TELLing My Tale About TELLing

I was never a master of the art of story-TELLing and my grades at school clearly TOLD that.
An 'A' was what I mostly got, when I had hoped for an 'A+' because I felt I had TOLD it well in my compositions.
And there I sat with an 'A', TELLing myself- 'Never mind. You are good! Remember the times when you were declared the best!'

Years later, blogging happened! A new platform to TELL my stories.
What's best, I was not being rated; neither being TOLD what grade I had got.
I just babbled and scribbled and used a lot of colorful pictures to help me TELL it all.

I was TOLD by many a friends that they were enjoying all that I was TELLING.
And among all these people was a fine young man, who very straight-forwardly TOLD me, 'there is more to see than to read on your blog!'
I did not TELL him that his comment had left me confused.
I could not TELL whether it was good or bad and so, I just smiled.

Then one day, I learned about 5-Minutes Friday- a flash mob, where bloggers TOLD their stories in just 5 minutes.
I grabbed the chance to TELL mine.
Cooked up a piece of fiction and TOLD it to all.
Don't TELL me that you haven't still read it.
Hop over here, read and TELL me how you like it.
To TELL y'all the truth, I think I did a decent job but shhh! I'm trying to be modest ;)

A month of 5-Minute Fridays challenge and I already feel that I am getting better at story-TELLing; TELLing them more through words than pictures.


This post has been written for Five Minute Friday- the writing flash mob!
Prompt for today - TELL!


  1. You made me smile this morning! :) Keep telling your stories.

  2. I discovered blogging to help tell my stories, too! All of our stories matter! That's what makes FMF so fun. Meeting new story tellers! Blessings!

    1. Cannot agree more! Blogging has helped me to express myself better. And FMF happens to polish it further!

  3. Very fun post. :) I'm learning and growing through FMF too. I love that someone TOLD you something that challenged you to grow as a writer. We all need those little nudges, don't we?

    1. Surely! An honest review is what everyone looks forward to.

  4. Hi Tanya!!! I am so glad you became a part of FMF! thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and I am glad you became a part of it! each time you participate you will get better and better at it! it's a great way for others to connect to you and you to connect to others! :)

    1. I see that happening :) Thank you so much for visiting me, Karen!

  5. This was fun! Made me smile.

  6. There's nothing like a good FMF prompt to get those creative juices flowing, those fingers flying! I'm glad that we're getting to know each other because of these lovely challenges!

    1. Same here, Linda!

      I look forward to Thursdays for the prompts and then to the posts from all the amazing bloggers of FMF community.

      Hope you are doing good. Will be visiting you shortly!


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