All In A Fortnight In Charlotte

Waking up to see snowflakes dancing outside the window is beautiful, especially when you live in a no-to-rare snowfall zone! Getting the unexpected is real joy. Just when I had accepted that I had moved to a city that had no snow-shows to offer, it snowed. And not just snowed, it snowed pretty well. Covering the entire place with a thick, white blanket.

It was just what I had wished for.... a few hours of snow showers and a day to play :) The number of snowmen in the neighborhood clearly indicated that I was not the only one excited. Oh! but the accident counts, hours of traffic jam, deserted cars on the road sides and the slippery-icy roads did dampen the zeal. For the city and it's people, who were not very well equipped to face snow, the Valentine's weekend got extended, giving them time to stay warm indoors and to be with loved ones. Bonus!

Now, in only about 2 weeks time, the trees are seen blooming with flowers :) The branches bear leaves of the brightest green color that are so fresh. Last Sunday, when the temperature reached beyond 70, Charlotteans rolled down the car windows, shunned the woolens and were out celebrating the onset of spring!

And I write this post, I see a tree laden with white flowers waving to me through my bedroom window... the same window through which I enjoyed the snow dance performance only a few weeks back!!

From Winter I have seen that even blackness
is followed by the crystal rays of sun on snow.
And just as early stars sparkle more brightly
on their nighttime canvas, each glimpse of beaming light
becomes more precious as a foil to dark.

From Springtime I have learned the potent lesson
that all things surge anew. Just as the robin's song
pierces the weary heart with trilling joy,
so too does hope awaken even after
the bleakest season of the heart and soul.

- Lessons of the Seasons by Carol Knepper


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