Handmade Cards This Year

There are never really enough posts here on Kreative Korner. When I started off at the beginning of the month with 3 posts in 8 days, I was taken by surprise myself and thought - 'We might just have a storm  of posts this month' but that was not to be. I did go on a break. Break only from blogging, otherwise I was very busy.

Two more-adorable-than-naughty nephews kept everyone in the house on their toes and that too very willingly. Traveled to a city new to me. Dressed up with all my heart to be a part of a party, where I knew not even 10% of the people :) Came to terms with the loss of a very dear family member. Went out for an all girls shopping evening. Watched IPL matches on and off. Stayed off work for 4 consecutive days (that does include two days of weekend). Stayed awake for hours worrying about out-of-sight parents' ill health. Found an exciting work-out regime (but could not follow it more than thrice *wink* ) Tried to gear up myself to face the rising temperature but the more I try, the more difficult it gets!

Amidst all this, I did get a chance to grab some paper, glue and scissors to make Rishan's b'day banner but I'll hold myself from sharing the pictures until after the party. Meanwhile, I can show ya'll the cards that I made for my sister-in-law & brother-in-law's wedding anniversary and the latter's birthday.

When I was picking up the paint chips from the hardware store, 
mom-dad & Sanket wanted to know where was I going to use them. 
I had no answer back then but now I HAVE!! :)
Paint chips punched for this card.

With this one, I did not know where to start from but the pattern just evolved.
Paper rolled-out to form 3D candles. 
Like that font? I do.
Green sheet is from a brochure :)
Re-use rocks!!

So far, so good!
I have been able to send out handmade cards to family members on their special days.
Happy being able to stick to the resolution :)

By the way, I just watched my favorite team win the eliminator to qualify for the 'Qualifiers' :D 
Go Rajasthan goooo... 
Anybody of you following the IPL? Which team are you backing?


  1. I think my team is going to win this season too :)

    1. 'this season too'... I am pretty sure you are talking about CSK :D
      Yeah, they do look unbeatable but I am not losing hope!!
      T20 results cannot be predicted unless the match is over.
      The tournament is still open for all the three teams.

      Let's see :)

  2. These cards are so very creative and fun.The 3D look is so striking and cleverly done must say! Thanks for dropping at my post and for your lovely words of appreciation.


    1. Thank you so much, Auro! I always try to give add 3D effect to handmade cards. So glad that you liked it :)

  3. Tanya..I love both the card...what a great idea to use paint chips :) I m not following IPL but I hope your team wins :)

    1. Thanks, Nayana!
      My team, Rajasthan Royals lost in the semis :( Lost all interest to watch the finals.

  4. Tanya, nicely done.They look store bought.Very thoughtful of you to send hand made ones to your family.It adds that personal touch and feeling of warmth.

    1. Appreciate the nice words :) Hope the recipients of these cards like them just as much as you all do :)

  5. Lovely cards! I wonder how many paint chips hardware stores lose to crazy crafters like us. It's so hard to resist bringing home just a few ;)

    1. Hahahaha... so true!! My parents and husband went in different directions while I was picking these up ;) 'Crazy Crafters', that's such an apt term!

      Happy crazy crafting :)


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