'Along the Reflections 2' featured on Milliande Art Community for Women :)

Milliande gave me the Rakshabandhan gift by selecting my painting 'Along the Reflections 2' to feature on the home page of Milliande Art Community for Women .

The source of inspiration remains the same as for the first one Along the Reflections. Yes, it is Margaret Evans' 30 Minute Art : Oil Pastels.

Coming to Milliande Art Community for Women... it is a group where women from all walks of life come together to share ideas, discuss their current projects, interests and above all, appreciate other's work. Some of the community members are professionals while most of them have taken up art as a hobby. We share with each other the joy of creating. Looking at what an artist has created is the first step of know her. Every time I log on to the site, i get hooked to it for hours, caught in the web of beautiful art pieces.

What keeps the community going is the active participation of all the members especially Milliande, who loves to interact with the community members. Fridays are always fun... we all are fimiliar with girls' passion for chattering and that's exactly what we do on our Friday chats :)

A lot of people saw this painting... some liked it and some just passed-by but there was one person who took the pain of letting me know, how it could have been better... thanks Mayur!! Also, I appreciate  the kind comments from all of you. Keep pouring in your love, it gets me going :)


  1. If it is really made in 30 mins then i will really say its a masterpiece.. otherwise it is Awesme!! U win both ways Tanya , for the first time.. :) Anyways keep goin for more creative art.

  2. I missed out on the 'masterpiece' appreciation because I took more than 30 minutes. 'Awesome' is also good for me, especially because it comes from you.. it's indeed a big deal!! :)
    Blogging is a good way to appreciate each other's work, especially for people like us who are always pulling the other one's legs ;)

  3. Lovely....!! Its perfect....


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