Holi 2012

Since I am sleep-less even at 3:30 AM, I thought I'll quickly stop-by and say a quick 'Hello' to my favorite people!! How have you been friends? I have had a roller-coaster ride in the last one month. Things suddenly changed at work and resulted in long working hours to the extent that whatever little sleep I got, I was haunted by dreams about work. Thankfully, all is normal now. But one thing that is highly abnormal is my getting up at around 6 every morning for absolutely no reason!! This is pretty strange for a person like me, who can sleep till 9 in the morning and still does not feel like coming out of bed for another hour or two... Ahhh, were did those days go :(

 Come this weekend... And I'll sleep like a princess :)

Once my sleeping quota is met, the other things that need my attention are my house - which needs some serious interior shuffles and arrangements, kitchen - the most ignored part of the house ever since we moved in a month back, friends and online socializing.

A welcome break from a hectic schedule was the celebration of my favorite Indian festival- Holi. A non-North Indian colleague at work asked me about the religious significance of the day and it actually took me some time to explain it to her. Not because I did not know but because holi for me is all about colors and crazy fun. For the same reason, I am not writing the 'whys' and 'hows' of this festival here. I'll just share the wild pictures of the day. 

Have fun and just in case you wanna know more about this festival click here... Wiki is a star. He knows it all!!!

Smiling Devils 

The Three at Work

Colors speak

My Favorite Click of the Day

Fever-ish !!

Hope I did not scare you much with these pictures :D


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