Time's Pace

Where have I been lately? I was in India for my sister's wedding in mid-April.
How did it go? Terrific :) The bride and groom were excited. Their families happy. Guests had a good time. Things went off as planned.

Isn't it amazing how time varies it's pace through the course of life!! January through March, I could barely see dates changing on the calendar. The weeks became loooong. Count-downs din't seem to come to an end. The entire family spent hours discussing the how's and what's for the wedding over Facetime. Email exchanges and phone calls were our only resort. We could just not wait to be together. We could not wait for the wedding ceremonies to start.

Finally, the much awaited days arrived. The family got together for the wedding. Numerous visits to the market began. Face-to-face discussions replaced the online ones. Guests started coming in from all parts of the globe. There were only happy hearts around and cheerful chirping was heard from all corners. Smiles and laughter flooded the house. We were all happily together for my sister's wedding.

My sister's wedding!! My little sister's wedding. The one, who inspite of being the youngest in the house was everyone's granny. The one who taught us to laugh and take pleasure in all that life has to offer. The one who is the most forgiving and cheerful. The one, who until a few days back was just a little girl, was to get married! 

It sure was a special moment for all of us. Mom and Dad were the happiest or may be the bride and groom - difficult to say!  

But much before we could realize that the 'wedding days' (Indian weddings span across a few days) had finally arrived, it was time to bid good-byes - to the bride & groom, to the guests, and to each other. The days just went by in a flash. Time suddenly picked up pace and rushed through, while we were busy enjoying.

The days that we had been waiting for, together, as a family, came to an end. It was time for me to carry my bags back to Charlotte! 

The good part-  I am back with beautiful memories and thousands of pictures!! So much so that I have been unable to keep up with the demands for wedding snaps. Hope to be able to compile, sort and share the pictures soon.

Those of you, who have been reminding me for the pictures, trust me, I am working on it!! It's a mammoth task!

And before I end this post, I pray for a very happy, healthy, love-filled life for Ritu & Shobhit! You guys are deeply loved and cared for. Hope to see you both soon. Cheers!


  1. Hello and thanks so much for your visits and kind words!!

    What beautiful wedding photos!! I have always loved the attire of your homeland because it is so bright and beautiful and stunning!! I live right by a Veteran's Hospital and there have been many Doctors from India and many other countries who have done their Residency at the VA Hospital. Many lived in the apartment complex by me or in my own townhouse development. I used to drive all the children up to the bus stop with my own 2 sons and our home often looked like the League of Nations with children from every where!!! I was thrilled that my sons grew up understanding other cultures and religions! I felt it was a such a wonderful opportunity for them!!

    Your sister is stunning and what a family family!!

    I am now following you!!


    1. Thank you so much, Debbie!

      My husband and I truly believe that United States is a country that makes perfect home for people from around the globe and it's most definitely because of compassionate people like you. Even though we are miles away from our homeland, we still fell at home :)

      Glad to have you here at Kreative Korner and hope to see you often!

      Following you back with all my heart.

  2. Best of luck to the happy couple!

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the wishes, Poppy. Will pass them on to the couple.
      Appreciate your visit here.

  3. Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I'm so glad I inspired you about the burlap ribbon from Walmart. I'm now your newest follower:)

    1. You are most welcome here at Kreative Korner and hope to hearing from you again!
      Following you back. Love!


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