More of Indoor Blooms

P.S.- More to come :)
These are the last words from the previous blog. I am pretty good at keeping promises and here's an example! I said I would share more of my flowery attempts and here they come.

Bright Light is a 'watch and learn' painting. Why I call it so is because this is the first (and last till date) painting, where I followed a video tutorial to understand the basics of painting flowers. I was happy to see that the end result looked just like the one in the tutorial. Now that I have got the 'how-tos', I intend to paint a few more! Will keep you posted, for sure :)
Bright Light

Two of Us was painted before the visit to the Tulip Festival. I thought that I had managed to capture the realistic factor in this painting but the feeling vanished after a close examination of the original flowers. I have recently seen a different way of painting tulips (which I'll introduce in the next post) and I intend to try it soon!
Two of Us

White Lilies is my favorite among all!! I was so happy to see the finished product that I went crazy. I could just not stop admiring and appreciating it :D :D
C-R-A-Z-Y.... I know :)
White Lilies

Thanks for all the kind words about Linear Stages (on Facebook and here). I really appreciate!!

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  1. Awesum photo's yet 2 read d blog ....

  2. yar I m so jealous muje kuch ni aata ..:(..i wish i was half as creative as u r ...n whats d best is dat yellow flower..i hav never luved anyoder colour of flower more dan yellow..i wished even ur tulips were yellow..but i guess i can nt hav everything my way n as u say "i also cudnt stop admiring n apprecaiting UR final product "
    "way 2 go gal "

  3. N tanya June is here waiting 4 "The BLOG"...;)

  4. Thanks a lot Sonam. Will share the link soon.

  5. @Anukriti:
    You are a pro when it comes to appreciating. I look forward to your comments as soon as I click the post button. You continue with this wonderful job of yours and soon you'll realize that my paintings are getting customized ;)

    For THE blog.... June end!! :) ;)

  6. Your paintings are beautiful, Tanya! Somehow, I missed this are very talented. Great work!

  7. Your paintings are gorgeous.. You are truly talented.. wow!!

  8. Neha and Patricia, appreciation from creative souls like both of you really means a lot! Thanks a lot. It helps me do better :)

  9. The Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop has grown for the better because of your participation. Thanks for linking up this great post!

  10. It was entirely my pleasure, SJ.

  11. Your paintings are stunning! great job!

  12. Holy crow! These are fabulous! Are you telling me you actually painted that first one by following a tutorial? WOW!

    I'm your newest follower.

  13. I so love your paintings especially the sunflower. Fantastic. Hoot-hoot to you gal. Do some more, like fall leaves. You've got talent that's for sure.

  14. hi Tanya...this is first time I visit your blog. Very nice art work ,keep up gug work.
    Love this sunflower .Now i am your new follower..:)

  15. Hi Priyanka... really happy to have you here! Hope you enjoy each of your visits to Kreative Korner!



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