Painting Spring

We welcomed Spring, talked about flowers and all the goody-goody Spring-related stuff one can think of but like they say- 'All good things come to an end', so will this weather. (As a matter of fact, with the Tornado, overcast and rain, the weather is just going from bad to worse).

Looking at it from a different angle, the wait for good things gets so long at times that people go crazy. This is exactly what happened to me!!

While the wait for flowers to bloom seemed endless, I started off 'creating my own'. I painted Spring!! While it was still cold outside, I had some sunshine indoors ;) Here's what I've got to share.

The seeds (of this painting) were sown longggg, long ago and I am glad that it is finally in full bloom and adorns the bedroom wall. The idea sprung from a brochure I picked up at Art Van Furniture.

From Art Van Furniture

I obviously did not want a black-grey-white version for my house. I decided to use reds-blues-yellows-greens and the palette knife for texture. After several days of painting and drying, repainting and drying again, I finally finished it off. Problem- how to put it up on the wall? Various combinations were tried. Mom-Dad and Sanket were dragged in for suggestions.

Some of the zillion combinations

Though, I had started off with the intention of putting it up as a square, I finally settled on the linear arrangement. Looks decent and fits the bedroom wall well !!

Decided... and done!!

Linear Stages

Mission accomplished!!

P.S.- More to come :)

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  1. too good :) loved fact abhi mere office me sabne dekha to unhe bhi black and white se jyada achcha colored wala laga :)

  2. Yaaayyyy!! Thank you.. thank you!!
    While painting, every time I stopped to have a look at it, I got more and more skeptical about the end result. Glad that it is being liked :)

  3. Wow Tanya...that's an awesome looking wall art! You're very talented.

  4. Although the final outcome is adorable and too nice to appreciable but somewhere I feel the last picture(extreme right) should get rotated by 90 degree left.

  5. Thanks Sunil. 90 degree clock-wise or anti-clockwise? I'll give it a try, for sure!

  6. Thanks Neha. Good to see your comment :)

  7. Left likha hai na means anticlockwise only... You will alwaz be like "Solomaan" only

  8. Sunil, can you forget that 'Solomaan' incident!!

  9. Glad that you liked it, Patricia :)

  10. This looks great...very well done...good use of inspiration.

  11. I found your blog on Coastal Charm and just love your painting...The colors look great!!!

    I would love for you to stop over and visit "My Crazy Beautiful Life"...

  12. I love this art work, and yes colorful was so much better. You did a great copy cat. Please write in your post that you are joining in on the copy cat challenge with me so that others know you are joining in as well. Thank you! And thanks for joining in.

  13. Hey! those turned out great.

    I can't wait to see the "more to come" in this room.

    loved your copy cat.


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