Tanya Appreciation Day, is it?

So, you read the title of the post and are here to know what is so special about today? Nothing much for those of you, who are showered with appreciations and pats on back every now and then. But for someone like me, for whom even a teeny-tiny "good job" is worth a lot of riches, today was indeed special.

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First on, I received an email from a fellow blogger, Mamta from Desi By Nature and in the 200-250 word email, she had only good to say. Woohoo... I am overwhelmed!! Mamta, if you are reading this (and I'll make sure that you do ;) ), thank you so much for the message. It was heartwarming. I am not sure, if the people around me are lucky to have me in their lives or not but I know for sure that I am truly blessed! And the cherry on top are the appreciative and supportive gang of girls (and a couple of boys) I have found here in blogland. So, thank you!! **Smiles**

Quoting Mamta:
Reading posts on your mom dad friends husband.. make the readers relate to the blog and creates an emotional bond. Your blog has everything a person needs on such a portal, fun, ideas, relations, advises !

Second for the day was a text message from a friend... and boom boom, this one was again a token of appreciation. Though, I am yet to find out why that message was sent to me TODAY, I'd still like to thank the sender, one who walks around with a golden heart. A gem of a person!

And then there were the ones that came in different forms- the cobbler trusting me with his hard earned money, the tailor honoring my request, the demanding boutique owner put to shame for asking unjustifiable amount, the electrician made to realize his mistake, client recognizing the efforts and a bicker with hubs ;)

You know, with me 'Appreciation is Always Appreciated' and we talked about it here.
Aaahhh.... I am loving it :)


On a very different note... I was a part of a funeral today! 
A colleague's father met with an accident yesterday and expired late in night. 

I had never met this gentleman. Did not know his name until the funeral but I had tears in my eyes. More for those who are left behind. His son and my colleague, who is hardly affected by the bigs-and-smalls at work, was seen shattered. I know the only memory his grand kids, who are not even out of there toddler years, would have of him would be through photographs. And I dare not say that I understand what his wife must be going through!

They say- women's strength is beyond comparison. I say, what Hindu men are made to do at funerals is the most courageous thing to do. I know my dad did 'it'. I know my husband did 'it'. Both at very young age. I can hardly imagine the rush of emotions. 

Some rituals are beyond my understanding!!

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Today cannot be summed up in a single word because today was quite an experience!


  1. Wow Tanya - what a day!! So nice to be appreciated - even the smallest gesture or message can make such a difference to someone's day!

    1. So true...if it can lead me to dedicating an entire post to it, you can image how happy I would have been. :)

  2. Wonderful post Tanya!! Appreciation brings more out of us. Enjoy all the accolades and praises :)

    1. Actually, it does! Appreciation motivates me like nothing else.
      Thanks :)

  3. Oh Tanya! I am so glad my dear to se ethis message, You know there are a lot of things we have in common and its hard to explain in words Y, first of all thanks for the mention, look who deserve it should have it, thats what I believe but as i moved on reading the latter half was a bit depressing, a similar event happend at work, we've lost a collegue in an accident and i visited his place, met his wife and kid and cried a lot and the irony is I just knew him thru mails we shared (professional) despite the fact that we worked in the same office. i never got a chance to see him, in person and yet i felt its someone known i've lost.

    1. Hey! Btw I am still in wait for a response. ;)

      You can alternateively email me at msharmadel@gmail.com


    2. It's all about feeling others' pain, I believe!!

      And yes, replying to your mail is on my list. Want to do it with a free mind... expect it soon :)

  4. Tanya..wonderful post and YOU are awesome my friend. Lately I m personally occupied and not able to comment much but I love your blog :)


  5. Hey Tanya.. you are a sweet heart.. I always Love reading your posts.. I hope you will be sharing more fun :)
    Have a great day!

  6. That's so sweet of u :) wish this gang of girls should be there to cheer u up and I am one among them!!!

  7. Hi tanya.... yes appreciation does lots of magic in our life.... i can feel what you feel..... and about the later part... its really a hard feeling... that too i can feel as just 3 months back my mother in law passed away.... its very hard to come out of that feeling.... still we are trying.... only time can change everything


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