April Awesomeness

While most of us enjoyed a day off today and could sleep for a couple of extra hours in the morning (yeah, that stands out for me *wink* ), others like me attended to the regular calls. Somehow, the work we do was not good enough to grab a holiday on the International Labor Day. While in office everybody seemed to be discussing how their spouses, room-mates, friends or siblings were enjoying their day off, a thought crossed my head- How many of us gave our domestic helps a holiday today? 

I am guilty of not being one of them! How about you?



Let me now share with y'all - 'April Awesomeness'

This is what I play with in the 8 hours that I spend in office.
I love my job!! Who wouldn't?

Nehru Place in Delhi is known as the Electronics Market. 
Clicked this on the recent visit to the market run by technology geeks.

When husband is cooking, I can atleast take pictures ;)

Summer companion from childhood - Rasna Orange! 
Nothing can beat it's taste and the fond memories it brings.

 That guy with the bat there is Rahul Dravid in action at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.
That shot fetched him 4 runs!!

Pretty Indian Roses from the garden

Fennel almost ready.

From the Clay workshop... Can you identify which one is mine?
Click here for hint.

Welcoming early morning guests

Fun time with nephew.

Don't judge by the fountain on the head... that's nephew junior.

Looking ahead to an even more exciting May!!


Sanket and I are just back after watching Aashiqui 2. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. Since we went in with very low expectations, we came back feeling good about the time and money spent. Though, I could hardly bear the slow pace in the first half, the second caught me. More for the underlying story.


I like movies that I can relate to and believe in and Aashiqui 2 had just that. I believe in love, love beyond conditions, love beyond limits. I have felt the power of love. At the same time, have been weakened and shattered by it. I know what it is to lose interest in everything else when in love.

Yes, I am in love and it's beautiful :)

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