My Mothers

One has been with me right from day One and continues to be my life-support system, the other welcomed me to her family with all the love and affection...
One has been my biggest critic to ensure that I am always at my best, the other has stood by my side when I dreaded things to be the other way round...
One silently (yet proudly) smiled when others appreciated me, the other appreciated me to see me smiling...
One willingly gave me to somebody else because she saw my happiness in it, the other happily gave her everything to me!!

Happy Mother's Day :)

I remember, I was once asked to speak on the topic 'When I would be a Mother...' and I started off by saying that I would be just like my Mom. Little did I realize then that I can never be like her for she is THE best. I am sure, with time I'll know it even better that I was a fool to even think that I could be any where close to what she is.

From tying my hair to getting mad at me when I got my hair cut, from dressing me up to being there with me when I bought my bridal dress, from handling two young girls who would fight like bulls to dealing with our teenage issues, helping me with my studies to listening to my crap every time I got nervous before the exam, cooking for me to giving cooking lesson over a call, preparing me to face the world to providing solutions to ANY problem... she has been an epitome of strength, wisdom, patience, compassion and love, always.

Mom, I admire how you get things right, every time! I will need you and your guidance forever, no matter how old I get. I can trust you with shopping, my views about a person reflect your views, I can talk to you anytime of the day for infinite hours, you are the best cook (and I am right behind you ;) ), I really dunno what to do or what to say when you get into your Leaky Bucket mode, you make me really proud every time you do things on the computer ( I thought you'll never ever touch the machine), I know I have done something exceptionally good if I get to hear 'Waaaahhhh Tannnnuuuu' :) and I also know that you love me more than Ritu (@Motz: try an prove me wrong :P :P)

God must have been really pleased with me for He choose you and Dad as my parents. I am good because both of you taught me to be so, I am bad because there are times when I don't listen to what you guys say ;)

Love you, Momma... Happy Mother's Day :)


When you are about to get married, the first thing that crosses your mind is- How is your future Mother-in-Law gonna be? Blame it on the society, MILs are not expected to be angels. Well, I can stand up and say- 'If my MIL can be, why not others!'

Years ago, when I did not even know whom I would get married to, I made a 'profound statement' that I will be the lucky one to have a loving MIL and here I am!! Blessed with an MIL anybody would be jealous of :) I have landed in situations when a stereotype mother-in-law could have grabbed the opportunity to nag her daughter-in-law. Luckily, my MIL is not one among them. She is my Mother!!

Mummy, I don't really know what you expected of your daughter-in-law but I know one thing for sure- you deserve the best. I am definitely not the best but trust me I'll do all that I can to be better. I love it when you appreciate my thrifty acts even if everybody else thinks that I am being cheap, you are the strongest person I have ever come cross, I love to see you happy and smiling, your appreciation and support mean a lot to me. I am indebted to you for you are the most amazing Mother-in-Law one can ever be. I was told that you'll be a very good mother-in-law but you proved them wrong... you are perfect!!

Love you, Mummmmmyyyy... Happy Mother's Day :)

Unarguably, I have the best Mom and the best Mom-in-Law and I would not let anybody contradict it... not even my husband :)


  1. diduuuuu... tu kab mom banegi :P fir mei terepe post likhungi... :P :P

    btw i know mom loves you just .1 % more than me... but then you too know that dad loves me 5% more than you :P ... (@didu try an prove me wrong :P :P)

  2. WHAAAaaaTttt!! You are crazziiieee :P :P

    Dad loves both of us equally... it's just that he shows some extra concern for you coz he knows that you are a kiddoooo :*

  3. And I am sure, your husband wont ever try to contradict either.

    Everyone's parents are their role models and I too think that you have been really really lucky to have a MIL like her!
    You have been lucky in all respects although I truly feel that if papa was around, he would have been the best FIL as well. And I am sure your husband will not contradict this either.

    For aunty, although I have not had a chance to either talk about you or to you much, but I really appreciate the warmth in your talks and even comments :) It comes across. Hope you had a great mother's day.

    Ritu, ha ha ha that would be fun...I am sooo waiting for THAT post :)

  4. I remeber you statements that no matter how my MIL would be..I will always love her..Its really great that you got a MIL much beyond your expectations...
    Love is always around us..we just need to find it..I feel the same for my MIL as well..She great :)
    And they r even greater coz they gave us our beloved husbands :


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