Planning Surprises

I vaguely remember buying a cake for on my Parents' Wedding Anniversary. I was about 11 and my sister was 8 ( if I remember it correctly). We managed to collect Rs. 45 for a 1- pound cake. At that time, we had no idea how big a 1- pound cake would be. Who cared...our budget allowed A CAKE and that was all that mattered. We went to the bakery and placed the order. On our way back from school, we took the cake and kept it at a friend's place. The plan was to take it from her in the evening when Papa would be back from work. 

Things went just as we had chalked out.  The cake was cut, Mummy-Papa were happy and surprised, friends were awestruck and we were PROUD. Mom asked us a zillion questions to put together the pieces of this jigsaw of which she was completely unaware. Dad just smiled, he had his own version of the story.

The owner of the bakery acted a little too smart. He had told Dad that we had placed an order... ##$%%$!! I fail to understand even today, why did he have to do that? Just to spoil our fun or probably because he had never taken an order from an 11 year old, accompanied by an 8 year old. What ever the reason was, Dad proved to be the better actor and enjoyed the whole event as if he knew nothing :) :)


It is Sanket's birthday tomorrow.. yes, on Republic Day!!

My mind has been on fire for the last so many weeks, helping me out with the planning and preparation. The day is almost here and it's time for execution. YAY!! I am excited AND nervous. You know, how difficult it is to keep secrets when you live under the same roof, share even the silliest of things, and passwords for emails and bank accounts are not meant for each other. God, it can drive anyone crazy!!

So far, so good!! I just wish that things continue to go my way for one more day. OK, yes, I did make a few blunders but so did he on my birthday ;) More on this later.. maybe day after tomorrow!! I don't want the birthday boy to read it and know everything in advance, when the big day is almost here.

Wish me luck, friends :) and Happy Republic Day to all of you!! Enjoy your day off ;)


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