Bloom-busters in Dutch-istan!!

After all the greenery, we decided to treat our eyes with some colors. The best option was Tulip Time Festival at Holland, MI. The city of Holland was founded by Dutch Americans and is best known for it's Dutch heritage. Throughout the city, the streets were decked up with tulips on both the sides. Every house added to the festivity with it's bright and beautiful gardens.

Our first stop was Nelis' Dutch Village, where we were Welkomed in style.

Everything was so 'Dutchy' about the place - the people and their costumes, dance, ambiance, windmills,  wooden shoe carving and candle making.

If the above picture made you inquisitive about the HOWs of carving candles, this video is a must watch!! See how a simple candle is dipped in hot wax of various colors to make layers and is then carved to create such beautiful candles.

Hey.. didn't I say it was Tulip Festival!! So, where are the Tulips? See the pics below unless you get completely 'Tulip-ed' (term coined by Abhishek Shriwatri)


In the pictures: Sanket, Tanya, Abhishek, Payal and infinite Tulips.

Rush to Holland... only 4 days left!!


  1. Loved those candles and shoes...
    Nice tulips. Must have been good fun!

  2. aapne bilkul sahi represnt kiya hai......I like that.

  3. @Dids: Oh yes, it was superb!! I liked it even more because I went with low expectation. Sanket was expecting to see 'Dekha ek Khawaab to yeh Silsile hue' location and was pretty disappointed with the flowers within the Dutch Village. But the huge Tulip Gardens at our next stop cheered him up!

    14th ki trip plan kar le with all of you?

  4. @Punam: Aap bhi hoke aaiye... I am sure the kids will have a good time. I can imagine Ashu and her Mom posing with the flowers :)

  5. Thank You Tanya for dropping by my blog and for all those lovely comments !!

  6. Superb pics.. You sure had an awesome time!!

  7. :) Thanks Priya!! Hope to see you here regularly!

  8. Thanks for stopping-by Patricia :)
    Appreciate your comments!


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