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Monday, February 23, 2015

Movie Review Monday


The last couple of weeks required a lot of juggling between roles and responsibilities. The weekend was well-wasted and I am now on to a not-so-exciting week. With temperature going to it's lowest for the season, we were mostly house-arrest and with Bigg Boss being wrapped up, movies were the only mind-refreshing options. Boyhood, Fifty Shades of Grey, Aankhon Dekhi, Roy, Badlapur- watched all, loved none.

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Having missed on reading the book, I thought of catching all the rave about Fifty Shades of Grey with the movie. What better day than the Valentine's to watch a romantic flick... ok... erotic-romantic. 2 hours later- I find nothing romantic. A very generous friend has offered to lend me her hard copies of Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and I am gonna take the offer. I need to find atleast some romance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, for my heart's content. The end clearly says that the makers are coming back with a sequel and I know for sure that I am not watching it.
Sweaters or Suits- This guy's stylist got it right, every time.
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I started watching Boyhood with no background info. Not even the trailer. Consequently, the first 15 minutes were pretty confusing. I could barely understand the leaps in the narration. Once I got the plot, the movie got me hooked on to it. Now that is where the problem is! You get so attached to the characters that you do not want the movie to end. You want to know more about what happened next. Did Mason and Samantha ever meet their step-siblings? How did Mason's life go? Did he learn life's lessons? Though, I cannot think of a better ending, I do not approve of this one either. Is Richard Linklater working on Manhood now? Do you think Ellar Coltrane would be comfortable with the idea ;)
BOYHOOD - (7/10)
This one by Emre Unayli sums it up so well.

After watching Aankhon Dekhi grab all the big ones at Filmfare Awards, that backed by the exceptional cast and crew, there was no missing this one. Though, the movie started well, it did not go any further. The unnecessary injection of the theme, failed to keep me interested. However, I did like the end and I believe that was the best picturization of 'Aankhon Dekhi'. Close to impeccable performance by the actors and exceptional cinematography were the highlights.
Aankhon Dekhi for me, are these actors!

The introductory track and Varun Dhawan's look in the trailer, had set the perfect stage for Badlapur. I was expecting vengeance and pain to be the keys of this movie and that was exactly what it was about. Except for the vast difference in the level of expectation and the actual. Varun Dhawan was impressive. However, when the movie ended, it felt like it was more about Nawazuddin Siddiqui than about anybody's Badla.
BADLAPUR - (6/10)
Expected this. Got this.

Meanwhile, I also attempted to watch Roy. Why I say attempted is because, I dozed off  after only 15 mins. Yes, it was that hopeless. I am usually not so brutal while writing reviews but this one gave me no reason to praise. Even Khoobsurat and Tevar looked better than Roy. No wonder Ranbir Kapoor did not waste his time on promotions.
ROY - (0/10) 
Can you make out anything about the movie, after looking at this image? You won't even after watching the movie.
Save yourself the pain. 
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What have y'all been up to?  Do we share opinions on any of these movies?


  1. That's a wonderful roundup of the latest movies. Was thinking of catching up with Badlapur this weekend! Seems the most watchable of the lot!
    Thanks a ton for the heads up!


  2. Fifty Shades of Gray has received way too much hype.


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