Sad Demise of our Bloggy Friend

As a daily ritual, my day at work started with checking the emails. I quickly scanned through them all before rushing for a meeting. Came back to go through the ones that I had left unopened in round one, usually the ones from Training, HR, Admin and likes.

While rolling eyes over the subject lines, I found one that read 'Benevolent Fund for the family of....' (My thoughts- 'Ah, another sad demise'!) Late Emreen Xavier (My thoughts- 'I know that name'.) Of course I knew that name from blogland. Even before I could think any further, I had opened that email and there was a picture of the departed soul.

My worst fear came to life. It WAS Emreen of Liven Things Up!!

It was so hard for me to accept the news. Just a couple of days back, I had seen her comment on one of the blogs and had quickly hopped over to her's to let her know that I was glad to be visiting Liven Things Up again after long.

All this while I did not know that we worked for the same company (different cities though). I do not know her beyond what she shared on her blog, which is not much. I do not know what the cause of death was. All I know is that it is very unfortunate to lose somebody like her. A lot of us will miss her visits to our blogs and her lovely comments. I have some myself. Her creative ideas have gone with her leaving behind only memories.

May she rest in peace!!


  1. I know Tanya...I felt exactly the same..she left comment on my blog after her last post and I visited her back and the next day I got the sad. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. Hi Tanya,
    I am Emreen's friend. I was suprised to know about this fund...i got in touch with her cousin and her family and they are not aware of any such fund...frankly they are very well off and don't require financial help. Can you pls tell me who sent you this mail?

    1. Good that we could exchange words on email, Karishma.
      Please convey our condolences to Emreen's family.


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