Happy Birthday to the sweetest Sister!!

Happy Birthday, Ritu!!
It's your birthday today, sister!!  Dad's dearest... mom's maniacal... G's gallant and my militant... you know that you are an all rounder!! No day can be better than today and no medium can be better than this blog to let you know how much we love you and cherish the fact that you are a part of our lives, making it all the more wonderful!!
Delighted with the way things have been set up for the party ;)
Ritu, you keep telling us that there is fun and laughter in our lives because we have YOU!! Though, I have never agreed with you on this (at least when you were around), i'd love to tell you today, how true it is. It's always fun to be with you. Nothing can beat our late night gossip sessions that left us laughing like crazy and made mom-dad wonder what's going on in the house. 
Smiling in new birthday dress or happy that mom let you put her lipstick?
There is always something special about the 'sister-bond'... you are friends and you are family. Sharing this bond with you is God's gift to me. I can discuss all the idiotic and not-so-idiotic stuff with you. There have been times, when you have been like an elder sister to me, telling me... "Didi, don't worry, I'll see what can be done". And there have been other times when you did not respect the fact that I was elder among both of us. 
Decked up and ready to 'slaughter' the cake...
Our fights over trivial things like who would close the main gate, switching off the light at night when i used to study and you wanted to sleep, who would ride the scooty or drive the car, who would help mom in the kitchen, your going mad while i took time to get ready to go out... go on till today!! But I must say that you are slowly mastering the art of giving me missed call on my LL. Good.... there's atleast something to feel good about on this b'day!! ;)

Inspite of all the fights there are certain areas that remain exclusive to either of us. Like, I always let you play the music of your choice (coz i would rather go by your selection than waste time on searching songs) and you never question me when it comes to decoration or packing. Wait, did I ever tell you how happy I used to be when you followed me like an obedient, younger sister?

... and here it goes.... guppp!!
I know that there have been times when i have disappointed you but I also know the person you are. You'll forget and forgive your sister for all her wrongs and get back to her with all the love and affection in the world.

Anyways... howz it been so far?? It's your b'day sweetheart... your favorite day of the year!! I know you are excited... like a kiddo... well... you are one!! While I say this, the days from childhood flash before my eyes... the countdown to your next birthday started from every 17th Aug and there where times when you used to be  sad on your b'day coz it would get over in a few hours... hehehe... crazy girl!! Counting and recounting of the toffees a zillion times... new dresses for both of us... mom toiling in the kitchen for the whole day but all smiles when she saw us in our new dresses!! Dad making sure that everything was in place for her princess's birthday party and your heart beating fast for the gifts that friends would get. A pencil box with a pencil, rubber and a few candies was as good as a brand, new Barbie house set!! :) :)
Your favorite part... collecting gifts :)
There may be no balloons or streamers... no pencil boxes as b'day gift... the friend circle has changed... but i am sure you had a great day today... coz no matter what... mom is still making tasty food, dad  has made sure that you are a happy girl today, your G has sent his wishes across the miles and your sister is missing you like hell!! Love you a lot Behan....


  1. Wow...This is sweet Ritu, You truly are special and the fact that makes you special is that you know the knack of making others special...:)
    Truly a rare quality that you possess. It has always been great to have had a chat or phone conversation with you...
    On this special day of yours, I wish you all the happiness in this world and wish that you remain the same charming girl as you are...

    Take care! And have a wonderful birthday!!!

  2. shit!!! i have been crying since i read the first line... my head is aching now... wat a gift didu... n i know the amt of tears u must have dropped while framing it or while rechecking it... mom is to 'pani ki tanki' so if she reads this she'd b proud and so may drops of precious water drops will ooze out...n i just hope that dad doesnt rea it... cos we know how cute he becomes after he reads or hears something like this...head still spinning n i am still missing u all like hell... wanna hug u all right nowwwwwwwww...

    tanvi diiiiiiii kaisi hai aap... n thankyou for all of it that u said... wanted to talk to u today n got excited wen aunty called... will give u a call soon ... love u tooooo:*

  3. its beautiful...love it... :)
    happy birthday ritu :)

  4. First of all Happy birthday Ritu..
    It's sooo touching yaar....u galz rock..i have seen your fights..i have seen your affection..But reading this brought tears to my eyes as well..may good bless u both..
    Cheers to the sister-bond..

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  6. nyc idea di
    gud hai...

    @ ritika tumbhi kuch seekho...

  7. humne scrap book banayi thi na...khush raho

  8. Thanks Mayur... :)

    We appreciate your efforts with the scrapbook but that does not give you the liberty to fight with anyone on my blog :P :P


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