Reliving Rakshabandhan!!

Happy Rakshabandhan to All of you!!

Hope you all had fun with your loved ones. For some it might have been a family reunion, while others must have missed their brothers and sisters. 

For me, it is a bag of missed emotions. I am hundreds of kilometers away from my sister and cousins but the new relations have added to the happiness. This is my first Rakhi as a 'Bhabhi' :) :)

Though, we are two sisters with no brother, we never missed one coz we had our Darling Daddy's wrist to tie the Rakhi and what's more we always got gifts from him as well. Not to forget... our Rakhi brother, Shray!! The excitement began months in advance. Discussing the plan for the day, sweets and gift :)) Missing him today, more than anyone else :)           (Update: I just had a conversation with him...yayyy!!)

Buying the Rakhis and posting them was the best part of this festival. Standing at the shop and selecting rakhis for all my brothers was a wonderful feeling. Akshay-Aayush being the the youngest of the lot always got the funny ones with cartoons on them. The size of the Rakhi got smaller every year coz my brothers wanted it that way. Writing letters to Siddharth Bhaiya was fun. As a kid, i did not understand what to write except "We are sending Rakhi, please get it tied by Supriya Didi on our behalf" ;)

Bua brought true colors to this festival, whenever she was in India. I led the 'KA' sisters... RitiKA, RadhiKA, DeviKA and KaniKA to the much awaited Rakhi tying ceremony followed by 'forcing' the brothers to touch our feet and giving them 'ashirwaad' in return :D  Ohhhh... I miss Ritz's Ladoo :(

How can I forget the Rakshabandhan of 2006!! Noopur Didi, Pari and I became each other's brother while Poojan sat in one corner, happy with his hand full of Rakhis :) What a proud brother he was, that day!!

It's true that the festivals can be best enjoyed with family but I am glad I could talk to all my brothers on this auspicious day. Be it any medium... voice chat, phone call, email or a message on FB... I know I have conveyed my love to my brothers and sisters!! 

Didi, Jijs and Sanket... i am glad to be a part of this family... you guys don't make me miss anyone or anything. Thank you for everything. Love you !! :)


  1. ek month mei dusra senti blog...naice naice...

    btw tumne babboo se baat ki... nice nice(reminder that i haven't forgotten my spellings)

    nice blog... missed u so much... and obviously mom n dad.. but happy that mom gets to tie the rakhi each year... :D... n is happy cooking 'N' no of dishes for mama, mami and dad...and remembers us above all... and then loves teasing n i only fight or talk abt food... hahaha... love it :D

  2. Were you trying to post a senti comment. If yes, lemme tell you, you were almost there :)

    Yeaahh... I called him and we talked for almost half an hour. He has promised to gift me all of the pending gifts when we meet. He was asking about you as well.

    It's good to find out that people miss you and love you!! That's exactly what happened this Rakhi :)

  3. mixed feelings...but very nice blog

    1. Thank you, Arunima! Hope you have a fun Rakshabandhan '2014. I know there is still time for that but no harm in being excited for festivals in advance, right? :)

  4. Well written article, miss. anurag. The best part was you forcing your brother to touch your feet.( Even my elder sister makes me do that!) Does he feel good or humilated?

    1. Now that's a good question Achint :)
      I don't think they felt humiliated, just a little shy may be. I touch the feet of a lot of people, some of them barely a few years elder to me but I don't think I have ever felt humiliated.

      How about you? Do you feel good or humiliated or shy? :)


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