When the itch to post goes beyond control..
When you have a lot to share but are unable to blog about it for some or the other reason..
When your time is divided between things besides blogging..
What you do is... Pull out some pictures from archive that do not require you to do a lot of babbling and share it with your readers for some Sunday afternoon fun!

And this is exactly what I am gonna do today! I am taking y'all back to Sanket's b'day (which was 5 months back!)
And what I have here to share is the tissue papers that I made to match the gift bags used for return gifts.

(Thanks to post-Christmas deals) I bought a roll of plain-white tissue papers really cheap, while out for routine grocery shopping. Not only was it cheap but also BORING!
A little acrylic paint gave the colorless-and-lifeless tissue papers an awesome face-lift. I painted the tissues to match the paper bags. Matching is my thing ;)

Since I was not seeking perfection here, it hardly took me any time to paint these.

If you intend to do this too, please do remember to put some old newspapers or a waste card board piece under the tissue papers. They color usually passes through the thin tissue paper sheets. 

Oh! and I finally used the paper towel roll :D The multi-color rings you see, are painted with it!

Like it?? Well, I was pretty happy with the end product, more for the price, time and efforts- which is almost NOTHING!!)


How did the weekend go for y'all. I had a pleasant one- Hosting dinners. 

USA vs Portugal is running live right now and I better rush to watch it. 
Ahh! I thought Soccer was not my game but there is something about these World Cup matches that you just cannot keep yourself away!

Go USA!!

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  1. How very clever, colourful and creative!! Love the matching gift bags - so pretty!!


    1. Thank you so much, Poppy! Plain white papers would have looked so boring with those pretty bags and I just could not see that happening before my eyes and hence the color :) Glad you liked it!

  2. This corner is really creative!! :)
    Loved them all <3

  3. This corner is really creative!! :)
    Loved them all <3

  4. Oh my...this is a great thrifty idea. Thanks so much for sharing it at my party.


    1. Love your parties. It was a pleasure to be there. Thanks for hosting!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Jenna. Appreciate your visit here!

  6. What a fun idea. First time I see this, and it looks wonderful!

    1. Bella, thanks a lot! :) Good to see you here.

  7. very creative Tanya.....simply loved it!

    1. Thank you, Ritika. Bade dino baad dikhi mere blog pe!


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