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Cricket World Cup'2011 was fun for sure but it badly hit the movie market and people like Sanket & me, who can barely have their dinner if the TV is not on! The void just got bigger and bigger after Splitsvilla 4 went off air (leaving us blank even on weekends) and reality shows like Maa Exchange, Life Bina Wife & several Dance shows failed to hook us for long. The only saviors have been weekly episodes of Roadies 8 and the Hollywood flicks!!

Thankfully, the floodgates are open now!! The 'to-watch' list is longer than the 'watched' list and we are enjoying options.

F.A.L.T.U. - First of the season and that is probably the reason why it did a pretty good job in terms of revenue collection. Had it been any other time of the year, this movie would have failed to attract attention. Like thousands of other people, even we watched it due to the dearth around.
Review- Bearable... I could sit right through the end! Low expectation was the key.

Teen The Bhai: After all the publicity and Daler Mehndi-Mike's 'zara-hatke' style of singing the title song, I was really eager to watch this one. In spite of the good performances by all the Bhais, the comedy somehow irritated me. The dialogs were good, the delivery was good but it did not tickle my funny bone.
Status- Incomplete!!

Thank You: I had absolutely no expectation from this movie and it proved me right. The only part I enjoyed was the END :D
Message- Dear Scriptwriters, we are long done with those idiotic Dons and their dumb bodyguards with fancy guns. They are neither scary nor funny. No more of them, please!!

Game: If you are watching a suspense movie, you expect it to be full of twists and turns, something that keeps you on the edge of the seat and requires all your attention (remember Race?). If you have been watching a lot of Indian movies, you'll most definitely know the 'big secret' well within the first hour. The makers tried to throw in a lot of surprise elements but none could extract "Oohhhh... is it!!" The movies from 80's and 90's have already infused such story-lines into us.
Preferable Undoes: Kangana was a mis-fit. Abhishek's character was a disaster. That one scene where Abhishek runs and runs and runs. Ah, why not make it again!! The only thing that can be reused is the title- 'Game-It's not over till it's over'

Chalo Dilli: The movie started off well but I would say it belongs to the 'chewing gum' category. Needless to say, Vinay Pathak was amazing and Lara Dutta did a good job to match him.
My take: A 2.5-hour Chalo Dilli would have definitely been better than this 3-hour Chalo Dilli.

Dum Maro Dum: The day I watched the movie, my FB status read - 'Dum Maro Dum: The quest for a nice Bollywood flick ends!' For me, this is the best movie of the season so far!! A movie with no missing links and it does not let you lose interest at any point of time. Well written and well executed!! Abhishek Bacchan was outstanding, Bipasha Basu was perfect, the pool of stars could not over-shadow Rana Daggubati and Prateik Babbar was right on target.
Suggestion- Must-watch!

'To-Watch' List-
  • Utt Patang
  • Memories in March
  • Shor in the City
  • I Am
  • Ragini MMS
  • Stanley ka Dabba
Waiting for-
  • Ready           ( Salman!! )
  • Delhi Belly     ( Promos say it all )
  • Bheja Fry 2   ( I can feel the excitement all around me )
Any reviews for the movies in 'To-Watch' list. Help me to use my time wisely by pouring in your suggestions.


  1. i agree wid most of d reviews....havnt seen chalo dili yest though...but I m biased when it cums 2 Abhishek bachchan... though kangana was unbeareable...;P..n yipee i m d first one again 2 comment

  2. Abhishek Bacchan had set me in the right mood with DMD but Game washed away everything. I cannot blame his for that. His character was so poorly framed that I just could not pay attention to him as an actor!!
    How about benefit of doubt for him ;)


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