February Fun

Every February 25, saw my sister and me pulling out all the money we had and planning for Mom-Dad's wedding anniversary. This was the only day in the year when we would not ask our parents for money and 'hide' things from them ;) I shared one of the stories here.Time changed this trend. We now live in three different geographical locations, which makes such celebrations difficult. However, I had a new partner-in-planning this year, Sanket. We were with mom-dad on their 29th year of togetherness. Touchwood! My sister could have been a part as well, only if she had not lost her passport on the very last day **sigh** Next time, hopefully!!As for this year, gifts and card flew in to Kuwait from India and so did we. The cake was searched for and was included in the celebrations on the last minute. Photo session followed by Indian food in Arabic land.Sneak-peak for y'all....

We'll begin from where it started. The card! All it took me to make this card was to beat laziness.

Ideas kept hitting me the moment I stepped out of the bed.

First use of stencils that I got from my mom-in-law.


The coffee mugs I brought for my parents came in ugly boxes.

Sanket had got the other gifts wrapped to match the colors on the card and

I had none to wrap the mugs to go with the theme.

I hated the idea of handing them over in the condition they were.

And like they say... necessity is the mother of all inventions...I found these superb wrapping papers.

Decent and good looking. Know what this is? Paper bag from a leading Indian store.

Did not want to do away with the ropes and hence the handles **wink**


Cake cutting... part of it after years! Ah, how I missed it.

And this was not it... Kuwait celebrates it's National Day on 25 February, which added to our celebration fun.

Children were seen on the streets with water guns in hands, the teens danced to the tunes of mesmerizing Arabic music and the adults enjoyed from a distance watching the young ones happy.

The city was adorned with Kuwaiti national flags and lights.

A good time to be here and feel the joy.


Though we are no nationals, we abode by the theory- when in Rome Kuwait, do as Romans Kuwaitis do and that is why you see two scarfs around Sanket's neck and mismatch bangles on me. In the spirit of freedom **smiles**

Question for y'all... especially those who hop around and shop in India.Which store is the paper bag used to wrap the gifts from!Let us all see who is the most observant shopoholic among us all.



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  1. Wow nthing like celebrating ur parents happiness...wishing uncle aunty a very happy annivesary... ok so nw time for ur appreciation I m totally in luv wid d paper bag 4 mugs I tried 2 guess the brand ..but failed..n equally inquisitive to knw what was in d other wrappers...u shud b crowned d queen of innovation

    1. Thanks for you wishes, Saheli. Will pass them on to mummy-papa.
      I love to see your comments... Who doesn't like to be appreciated ;)

      As for the other gift boxes, there were watches in that. Paper bag-Reliance Trends... Sad clothes but atleast the paper bag could be reused ;)

      Thanks again for the title :D

  2. Happy Anniversary to your mom n dad Tanya and Best wishes for many more to come..I Love your card and gift wrap..such a good idea. you are so good making cards n stuff :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the wishes, Nayana! Passed on to my parents :) So nice of you!


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