Birthday Preps are Fun

My nephew, Rishan, who'd be celebrating his first birthday in a few weeks, has requested me to make him his name banner for the birthday party.

Ever since I have received the request, I have been browsing through online sites to buy paper and jumping from one board to another on Pinterest for inspiration. The background on which the banner is to be put adds to the challenge. But don't you worry Rishan, Mami's working on it :) :)

And while Rishan's Mami (Aunty) is trying to figure out things and come up with a cute and decent banner displaying the letters R-I-S-H-A-N, you all can enjoy the pictures from his elder brother, Aarush's first birthday.

For Aarush's First Birthday Party, the theme selected was 'Jungle'. 
Sticking to the colors green and yellow, this is the banner that I came up with.

To adorn the walls... 

The center pieces for the guest tables involved a lot of brainstorming. 
We had all the supplies that we could possibly ask for but did not know how to make these paper cut-out animals stand. Ultimately, disposable glasses came to our rescue. 
The end product looked cute. A small and adorable jungle we had there. Worth all the time spent.

 Working on the entry banner - Jungle King Aarush welcomes all the Party Animals.

The final set-up!

Our little birthday boy!
All those who have seen him recently are sure to utter the words- "He's so big now!" 
He'd soon be THREE! 

This lazy aunt, who is a big time procrastinator and you know that because she took almost 2 years to share these pictures, better head over to her next assignment - Project Rishan's Birthday Party, before it's too late!!

Will be back with a new banner!


  1. Your blog name justifies it totally!! very creative corner indeed! ;-)

    1. Thank you so much, Richa!
      You just brought a sparkling smile on my face :)

  2. Hats off to you girl ! Creative and i know it ! :p

  3. Visiting from Wow Me Wednesday! He looks like he had a fabulous party! Feel free to link it up at Party In Polka Dots as well! See you there!


    1. Thanks for the invite, Shelley!
      I am just in time to join the party.
      Hopping over to link up.

  4. Oh my gosh..your centerpieces are so cute, and so much fun!

  5. Everything is so cute! I love how colorful it all is.

  6. LOVEEEEEEEEE it.. what a beautiful way to decorate.. so cute.. & the birthday boy is a smarto :)


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