Catching Up

Yes, I spend 9 hours at work.
No, this is not the reason that I have been away from blogging.

It's actually the way I’ve started thinking and talking that is creating a gap between writing and me. Now that I am all into the formal emails and conversations, it’s getting difficult for me to be casual while writing. I have a post in my drafts that I wrote on Valentine's Day and just when I was about to click the ‘publish’ button I realized that there was something missing. It was a plain emotionless post and since it was so dry, I decided to let it lie in the draft section.

So, how were your Valentine's Day celebrations? Did you paint your world red?

Sanket and I went on a lunch date. Lunch together – nothing new about it. Lunch together during work hours – NEW and exciting :) . Glad he asked me out!

V-Day Lunch :) 
Don't worry... nothing's wrong with our eyes ;)

Trust me on the extensive editing… the picture was horrible in it’s raw form. Yes, worse than this ;) You can either enjoy the ambiance or quality of pictures, is it? 

A weekend well spent comes to an end. I successfully struck off the items on my to-do list and though, my creative itch is not completely satisfied, I am happy to be able to finally post. Expect a few more posts coming your way, friends! Two more entries for the month of February is what I am targeting at... I can do it... I can do it... I can do it!!

Have fun... and Happy Blogging!!


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