Lazy Days...

I don't have much on the table nowadays... but that does not mean I cannot write... rigghttt?? We can always talk about how things are in the pipeline and how we are just not doing anything about it. While most of us believe in finishing off things well before time, I am the one who would just sit back and wait for the last minute to come!! Anyways... I do not have anything REALLY important to do these days, so all I do is sip coffee, read, watch TV and spend most of the time looking out of the window, watching the snow!! :D :D

I am sure the Snow God would be really pleased with me by now. The way I observe and enjoy snow must have impressed Him. I know exactly what the temperature is gonna be like throughout the day, the chances of precipitation, the direction of winds... courtesy I get upset when the icicles melt, when the snow gets clear or for that matter, when the Sun starts shining with all His might. Clicking pictures from my snow covered patio is my favorite activity these days :)
Foot pritns.. all that was left behind
The Lone Ranger

Birdies at the Tea Party!!

Nature's Artwork

My dear Icicles
The view at night

People say that I would get bored of this new love in my life very soon. MAY BE!! but as of now... I am having a really good time :)

A part from snow...
  • On the Creative Table... a photo book that I gifted to Sanket on our First Wedding Anniversary. 
  • On the Kitchen Platform...  Butter Chicken :)
  • On the Reading Desk... The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  • On the Technology front... exploring XBox Kinect
  • On the Television... watched all episodes of Sasural Genda Phool till yesterday ;) ;)
  • On the Bollywood-Flicks-To-Watch List... Action Replay and Allah K Bande done!! Loads yet to be covered!!
  • On the To-Do List... a zillion other things... like always :D :D
Happy Winters  :) :)


  1. looks so pretty..
    and on every front u r so active..kaun kehta hai shadi ke baad life boring ho jati hai ;)
    hamari to aur bhi jyada interesting ho gayi hai :)
    keep it up.

  2. im J... n u know... y...

    damn how's time traveller's wife goin... i started it but cud not finish the book... c the diff.:(


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