February Fotos

It's time to unveil the pictures from last month- February. Unlike a lot of sincere and dedicated bloggers, who do a round-up on all the posts that were made in the month, this one is different. I hardly have posts that would need recaps ;)

What we do here at Kreative Korner, is to pull out the pictures from phone, which yearn for some show-casing. This also allows me to tell you all what I have been upto, which may or may not be discussed in the previous posts.


Over to the pictures to do the talking!

The month had a very crafty start. A visit to the International Crafts Fair at Surajkund, Faridabad made me drool at every stall. The event was marked with immense talent and huge crowd, both trying to over-power each other. I wanted to do a separate post on this but the month ended before I actually could. Hope to make up in the coming days because I cannot hold myself from sharing the pictures of all the handicraft at the fair. 
From a pottery stall

February post without hearts and love? Just not possible. Glimpse of the Valentine's Day card. Read more at All About Red

On a recent visit to a cousin's place, I managed to get this picture of their daughter's favorite doll.
I love Barbies. Do you? More to come in future post. 
Mermaid Barbie- I wish I had one too - too old for the wish, is it?

Now comes the best part of February 2013. Our visit to my parents in Kuwait.
Aerial view - makes me want to walk on clouds. Do you fantasize about it too?
Walk on the clouds?

February-Kuwait-Parent and their Wedding anniversary. Read more here.
Card for mom-dad

I would not usually post two pictures from the same occasion but honestly, I wanted to flaunt my thrifty self, in case you missed it here
Shopping bag used for gift wrapping.

It was a good time to be in Kuwait and see the nation celebrate their freedom.
Bangles to match the colors on the flag of Kuwait

I love to be on the beach than anywhere else. During my stay at Kuwait, I kept humming "Let's go to the beach beach!" and was heard by the ones who love me. Went to the beach on 3 out of 9 days :D 
Got those stones

Tacobell, the most visited food joint while we were in US. 
While we have Subways, a kin to Pancheros, Papa Johns and Burger Kings at every few steps in Gurgaon, Tacobell is yet to come. Showed our loyalty at the first chance that we got in Kuwait - valcano nachos, cheesy fiesta potatos, a 7-layer burrito and bottomless drinks! 

That's Liberation Tower, Kuwait for you. 
A decent click for an iPhone. What say?

While out for shopping, I actually tried one of those. Not as uncomfortable as they appear to be but I still could not convince myself to buy one. Anybody heard of anyone falling from 'that' height! 
Pumped up heels

A visit to my favorite store- Ikea! Well, after Michael's may be. May be not. Anyway! 
Sanket and I liked this and might (just might) get this done in our house someday!

Wow... So this is all I had for my monthly round-up. Do you have a similar post? Do leave a link in the comments section below for me and my friends to read.

Merry March :) C'ya...


  1. Wonderful post Tanya!! Loved going through all the images and story behind it :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed my post-midnight efforts of a weekday. Not the best comes out when your mind keeps telling you to go off to sleep ;)

  2. First and foremost...I want those stones :) I would love to see the pics of craft fair and yes I have seen myself falling from that height :) lovely post...

    1. Hahaha.. Nayana, can you imagine how much of persuading went into being allowed to carry stones in bags, when you have international weight limit to stick to! But I can share them with you... meet me when you are in India :)

      Could you go back to wearing those heels after the fall?

    2. well for me Tanya..comfort is first so nope...if fashion comes within that range than okay otherwise I will not kill my back for those heels :)

      well...I also have the same problem . I did not receive your reply. so we need to find solution. I will share if I find something and if you find something them let me know....ummkkay...:)

    3. Cannot agree more!

      Posted the solution to our problem on your latest post as comments. Please don't forget to hit the 'subcribe by email' button when you are here :)


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