The Planning-Execution-Celebration-Relaxing phase is over and I need to thank all of you for all your wonderful wishes. Everything went of very well. Sanket extended full support by ignoring the little hints which accidentally crossed his way.

The midnight celebration included a home-made cake, gifts and phone calls. In the morning, like any other day Sanket went to office. I did not ask him to take a leave because I had my own plans. While the birthday boy was doing his research on restaurants for dinner, his dear wifey was preparing a full fledged dinner for him. See what I am talking about!!

Do notice the Mess in kitchen in the picture at the top left corner ;)

Quite a few people asked me what were the '29 Surprises'!! I have no idea what gave birth to the story behind 29 Surprises. Did I ever say anything about it? I don't remember!! Whatever it was... Sanket made it 29 by counting even the smallest things :)

Once again, thanks a lot everyone for the good wishes. Special thanks to those who knew the plan in advance and did not leak the information ;)


  1. Thanks :) I used the dishes jo mujhe gift me mili thi :D :D Did you see it?

  2. hmm.....29 ka count to mujhe bhi pata nahi tha.....but it looks like Sanket loved it :) :) so Congratulations :)


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