A Men's Day?

Every March 8, while the brave, beautiful, hard-working and multi-talented women of the world are recognized and congratulated for all that they do, a handful of men dare to ask- "Why is there no Men's Day?" A question that deserves an answer rather than being just brushed off.

Don't get me wrong because I support the men in their dare to put up such a question. I am a feminist to the core. Get me started on what the girls should-do and should-not-do, or on rape and the reasons of provocation, or her-rights, I am sure to debate till either you agree with me or one of us drops dead!

Why I believe we need to celebrate Men's Day, just the way we celebrate Women's Day is because if behind every successful man there is a woman, the reverse is equally true. Men today do not shy away from cooking or changing diapers, giving their girls a chance to chase their dreams. Grocery shopping has been my grandfather's department for the last 25 years (that's how far I can remember), my dad has been helping around with the household chores since forever, my brother-in-law takes care of his boys when their mom is out for meetings and my husband takes charge of a lot of tasks when all I do is procrastinate. 

If the above line brought a mocking smile on your face or you uttered the words "Poor fellas!", then let me tell you very bluntly that I was not talking about YOU when I said what I did. I was actually talking about all the GOOD men out there, who realize that if a woman can share the financial load or if she can take care of your side of the family as her own, then the least you can do is to appreciate and help her back! 

The reason why International Men's Day (yes! we do have Men's Day!!) has not gained popularity is probably because a large section of the male population is yet to adapt to the changing times and it's demands. No! we do not expect you to bear babies (we know you are not equipped for that!), we just want you to be considerate and caring. Not much to ask for, right? 

This Women's Day, I stop-by to congratulate all you wonderful girls out there for the contributions you have made to the lives of your dear ones and to the society at large. I thank the ladies that I have grown up watching - my grandmothers and my mother. I know you have had tremendous support from the men of our family (and we all are proud of that!) but it's your strength and smartness that we, your children, owe everything to. I salute my mother-in-law for her courage and compassion. I am sure she was able to nurture it all through the years because of her husband's support. I haven't met him but I can say that because I see him in my husband, for a boy is a reflection of his dad.

Before I sign off, I promise that if I ever have a son, I'll teach him to love and respect the women in his life. He'd have fine examples in the family to learn from.
And if I have a girl, she'd be taught to love and respect the men in her life. They need it, just as much as we do.

Looking forward to celebrating International Men's Day this November 19 with a hope that more and more men become courteous! 

Till then, we are happy celebrating womanhood. Happy Women's Day!! 


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