way but 'hote-hote ho gaya' ;)
      Thankfully, it turned out to be decent!

  3. Your card is truly fabulous. nice write up and yes candles, roses and gifts are not the things that matter, the only thing that matters is love and good understanding between you and your companion :)

  4. Loved the quilled card idea may be will try for my next valentine..IN diff lang was such a coolll idea ;)My place is waiting for ur few lines,see u there :)

    1. Wow... Would love to see your version of it but next Valentine's!! That's a long wait!!

      Hopping over to your place!!


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