For those of you who know me just as the head behind Kreative Korner, I have some facts to share. 

I am a Software Engineer by profession, started my career as a Software Tester with the financial vertical of Oracle Inc., resigned, got married and moved to USA. The 1.5 year stay in USA was my period of unemployment as an engineer. This is also the time when Kreative Korner was born and nurtured. The unemployment days were both refreshing and frustrating**. 

Once you start working, sitting at home all day is not easy and this was exactly what I was doing. Only two months into marriage and being dependent on my partner for every little thing did not come along easily. Some of my married friends said that I'd soon get used to it but the suggestion did not help much. No Driving Licence made situation worse. It was a state of partial house arrest. Then came the day when Hubs and I stopped at Michaels. It was a paradise for an art-and-craft-lover like me. We came home with some art supplies and *tadaaa* a new journey started. Paints-laptop-Kreative Korner-and-me... It was like a dream but the professional life was being missed for sure. 

When I moved to India, the first thing to do on my list was to get a job! It was one of those lucky times when you actually get what you want. Even before I could unpack my bags, even before we could zero-in on the house to live in, even before I could get all my belongings under one roof... I had the offer letter in hand!

After 4 rounds of interviews and days of anxious wait, I finally joined Aricent Group last month!

Off to work - Day 1

My work might not give me a lot of time to spare but maintaining a balance is what I am aiming at. To be present here, I need to overcome the work-pull, for which I need your help! Please keep pouring in your love in the form of your messages, comments and emails. I assure you, I'll stay around.


**The good and the bad was interleaved. 
I was happy to be at home, doing the stuff that I loved but missed going to office.
I was happy that I had no office to attend and I could relax but the all-fun schedule was losing it's charm.
Yes, it IS complicated.


  1. .nthing like going back 2 a normal routine other dan sleeping ....heartiest congratulations on ur new job i m sure u ll rock in it ....all d very best

  2. hey tanya...hearty congo dear for Job after a long break....it will be exciting for sure...all the best dear

  3. Congrats... Your past experience will surely help you to catch up things soon!!

  4. i totally know what you mean because I was currently going through the same phase when i moved to UAE in May last year. i too found my calling as artist here and I am trying to make it my profession. Though sometimes i do think what would be it like to work in an office, but all in all I am in a happy place :) :)
    Congratulations to you :) :)

  5. congrats tanya...wishing u all the best for ur new job...

  6. Congratulations..I totally get it...thats what happened when I first moved to US:)

  7. Congratulations, Tanya...it is always good to be employed and to look forward to going to work every day. You will always have your creative outlet when you return home and need to indulge in blogging.

  8. great to know you are back on work tanya....no matter how hectic the work is but its still better than finding ways to kill time..n creative aspect would always act as yr stress buster n m sure u ll be able to manage time fr them too

  9. Congratulations with the job Tanya.....I know it's late.....but best wishes always! Thank u immensely for all the support to my blog.....will keep visiting u here.....

    1. Good wishes are neither late nor stale. They are always welcomed. Thanks a ton.

      I have Kai Kriye on my Blogger list so, I do not miss your updates :) Thanks for you visit here.


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