Trash to Life

Remember the SUPW (craft) classes at school? How we used to collect stuff to create something new out of the things that mom no longer needed in the house. I remember, my younger sister and I, along with some help from our grand mother, made a bedroom set for our doll with the trash lying around in the house. We had a round piece of thermocol that came in the audio system box to keep it safe and an old dress. The round shape of the thermocol gave us an idea to make a round bed, which in those days was supposed to be very royal by both of us. Anyway, I dont remember much to talk about that and neither do I have any pictures (alas!!) to show you guys, so I better come back to the present.

I guess the seeds of creating life out of trash were sown in me at a very young age. Like I say, it's in my genes!!

I am back to giving life to trash in this second phase of life. I have made a name plate, a side table and a piggy bank to fit my needs. Not that these things are not available in the market but the joy of making your own is limitless... just like sitting in your 'own' car gave you more happiness than sitting in your dad's. Yeaahhh.. you got it!!

This is the name plate that is up on the front door which is a closed area and hence, sunshine, rain, winds or snow...nothing can harm it. The fine design within the alphabets is done using an ordinary black, ball point pen.
You wont even believe what the surface is... The box in which the Vonage device came!! I liked the color and thought it would save me the addition task of painting the surface. Also, since the surface was very smooth the ball pen worked on it well. Did the outline of the alphabets using a permanent marker. 

Now, this is another 'trash to life' creation. A carton/paper box made into a side table. Thankfully the box was strong enough to hold things when kept on it. The carton was covered with simple brown paper and a paper towel at the top. The big, blue mango shape is a collage made with the fliers and the blue net is the garlic bag. Acrylic paints and ball point pens where used to make the design on the four corners. Finally laminated  the top with cellophane paper and put to use!!

And this is the latest on the list... a piggy bank. Coins were rolling around the house and i had to stop that. Used an empty Mortan Salt container, cut off the lid ( the yellow part as seen in the pic), removed the metal part of the box coz i had to make a bigger cut for quarters and dollars, painted it and now it has coins rather than salt in it's belly. 

The way I collect trash scares my husband but when he sees the end result, he feels giving life to trash is not all that bad!! I have an order for a new side table from him!! :) So, my 'Trash to Life' project is still on!!

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  1. Salty bank (Derived from Piggy bank) looks cool...just that we get a cylindrical Mortan Salt box out here...Or is it just the angle of the picture that makes it look like a tumbler?

    Good luck with upcoming projects!

  2. Yup... it's the angle that makes it look like a tumbler. I wanted to capture the lid of the box in the picture coz the orange on both the ends gives the black box some life.

    'Salty Bank'.. that's a nice name :) Thanks for suggesting!!

  3. You have got some amazing talent , girl... Love the piggy bank... Any idea of going professional ?!!?

  4. :) Thanks for the appreciation, Emreen. It really means a lot!
    About going professional... might give it a shot in the long run. As of now, I would say that I am still learning!

  5. Love the piggy bank idea...will make one for my daughter...thanks for sharing and stopping by over at my blog.


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