Look Who Just Knocked The Door!

I lose track of dates unless there are deadlines to be met or dear ones to be wished on their special days. And for the last few days, I have been in that mode. So, when I woke up to see 'MARCH 1' on my cellphone today morning, it actually took me some time to absorb it. February is a short month, we all know that but this one, it just went by in a jiffy. Not that I have any complains!

For me, it's usually the year-ends that are action-packed. However, 2014 is gonna be different. I already have a series of events lined up and the excitement is un-containable :D Two weeks from now, we celebrate my favorite festival - Holi, plans for which are already being discussed. Lot of travelling, fun times with family, shopping and food are the other things on my plate. While I am pretty sure that I am gonna be a busy-gal all through the next couple of months, I do intend to take a few minutes off for the Instagram Monthly Challenge that I just decided to take up!

Feels like the beginning of a new year :) Happy New Year March!!


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